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Problem Definition

This article describes how to remove Dormant Files from a SmartAuditor Database.

The issue was noticed in the dormant files that were unusable or had incomplete session recordings where the media was not finalized or had problem with the network. These files cannot be viewed or repaired.

Complete the following procedure to remove these files from the database and file structure.


  • Software: SmartAuditor v1.2 and 1.3

Troubleshooting Methodology

A full disk on the XenApp 6 server that was being recorded by SmartAuditor 1.3 case many files in a weeks span to become listed as Dormant. These files would not play back. Dormant files are files that are unusable or were incomplete files that could not be finalized.
: Currently, these files cannot be repaired.

The following screen shot displays the Dormant files listed in the SmartAuditor Player:


The Citrix Technical Support Engineers completed the following procedure to resolve this issue:

  1. Step one is to identify and record all dormant files in the database.
    The location of the ICLDB command is C:Program FilesSmartAuditorServerBin.
    (Same path in x64 servers as well)

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  1. Record all dormant icl files to a text file and save for later use.
  1. Run REMOVEALL command to remove all session entries from the database.
    : Remember that, running REMOVEALL command does not remove the actual .ICL files from the file structure. To do this you must use the REMOVE command with additional switches, as explained further in this article.
All About Citrixsmartauditor
  1. The engineers then located the file structure of the SmartAuditor storage. Using the text file of dormant files and search function, the engineers manually deleted or removed the files from the structure.
    : This step could be put in a batch file to automate the removal of the files.

All About Citrix Smartauditor

  1. Once all dormant files were physically removed from the file structure, the IMPORT command was used to import the files back into the database. The RECURSIVE switch must be used to search all folders below the root.
    ICLDB IMPORT /RECURSIVE 'Path_toSmartAuditor_Store'
    : **Depending on your store size, disk speed, and processing power, this process can take a while to complete.
    : 153GB of ICL files on one partition took 21 hours to import.

The import was verified by using the SmartAuditor player to search for the dormant files.How to set up imessage on mac.

Additional Information

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As a part of normal maintenance, use the REMOVE command with additional switches to purge the database and the file structure of files. The purged files are based on the number of days that you want to retain the database for.
The preceding command will delete all records and files (/DELETEFILES) as well as log (/L) suppresses prompts and copyright (/F /S).

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For further information on the commands used in this article see the eDoc article:

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