Download Create Scale Drawing Torrent

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Download Create Scale Drawing Torrent

Calculate width, height and angle with the scale tool accurately and automatically. Free technical support and a free 15-day trial without limitation to let you know how powerful EdrawMax is. Using EdrawMax to draw the cabinet is like creating real cabinets - the user operates on cabinets, arranging them in the virtual space as if they were real.

Download Create Scale Drawing Torrent
  • QCAD is a free, open source application for computer aided drafting (CAD) in two dimensions (2D). With QCAD you can create technical drawings such as plans for buildings, interiors, mechanical parts or schematics and diagrams. QCAD works on Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • Scale drawing free download - Plot Scale, Actual Drawing, Scale, and many more programs. Create and publish Web pages without knowing HTML. Free to try User rating.
SCARM means Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller – software for easy and precise design of model train layouts and railroad track plans.
With SCARM you can easily create the layout of your dreams. Just download the setup package, install it and start editing your first track plan.
In SCARM you can use unlimited number* of tracks and objects from more than 210 libraries and instantly see your design in 3D preview with a single click.
And don't forget: Enjoy the hobby and have fun with the model trains

Download SCARM
Version 1.7.1 Multilingual
for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Model Train Layouts & Track Plans
for your inspiration


I have tested SCARM and it is very easy to use – I didn't even need to use the tutorials.

Peter Bacharach, Sweden

Download Create Scale Drawing Torrent

Two days ago I stumbled across SCARM via a Google search and downloaded it. Wow! What a fantastic program! I just wanted to say well done and thank you. I look forward to future versions with more features.

Richard Allibone


SCARM 1.7.1 Multilingual3.64 MB from 18 Sep 2020

System requirements:Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
OpenGL compatible graphics
Installation type:Standalone installer
License:Freeware (limited)

After installing, start the program and select your preferred language from 'View' > 'Language' menu.

If you are upgrading from a previous beta version, please, read the article Everything About The Transition to SCARM 1.0.0.


What you can do with SCARM software?

  • You can create complex railroad layouts with many train stations on virtually unlimited area
  • You can shape flex-tracks easily, intuitively and most important – in very realistic way
  • You can deploy your layout on more than one level, with different heights and slopes for chosen sections of the track route
  • You can place tunnels and bridges on the track plan
  • You can draw figures to create buildings of train stations, houses, industries, etc. together with all needed roads and infrastructure
  • You can use semaphores and color light signals to create the signalling in the layout track route
  • You can see a 3D view of your layout - just select '3D' button from the toolbar and review your design from all sides and angles
  • You can measure distances and check track sections' lengths using the 'Tools' menu
  • You can export and/or print your layout and share it with other model train fans and enthusiasts
  • You can view and print a list with the track pieces needed and even use it as a shopping list
  • You can extend the functionality of the main program with various extensions like the Model Trains Simulator
  • You can share your ideas with the author, request new features and report bugs and errors, if you find any
Included Track Libraries

The current version of SCARM software supports more than 210 track and object libraries.*

  • American Flyer S
  • Bassett Lowke O Hand-made tracks
  • Faller HO AMS
  • Faller O Hit Train
  • Faller O eTrain
  • Fleischmann H0 Modell
  • Fleischmann H0 Profi
  • Hornby OO
  • Hornby OO Dublo 2-rail
  • Hornby OO Dublo 3-rail
  • Hornby O 2-rail
  • Hübner I
  • Jatt ТТ Bima (turntable only)
  • Jouef H0 New rails 1998-2000/01
  • Jouef H0e Narrow gauge tracks
  • Kato N Unitrack
  • LGB G
  • Lima H0
  • Lima H0 NEM120
  • Lima H0 Hobby Line
  • Lionel O Super O
  • Lionel O K-Line SuperStreets
  • Märklin H0 Alpha
  • Märklin H0 C
  • Märklin H0 M
  • Märklin H0 3600 series
  • Märklin H0 3900 series
  • Märklin Z Miniclub
  • Marx O27
  • Peco N Streamline & Set-track C80
  • PIKO H0 Standard
  • PIKO H0 Modell
  • PIKO N
  • Rivarossi H0
  • Roco H0 2.5mm Nickel Silver
  • Roco H0 2.5mm Brass
  • Tillig TT Standard (BTTB/Zeuke)
  • Tri-ang OO Series 3
  • Tri-ang OO Super 4
  • Tri-ang TT A
  • Tri-ang TT B
  • Trix HO C
  • Trix HO Express
  • Wesa 13mm

  • Signals BG L
  • Signals DE S
  • Signals IT L
  • Signals NL L
  • Signals UK L
  • Signals UK S
  • Signals US L

  • Roadways
  • Road signs CA
  • Road signs EU
  • Road signs US

  • Lamps
  • Trees

  • Compasses

  • Additional libraries (not part of the installation package - you can download and install them separately)

  • ContainersRequires download
  • Cars (sedan)Requires download

* Some of the libraries are not fully completed. Data accuracy is not guaranteed. More libraries will come soon.

Information, Tutorials & Resources

The SCARM Blog is your ultimate source for updated information about the program. It contains many useful articles and resources about SCARM.

    SCARM – The Railway Modeller’s Blog

The blog contains the following categories:

  • General - General information, news and events, related to SCARM software
  • Basic Stuff - SCARM basics and main features in details
  • Advanced Techniques - For those who wants to become SCARM experts
  • Tips & Tricks - Getting most productivity in your work with SCARM
  • Tutorials & Examples - How-To’s and demos of using various SCARM functions and features
  • Railroad Layouts & Design Ideas - Railway track plans, whole SCARM layouts and more for your inspiration
  • Problems & Solutions - Troubleshooting in SCARM and workarounds of potential issues

Do not miss the video tutorials about SCARM created by Ruud Boer and J. B. aka Gilshrat.

    SCARM Video Tutorial Series

If you are looking for examples and projects designed in SCARM software, go to the special Layouts & Track Plans website and search by scale, size, track system and more.

    SCARM Model Train Layouts & Track Plans

Join us on the social sites, share your comments and stay up-to-date with all news and events, related to SCARM software.

Useful Links

Check out these links to other model train related sites and resources.

  • - The Internet Railroad Directory
  • - International list of scale model related web sites
  • Model Railroads and Freight Cars - List of useful model railroading guides and resources
  • - Creative model railways
  • TT Scale Model Trains - The Perfect Gauge
  • - Site for the real and model railways
  • ANKA - Hearing aids, blood glucose & lactate meters, speech devices & cannulas, service and consumables

Program & Features

Help & Resources

Info & Feedback

Support SCARM

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