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The official fan pack for Doki Doki Literature Club! DDLC Offical Soundtrack 24 high-quality audio tracks, including remixes, bonus tracks, sketches, and song variants not included in the game. High-resolution wallpapers 8 wallpapers each for desktop and mobile, with higher-resolution versions of the best in-game scenes. DDLC Concept Art Booklet. Doki Doki Literature Club! Is a dating simulator. As such, its gameplay has a low level of interactivity and consists of scenes with static two-dimensional images of characters in a first-person perspective, accompanied by occasional choices the player is forced to make in order to advance the plot. We use cookies to make our site work correctly, to help understand how it is used and to provide more relevant product recomendations on For Fans By Fans websites.

  • Doki Doki Literature Club! Is a wild ride of a game, subverting the visual novel's expectations and the dating sim. The horror game hidden underneath asks players to interact in new and off-putting ways, adding to the growing sense of unease the game elicits.
  • The Doki Doki Literature Club! Game itself is needed if you want to modify it. The game is available for free on Steam and from The actual game data is packaged in four Ren'Py archive files: scripts.rpa, images.rpa, audio.rpa, and fonts.rpa. Any of these files can be replaced to change the relevant contents of the game. However, in practice, only scripts.rpa usually needs to be.

Fans of Japanese horror will find a lot of enjoyment in Doki Doki Literature Club. The sugarcoated facade of adorable animation and lighthearted dialogue camouflages the survival horror story that tets your limits.

Hi, I’m Monika!

The story unravels, drawing you deeper into the dark universe hiding in a cheerful high school environment as you start losing sight of your objectives.
Doki Doki Literature Club takes the traditional tropes of the horror genre to the next level by breaking the fourth wall. Changing the dynamics of game-player interaction, it subverts the expectations the player has of the game. You will dread every next scene while still manically clicking onward.

This game completely takes away the sense of control that players are used to. Random files appear out of nowhere, and scenes glitch and stop working. It gives you the impression that the characters are talking to you personally. The game itself appears to be mocking you.

As the bizarre takes over, you start feeling like you can’t do anything to make it right again. A hard reset is the only way to take the world back to normal - and you’re back to square one. For instance, players can not return to the save file or choose a different path once certain events take place.

The story unravels, drawing you deeper into the dark universe hiding in a cheerful high school environment as you start losing sight of your objectives. This new take on interactive media takes the player out of their comfort zone by playing with their expectations of a visual novel.

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Is there a better alternative?

No, it’s safe to say that this game is a unique experience. However, if you want to get a taste of a similarly oppressive atmosphere, try Yumme Nikki, which influenced the developer of this story.

Where can you run this program?


The game is available for free download online. You may run as long as you have Windows 7 or OS X 10.9, or any later version of the operating systems.

Our take

For a visual novel, Doki Doki Literature Club explores new depths of the possibilities the genre offers. If you’re one for dark, character-driven stories, you’ll love it.

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Should you download it?

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Yes, if you’re looking for a challenge, this game has a lot to offer. It depends on the sensitivity levels and general interests of the player, though.

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