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The 10.0 71.6 build of Netscaler has issues with NTP (Network Time Protocol), and also an issue with deleting timezone. Snow leopard mac download free.


About NTP service:

It is not possible to disable ntp sync in GUI. Either “Enable” or “Disable” will pop back to last setting when you have closed the config window for NTP.

Citrix netscaler documentation

The command

> disable ntp sync

on CLI will do the trick. Yoy will also have to enable it on CLI with

> enable ntp sync

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About timezone:

Citrix Netscaler Vulnerability

To delete (or “reset”) timezone to f.ex. UTC, you will have to completely remove the file:



This will immediately reset timezone to UTC. This error might also be present when changing timezone, but this is not yet tested well enough.

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Trying to set UTC in GUI will not have any effect on the configuration even if it shows as ticked off.