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Posted : admin On 12.09.2021

The DPP software (Canon Digital Photo Professional) has the ability to 'batch' convert your photos from RAW to JPEG. In 'batch' mode, you can point it at a directory full of RAW files and it will convert them all. JPEG is a great 'final output' format and works great for images that wont need any adjustment. There must have some build-in application in cano you can use to convert raw image to jpeg or you can install an add-on. So you can do image conversion quickly. Convert to a wide range of images at any given format. DigiKam is a free batch RAW to JPEG converter software for Windows. RAW images are unprocessed by the camera, JPEG images are processed in camera resulting in some loss of data. This is the key point really. There is lots more technical stuff about JPEG and RAW, but I do not want to go in to any more detail than this – I am more interested in the practical implications for us as photographers.

Though our mobile device provides an extremely convenient way to take photos, the photos captured under the lens of our mobile camera is still overshadowed by those under a Canon or other professional cameras. And this is why we still bring along with Canon or other cameras when traveling, we want our photos taken with high definition, to be real and genuine.

However, the photos created by a Canon camera is saved as its own image formats: CR2 or CRW, they are high quality but not web-friendly. Or put it simply, they are large in file size and may require a raw image viewer for opening. In this case, people choose to convert Canon raw images to common formats, like JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP or others.

Therefore, today we will guide you to the best Canon raw converter software for 2021.

A Few Words about online, free Canon Raw Converter

In fact, in each of my image conversion tutorials, I will recommend 2 or more online, free image converters. However, regarding Canon raw converters, I don’t recommend online, free ones this time. Because:

  • Most of Canon raw images are large in file size, but there is a file size limit for online raw conversion, you will have to wait, sign up or pay for conversions that exceed the max file size;
  • All our Canon raw images are private, but online, free conversion requires you to upload and store your files for at least 24 hours;
  • It needs more time to process large-size images, the uploading, converting and file downloading all take time;

Anyway, if these are not going to be annoying in your case, you can still have a try on them, like, iloveimg, onlineconverter…

Best Canon Raw Converter Software for 2021

Pixillion Image Converter is picked as the best Canon Raw Converter software for 2021, on both macOS and Windows. It is an image converter supports reading and writing 50+ image formats, including common ones, raw images from Canon or other brands of Cameras, and additional ones applied in specific fields. In addition, it can edit your Canon raw images on a basic level before outputting as preferred image format.


Why Pixillion Image Converter the Best Canon Raw Converter?

  • Read 50+ Image format

You can utilize Pixillion Image Converter to read more than 50 image types, including PNG, JPG, BMP, SVG, WEBP, PSD, Canon raw CR2, Canon raw CRW, DNG, PDF, virtually all the image formats that you will use in your whole life.

  • Preview Canon raw and other images without opening a photo viewer
  • Convert Canon and other raw images to 20+ image formats

Want to convert Canon raw images for easy sharing or for professional editing? No matter what your purpose is, Pixillion Image Converter offers an amazing support of output formats: JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PDF, PNG, PSD, TGA, TIFF, SVG, RAS, ICO and so on. That’s to say, you can convert raw to jpg, webp to jpg…

  • Edit Canon and other raw images

Pixillion Image Converter adds a basic set of editing tools for users to personalize their photos before conversion, you can add watermark/date stamp, rotate, flip and resize, all these editing can be done in batches.

  • Work on macOS and Windows
  • Competitive price: from $12.99~$19.99 NOW!

How to Use the Best Canon Raw Converter Software?

(Work on MacOS and Windows)

  1. Download and install Pixillion Image Converter;
  2. Drag and drop Canon raw images (CR2 or CRW) to the program;
  3. (Optional) Edit the Canon raw images: resize, rotate or add watermarks;
  4. Choose output or click Settings to customize;
  5. Click Convert to export your Canon raw images.

Convert Raw To Jpeg App

Alternative Option to Convert Canon Raw Images

Want more options before sticking to Pixillion Image Converter? Here is an alternative.

How To Convert Jpg To Jpeg Image

BatchPhoto is also an excellent Canon raw converter software to export Canon and other raw images. It reads 170+ image formats, including common and raw files. Also, it can export these images into 70+ image format, it can meet all your needs to convert an image. Of course, by supporting more image formats, it comes with a higher price and larger size.

Free Canon Raw To Jpeg Converter

In addition, it adds a powerful photo editor to create your own photos, you can annotate, add watermark/date, stamp, rotate, crop, replace color, flip, resize, roll, reduce noise, black & white, touch up, apply fx, add effects and so on. Scheda ethernet admtek basata su an983 driver.

How to Use BatchPhoto?

  1. Download and install BatchPhoto Pro;
  2. Go to Add Photos to import Canon CR2 or CRW raw images;
  3. Go to Edit Photos to personalize your Canon photos before conversion;
  4. Go to Setup, choose output folder and output formats from the list. Also, you can use the settings;
  5. Go to Process to start converting your Canon raw images.

So, which one do you think better? Is there any extra feature you’d like to add?