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In astrology each planet symbolises a type of energy. For astrological purposes, the Sun and Moon are considered planets. Sign The twelve signs of the zodiac are based on the twelve constellations in the heavens across which the Sun, Moon and planets move. Each sign represents a viewpoint or way of using energy. Astrology is a pseudoscience that claims to divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects. BEYOND THE HOROSCOPE: ALL ABOUT ASTROLOGY ASPECTS. Astrologers call the relationship between planets aspects. (Hint when you are learning astrology, always ask “why?” The answer is usually a clue to help you remember something important.) Answer: the Latin word aspectus means things like “to see, look at, to appear to, to. Welcome to Astrology.com, your guide to revealing what the cosmos has in store for you with the help of our horoscopes, Tarot readings, birth charts, and more.

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No One is Quite Like You!

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The configuration of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the moment of your birth is as unique as your fingerprint. This configuration is drawn on a chart (“natal chart” or “birth chart”), which is a true horoscope. Your horoscope is your astrological fingerprint. No one else has the same one.


Consider the following statements:

  • A natal chart is like a snapshot of the heavens from the viewpoint of earth at the exact time, day, year, and place you were born. It is your horoscope. It includes the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets, as well as other important points and angles.
  • All of that, joined together, tells a whole lot of information about your character, personality, style, needs, tendencies, drives, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Your horoscope is unique! You do not share it with every other person born with your Sun sign!
  • You are not a stereotype of one of the 12 zodiac signs; you are a blend of all the factors at play at the moment that you took your first breath as a conscious being.
  • Perhaps you only know your Sun sign, meaning the sign that the Sun was in at the moment you were born. But, the Moon in your natal chart may be in a different sign, coloring you with a different shade. And the planets may be in other signs. You are a complex and unique combination, unlike anyone else. Any attempt to give an accurate description from only a Sun sign is simply wrong, or at least incomplete.

You must have encountered people of the same Sun sign who behave very differently. Now you know why. To learn more about astrology, see 'What is Real Astrology?'


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Astrology is a part of some cultures around the world, cultures where the celestial bodies are believed to have an influence over and are correlated with earthy events. However, astrology is perceived and understood differently in different parts of the world. While in some parts astrology is used to foresee future events, in others it's an ancient tradition that studies the influence of the stars, the planets and the universe on humans and life. Regardless of where does your passion for astrology come from and what your beliefs are, we have wisdom bites for everyone, so your time spent on our blog will be time-well-spent.

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Understand and accept yourself for who you really are and exploit your potential to the fullest with the help of the horoscope. It's time to learn how can astrology help you improve your life. Astrology may not help you find the answers to all the questions about existence, life and death, but it will certainly give you a new perspective on your own life.