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  1. Cosmetics that treat or prevent diseases are also drugs. Products such as dandruff shampoo, fluoride toothpaste, and antiperspirant deodorant are both cosmetics and drugs. A good way to tell if you're buying a cosmetic that is also a drug is to see if the first ingredient listed is an 'active ingredient.'
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Cosmetic products (such as soaps, lotions, face and eye make up, fragrances, etc.) can provoke allergic reactions in some people. Many people suffer from allergies and anyone at any age can.

A 'cosmetic' is any substance used to clean, improve or change the complexion, skin, hair, nails or teeth. Cosmetics include beauty preparations (make-up, perfume, skin cream, nail polish) and grooming aids (soap, shampoo, shaving cream, deodorant).

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Benefit Cosmetics


Some products that seem to be cosmetics may be classified differently and managed by different programs at Health Canada:

Cosmetic Surgery Near Me

  • Products that claim to have a therapeutic effect (e.g. to prevent or treat disease), or that contain certain active ingredients not allowed in cosmetics are considered to be drugs, for example, topical antibiotic creams.
  • Products containing natural active ingredients that claim to have a therapeutic effect (for example, a topical herbal remedy to speed scar healing) are considered natural health products.
  • Items that are intended to be eaten and do not have a therapeutic effect or claim are food products, such as chewing gum.
  • Insect repellent lotions and sprays are pesticides.
  • Products that provide a therapeutic benefit to animals, like dander-reducing creams, are veterinary drugs.