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Hello! My name is Sarah McBride and this is my 13th year at Bay Meadows on the 2nd grade team. I graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education and then stayed on to complete my Master of Education degree, specializing in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). GOGATORS! I have also completed my Reading Endorsement for grades K-12, and I am currently working towards my Gifted Endorsement. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a teacher, and 2nd grade has always been my favorite grade. There is something magical that happens at this age and I love being a part of that magic. As someone who grew-up in southwest Orlando and in Orange County Public Schools, I enjoy being able to give back to my community. Working at Bay Meadows with such wonderful students, parents and co-workers has taught me so much. I look forward to growing and learning even more this year! I am proud to be a Bay Meadows Koala!

Teaching Philosophy:I feel extremely privileged to be a part of your child’s life this year! The idea of helping students find themselves through the joy of learning is something that I am truly passionate about. I translate this enthusiasm into creative lessons that are meaningful and engaging to my students. Each child brings something unique and special to the classroom, and I draw on these strengths in my teaching. I believe in student-centered teaching filled with cooperative learning and hands-on experiences. Building classroom community is extremely important to me and I hope that my students will become educational risk takers who support one another and genuinely enjoy learning. When students view learning as a life long adventure, there is no limit to what they can achieve! I also believe strongly in the home-school connection and the vital role parents (and families) play in learning.

View our menu at McBride's Steakhouse located on Maplewood Avenue in Wichita Falls, Texas. A family-owned Steakhouse serving high quality steaks cooked in-house with 100% mesquite coals! McBride Senior High School is a highly rated, public, magnet school located in Long Beach, CA. It has 744 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 27 to 1.

This is me when I was in 2nd grade. I had the BEST 2nd grade teacher (Hi, Mrs. MacNeil!), and that’s when I knew that I wanted to be a 2nd grade teacher when I grew up. Now here I am fulfilling that dream!

This is Mr. McBride! I love this picture because it was taken in Santorini, Greece on the day we got engaged. He is a Gator, too! 🙂

This is our son, Finn! He is 2 1/2 and a ton of fun! I am sure you will hear lots of “Finny stories” throughout the year.

This is our fur baby, Holden! We adopted him right after we got married when he was only a little kitten.

This is my wonderful family. My parents live here in Orlando and my sister, Lindsay, lives in New York City. We are very close and love spending time together. The first picture was taken up in the mountains of Virginia where most of our extended-family lives. The second picture was taken on a trip to visit Lindsay and her husband in NYC. The third picture is all of us at one of our absolute favorite places: Sanibel Island!

Hobbies: reading, watching movies, creating things for our classroom (and finding cool learning tools on Amazon), being outside in the Florida sunshine, learning about different cultures, writing (I LOVE stationary and hand written notes!), Gator football and basketball, shopping (I’m a little obsessed with the Nordstrom Rack!), discovering new restaurants, and spending time with my family and friends

Foods: seafood, pizza, popcorn, donuts, cotton candy, cupcakes…I’m a snacker so I never turn down any snack foods or sweet treats! 🙂

Color: yellow

Children’s Books Authors: Eve Bunting, Mo Willems, Jon Scieszka, Margie Palatini, Tomie dePaola, Cynthia Rylant, Patricia Polacco, Maurice Sendak, Arnold Lobel, Roald Dahl, the list goes on and on…

I am a true Florida Gator! Both my undergraduate and graduate degrees are from the University of Florida, so you will probably notice a few gators hiding out in our classroom. I was lucky enough to be at UF when we won 3 back-to-back National Championships (Basketball, Football, Basketball). I definitely believe that it is “great to be a Florida Gator!”

Background Information: The original McBride Elementary School was built in 1966 and dedicated to the memory of CPT Morris R. McBride, who gave his life in Vietnam and was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for his heroic actions. A rededication ceremony for the original building was held in 2006 to renew awareness of CPT McBride's service and to re-establish ties to the McBride family.

The new Morris McBride Elementary School was opened in July 2016. This facility is a state-of-the-art, 21st century facility holding over 600 students and about 70 staff members. The layout of the building is open and welcoming with an abundance of natural light in all areas. The grade level areas are 'neighborhoods,' the classrooms are 'studios,' and each neighborhood has a common area called the 'hub.' Students and teachers move through the day working in large and small groups based on curriculum needs and student achievement data.


As part of being a 21st century school, the new building has higher environmental standards. It is 30 to 40 percent more energy efficient than a school the same size. We plan to achieve the silver rating from the United States Green Building Council Accreditation for Environmental Stewardship. The school itself is a teacher tool for science, technology, engineering, and math standards with a focus on energy conservation. The new McBride School cost approximately $32 million dollars to complete.

Teachers have a common office area in each neighborhood that helps facilitate the constant collaboration the teachers engage in. Each teacher teaches each student in a grade level. As one teacher said of her students, 'They get the best of all of us!'

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new McBride School was a moving experience. CPT McBride's widow and family were able to attend. The speakers at the ceremony, including DoDEA Director, Tom Brady, and DoDEA Americas Southeast Superintendent, Dr. Christy Huddleston, expressed pride in the school and deep gratitude to the family. The original building dedication had been fifty years earlier, and DoDEA again promised to keep the memory of our hero, CPT Morris R. McBride alive for future generations. Inside the main hallway of the new facility is CPT McBride's picture along with a description of the Army Values he exemplified. Students are challenged to show how they can exemplify the Army Vales as they work together each day.

When the family of CPT McBride came through the front doors of the school on the day of the dedication, bystanders were moved by what an emotional experience it was for them. Greeting the family was a 2-story high picture of their Morrie, who continues to inspire the students, and faculty of Morris McBride Elementary School to excel at whatever they decide to do.

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Our Namesake, CPT Morris R. McBride

Class Newsericson Room 55mrs. Mcbride

In 1966 , Morris R. McBride Elementary School was dedicated to the memory of CPT Morris R. McBride. CPT McBride was a soldier, a leader, and an American hero.

A 1957 graduate of the United States Military Academy, CPT McBride came to Fort Benning for the Infantry Officer Basic Course before heading to Italy to serve in the 52nd Armored Infantry Regiment. He returned to Fort Benning for the Infantry Captain's Career Course and then volunteered for duty in the Republic of Vietnam. While serving in Vietnam, CPT McBride was an advisor to a Vietnamese Ranger Company. In April 1964, during an attack, the Vietnamese commander was wounded, and CPT McBride assumed command. Under heavy machine gun and mortar fire, CPT McBride stayed with the covering force and was the last to withdraw after directing the company through successive positions. During the withdrawal, CPT McBride stopped to give assistance to the wounded Vietnamese commander and was then mortally wounded. For his courage in bringing the company back to safety with no regard fro himself, CPT McBride was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

CPT McBride lived a life which exemplified our Army values. His love for learning, his care for children, and his commitment to selfless service make Morris McBride an ideal namesake for our school. Read more about CPT McBride.

Class Newsericson Room 55mrs. Mcbride Md


On November 17, 2006, our school was rededicated in memory of CPT Morris R. McBride after 'Forty Years of Excellence.' This important day, which allowed us to reconnect with our past, was a time to hold up the life of CPT McBride as an example for all of us to follow. In this ceremony, our principal, Mrs. Phyllis L. Parker, pledged to give our students every opportunity to remember the man for which our school is named and to give our students every opportunity to practice the Army values, the values by which CPT McBride lived his life.

Family of CPT McBride. Pictured left to right:
Daughter, Kirsten McBride Carpenter
Grandson, Craig Carpenter
Widow, Ann McBride Henderson

Class newsericson room 55mrs. mcbride md

The students of our school have learned about their hero. They had a 'Curious About Morrie' Day November 7, 2006. CPT McBride's friends called him Morrie, and through those friends, the students learned that Morrie was an athlete, an adventurer, a skydiver, a musician, and even a singer who loved to learn about foreign cultures and customs. It was an opportunity for the students to understand more about Morrie McBride.

It was a great honor that CPT McBride's widow and other family members were able to attend our rededication. The school had not been able to locate any of CPT McBride's family, but when an article about 'Curious About Morrie' Day was published in the Columbus Ledger-Inquirer, local family members saw the article and contacted her about the rededication.

McBride ES

Grades: PK-5

Enrollment: 442

Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:22

Computer/Student Ratio: 1:2

Our Mission

We Educate, Engage, and Empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.

Our Vision

We aspire to provide an environment for student excellence in academics, behavior, and leadership that result in lifelong learners who contribute to a global society.

Vision Statement: Student Version

  • We have a job
  • We do it well
  • Safe and happy
  • We excel!

Army Values - Our Values, Too!

  • Loyalty
  • Duty
  • Respect
  • Selfless Service
  • Honor
  • Integrity
  • Personal Courage

Class Newsericson Room 55mrs. Mcbride Rd


Mascot: Patriots

Motto: We Excel!

Available Mascot Downloads
McBride ES Colors

Primary Color: #E31718

Secondary Color: #4449FD

Goal 1-Professional Learning Communities/Focused Collaboration

The overall school PLC Rating Score on the Shared Vision Indicator will move from the implementation level of “Implementing” in SY 17-18 to “Developing” by SY 19-20, as measured on the PLC Self-Assessment Form.

The overall school PLC Rating Score on the Team Norms Indicator will move from the implementation level of “Implementing” in SY 17-18 to “Developing” by SY 19-20, as measured on the PLC Self-Assessment Form.

Goal 2- School Climate & Culture

The score on the Teacher Expectation Component will move from the Not Healthy” category in SY 17-18 to the “Somewhat Healthy” category in SY 19-20, as measured on the Teacher Climate and Culture Assessment using the 3 Category Healthy Rating Scale.

Goal 3- Mathematics

All students in grades 3-5 will increase their achievement in Mathematics on the CRS Assessment from 38% in performance levels 4 and 5 (meets and exceeds) in SY 17-18 to 50% scoring in performance levels 4&5 in SY 19-20.

Goal 4- Literacy

All students in grades K-3 will increase their achievement in Reading on the benchmark Assessment System from 65% in SY 17-18 to 75% SY 19-20 scoring at or above standard.

All students in grades 4-5 will increase their achievement in Reading on the Scholastic Reading Inventory from 72% in SY 17-18 to 82% SY 19-20 scoring at or above standard.


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Class Newsericson Room 55mrs. Mcbride Texas

McBride ES

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700 Custer Road, Bldg 11310
Fort Benning, GA 31905-7402
Phone: 706-544-9411
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