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Posted : admin On 12.09.2021
  1. Free Project Roadmap Template
  2. Free Strategy Roadmap Powerpoint Template

We hope you enjoyed this selection of free Powerpoint templates to download in 2020. Before using, make sure to read the licensing rules first. Some of the templates are available for personal use only, while others – for personal and commercial use.

A creative workflow PowerPoint template is here for you to free download and customize to match your needs. This template consists of multiple elements, such as clipart, chart, text, etc. You can also change the colors or draw your own shapes as you want. A Microsoft timeline template can help. These free timeline templates are visually appealing and feature a variety of styles, colors, formats, illustrations and infographics. There’s a template for timelines for month-long, year-long, and longer projects, as well as timeline templates.

Support your message with these free Roadmap Timelines for PowerPoint made with vector-based shapes. The first slide features a quarterly roadmap timeline with text placeholders, perfect for product roadmap and project management.

The second and third slides are variations of the same design with 9 options and 6 options respectively. They are great to showcase milestones and goals on a yearly basis.

Of course, this template is fully editable in the slide master view. Open PowerPoint and go int the view tab, then click on slide master and from there you will able to edit the colors and text place holders if needed.

See also our Company History Timeline for PowerPoint with the same style and color palette.

Template features

Resolution; 1680 x 945 pixels (16:9), file format: .potx compatible with PowerPoint 2010 and newer versions.

This template is available for free download and includes 3 slides.

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Free Project Roadmap Template

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Download free microsoft ppt roadmap templates


Free Strategy Roadmap Powerpoint Template


In every sector of life and business, we find ourselves working on multifaceted projects that require extensive planning and complex involvement of different parties. Technology continues to develop, allowing us to collaborate with others and involve many parties working on the same project regardless of geographic location. However, that often means our projects have long timelines timetables and require a more strategic approach to gain and maintain approval. That means we need engaging and informative presentations to keep stakeholders abreast of progress and direction.

This Timeline Template PowerPoint is a great structure for you to begin building a presentation of your project, when its various elements will be completed, and how it will work. This The template includes a wide variety of options for visuals depending upon your type of project and timeline needs.

Title Slide and Executive Summary
The Timeline Template allows you to begin your presentation with a strong title and an executive summary slide that will set the stage for everything you will cover in your presentation.

Expected Results
Because most of your audience members will be motivated by and interested in the results of your project, the Timeline Template presentation begins there in order to catch their interest and get them invested in the details you are about to present. This will allow you to remain focused on the goals of the project, regardless of the steps involved or complexity. This slide has two graphical options to show the end goals of your project.

The Project
The Timeline Template template breaks the presentation down into four major sections, which we title as “The Project,” “Our Roadmap,” “Experience,” and “The Process,” although you can rename these if there are pillars that will structure your presentation more effectively. Each of these four slides has space for a short mission statement or overview for the section.

This slide allows you to break down the big chunks of your project and when each section will be or has been completed.

The slide allows you to delve a little deeper into the result you expect or the progress that has been made so far utilizing a graphical element.

Our Roadmap / Example Test Roadmap
Now that the project, its goals, and an overview of the timeline timetable have been covered, the roadmap allows you to give a detailed view of a particular subset of time and what needs to be accomplished in that time, whether there are concurrent responsibilities or a step by step plan. Perhaps you only need to go though one month or a quarter or a year in roadmap form or maybe you need to do several. This section will allow you to give a realistic picture of how the wheels of your project are turning in concert.

Roadmap slide template

Future Achievements
The Timeline Template template then provides a space to discuss the future markers of achievement that the project will reach as each roadmap is completed effectively.

The Timeline Template presentation gives space for projects that are already in progress with this section so you can summarize what has been done thus far and any challenges that have been identified or addressed as a result.

Next Steps
The Next Steps slide gives a concise visual to the immediate action steps that will be taken in the project.

The Process
The final section of the Timeline Template presentation explores the details of the next steps or just the first step mentioned above, giving the audience a strong directive on where your focus is at this point in the project. There are six different slide types in this section, allowing you to give any sort of information that is applicable to conclude your presentation in the strongest way possible.

The Timeline Template This presentation gives myriad opportunities for customization based on your needs, type of project, and level of progress in your efforts. Use this template today and let Slidebean help you create a beautiful presentation in minutes!