Dow Chemical Mba Program

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  1. Dow Chemical Mba Programs
  2. Dow Chemical Mba Programs

10% Annual Travel. The average total compensation for the Marketing Manager position at Dow Chemical for people with an MBA degree is $159,000. 7.4 Co Worker Quality. 2 Training Development. 0.3 Benefits Perks. 7.5 Balance Flexibility. 19% Percent Female. 81% Percent Male. Dow Campus Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. Showcasing Dow’s partnership with universities and schools in the region, including highlighting upcoming events and opportunities at Dow. Our MBA graduates have also accepted positions at companies such as Dow Chemical, Citizens Bank, Accenture, Coca-Cola, Deloitte & Touche, PNC Bank, GE, Merrill Lynch, PPG, Renault, Rockwell International, Siemens, and more.

The Dow Chemical – P.C. McCutcheon Prize for Outstanding Student Achievement in Management recognizes the Scheller College student who holds a high cumulative scholastic average in the junior class, and who has a history of leadership and service at Georgia Tech and in the greater community.

The prize is funded by the Dow Chemical - P.C. McCutcheon Endowment Fund in honor of Dow Chemical and P.C. McCutcheon, who worked to establish the relationship between Dow Chemical and Georgia Tech.

Dow Chemical Mba Program

The recipient has a high cumulative scholastic average in the junior class, holds leadership roles in the campus and has a history of service to Georgia Tech and the community.

Dow Chemical Mba Programs

Deadline: Monday, February 3rd at 9am

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Dow Chemical Mba Programs

  • a current Georgia Tech undergraduate College of Business student
  • Any business concentration
  • 3.5 or better cumulative GPA
  • junior (60-89 earned credit hours including AP, IB and transfer credit) at time of application process
  • holds leadership roles on campus
  • excellent history of involvement and service to Georgia Tech and the community

To apply:

Dow chemical mba programs

There are two steps to apply:

      1. Complete and submit the scholarship application form below by the due date above.
      2. Submit the following two documents via email to [email protected] by the due date above. Please name all your documents with your first and last name. For instance, your resume would be “John Doe Resume”; your personal statement would be “John Doe Statement.
        • a resume detailing extracurricular activities, leadership and work experience
        • a personal statement not exceeding 500 words describing how the scholarship would help you to further enhance your educational goals, leadership roles and service to Georgia Tech and the community.