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Posted : admin On 12.09.2021
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Introducing the third demo of a Sonic fan game titled 'Sonic vs Darkness - True Nightmare Revived' created by Nefault1st. This demo features two playable sta. On October 6th, 2020, we released the Firmware 13.2.0 + DOS 2.2.6 for Expert Pro. This release includes the following improvements (compared to Firmware 13.1.3 + DOS 2.2.4): Sweet Room: 9 bands parametric equalizer feature. Ability to manually input room correction directives, via SD card, in order to modify and tailor the output signal. Download Sonic 2 HD Demo 2.0, the long-awaited release of the freeware fan game. Thank you so much for taking interest in our project and we hope you enjoy!

Crypto++ 8.2

Crypto++ 8.2 was released on April 28, 2019. The 8.2 release was a minor, unplanned release. There are no CVEs or memory errors.

Two bugs were cleared that could cause discomfort for users. First, PowerPC switched from POWER7 to POWER8 for unaligned loads and stores. The bug affected Debian users on some PowerPC machines. Second, SHAKE-128 and SHAKE-256 constructors were fixed. The bug affected older GCC and some other compilers.


The download is available from the Crypto++ website. The checksums for the download are below. Release signatures can be verified using GnuPG according to Release Signing.

  • Download:,
  • SHA1: b042d2f0c93410abdec7c12bcd92787d019f8da1
  • SHA256: 03f0e2242e11b9d19b28d0ec5a3fa8ed5cc7b27640e6bed365744f593e858058
  • SHA512: 753513a4ec8dd0fff2f551853ce6bd265d82219c28b033565b565b5e567fbee17adb419f4cde58a97e62b7d6533f4099aa4996cd0ba4775c6a2e7ae63a879da5
  • BLAKE2b: 67aa850b887ae7aa869c9485bb18784492f6eec6cb12bf7c7cf84c776731eabf3c31965b47a60287e4e5a79dd3e9f0928dcfb185a0010a76f7cb96d2c3e8c6ae
  • WHIRLPOOL: 7f7f67e22412dc2fd988c494a01fb463b863f83f497d37a35e40bc81dc2b4a46902581a896554c383804258b4c8fc158d2072aa28aa7e907aea72cc6e7cd8810

Mirrors for the download are below. Note that GitHub checksums on the ZIP or TAR are different because the service creates the archive from sources.


Release Notes

demo 2.0 release

The release notes for Crypto++ 8.2 follows.

  • minor release, no recompile of programs required
  • expanded community input and support
    • 56 unique contributors as of this release
  • use PowerPC unaligned loads and stores with POWER8
  • add SKIPJACK test vectors
  • fix SHAKE-128 and SHAKE-256 compile
  • removed IS_NEON from Makefile
  • fix Aarch64 build on Fedora 29
  • fix missing GF2NT_233_Multiply_Reduce_CLMUL in FIPS DLL
  • add missing BLAKE2 constructors
  • fix missing BlockSize() in BLAKE2 classes

Bug fixes and Minor Issues

The bug fix and minor issue list for Crypto++ 8.2 follows. Many non-trivial issues are tracked for auditing and C&A purposes, but the list may not be complete. A number in parenthesis is the GitHub Issue number, if it was tracked. Sometimes a Git commit is referenced, but many trivial GitHub commits are omitted. Missing Issue numbers or lack of consecutiveness usually indicates feature requests and 'won't fix/can't fix' type reports.

  • use PowerPC unaligned loads and stores with POWER8 (GH #825)
  • add SKIPJACK test vectors (GH #824)
  • fix SHAKE-128 and SHAKE-256 compile (GH #805, GH #818, GH #820, GH #822)
  • removed IS_NEON from Makefile (GH #813)
  • fix Aarch64 build on Fedora 29 (GH #812)
  • fix missing GF2NT_233_Multiply_Reduce_CLMUL in FIPS DLL (GH #783)
  • add missing BLAKE2 constructors (Commit 31839703005e)
  • fix missing BlockSize() in BLAKE2 classes (GH #811)

demo 2.0 Release

The cross-compile script is no longer viable for building the library using the Android NDK. Recent NDK changes has mostly obsoleted the script. We are moving to a new script but it is not ready at the moment. Also see Issue 763, Building for Android using NDK not supported on Windows hosts.

We have a GitHub setup with yet another build system at cryptopp-android. It provides for Android's build system.

FIPS DLL deprecation

The FIPS DLL used to be an important artifact for Windows builds. NIST moved the Crypto++ library to the Historical Validation List in 2014. The Windows DLL is no longer validated.

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The project files to build the FIPS DLL are cryptdll.vcxproj and dlltest.vcxproj. The projects are now deprecated and subject to removal.

File Changes

Demo 2.0 release fortnitedemo

Below is a list of all files that were added at Crypto++ 8.2.

demo 2.0 Release

Demo 2.0 Release Dates

Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab (VIRL) is a multi-purpose network virtualization platform that provides an easy way to build, configure, and test new or existing network topologies with an intuitive user interface (UI). VIRL enables customers to support critical missions, such as designing, training, release testing, and configuration staging, without the expense of buying and staging real network hardware. This demonstration requires familiarity with Cisco networking architecture and routing fundamentals.


  • Scenario 1. Login to VIRL2 and Create a Simple Topology
  • Scenario 2. Access the Console in the Running Routers
  • Scenario 3. End Running Simulation


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