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Alaska ZIP Code Map (0.96MB) Arizona ZIP Code Map (2.12MB) Arkansas ZIP Code Map (3.95MB) California ZIP Code Map (3.72MB) Colorado ZIP Code Map (2.32MB) Connecticut ZIP Code Map (3.63MB) Delaware ZIP Code Map (1.19MB) Florida ZIP Code Map (2.94MB) Georgia ZIP Code Map (4.57MB) Hawaii ZIP Code Map (702.01KB) Idaho ZIP Code Map (1.25MB) Illinois. Minnesota ZIP code map and Minnesota ZIP code list. View all zip codes in MN or use the free zip code lookup. Stats and Demographics for the 55415 ZIP Code. ZIP code 55415 is located in southern Minnesota and covers a slightly less than average land area compared to other ZIP codes in the United States. It also has a large population density. The people living in ZIP code 55415 are primarily white.

What is my full zip code of 55101? This is the 55101 full ZIP Code page list. Its detail City, State, Plus 4, Population is as below.

ZIP stands for 'Zoning Improvement Plan'. In most cases a ZIP Code is a geographic region with a center point.

  • Zip Codes to Location. The API can convert a zip code to the primary location for the zip code. This includes the city, state, latitude, longitude, time zone information, and NPA area codes for the primary location. Click here for an example of auto-filling city and state in a form when a zip code is entered.
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The basic information of ZIP Code 55101 is as follows, including: country, county, city, FIPS and etc.

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  • Country:

    U.S. - United States
  • State:

    MN - Minnesota
  • ZIP Code 5:

  • County FIPS:

  • County:

    Ramsey County
  • City:

  • What is the plus 4 zip code for 55101 ZIP Code? Below is the detail.

What are the 4 digit zip extensions of 55101 ZIP Code. Here's the list of 9-digit zip code for 55101 ZIP Code.Click to find more information, including detail address, record type, range etc.

ZIP Code 5 Plus 4 Address
55101-0001180 KELLOGG BLVD #1757, SAINT PAUL, MN
55101-0002332 MINNESOTA ST #W2300, SAINT PAUL, MN
55101-0003400 SIBLEY ST #222, SAINT PAUL, MN
55101-0004444 CEDAR ST #2350, SAINT PAUL, MN
55101-0125430 (From 430 To 444 Even) WABASHA ST , SAINT PAUL, MN
55101-0581PO BOX 1581 (From 1581 To 1634 ) , SAINT PAUL, MN
55101-0584PO BOX 1584 , SAINT PAUL, MN
55101-0631PO BOX 1631 (From 1631 To 1632 ) , SAINT PAUL, MN
55101-0643PO BOX 1643 (From 1643 To 1694 ) , SAINT PAUL, MN
55101-0644PO BOX 1644 (From 1644 To 1673 ) , SAINT PAUL, MN
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  • This page shows two examples of envelopes, One is an example of U.S envelope. Fill in the sender's information at the top left and the recipient information at the bottom right. The necessary information is sender/recipient's full name, street address, city, state and zip code. The recipient address information has been given for your reference. Generally, If you are not sure of the full 9-digit zip code, you can only fill in the 5-digit zip code to avoid loss of package. The other is an envelope example from Universal Postal Union.

For more explanation, please read the official document: USA.pdf (English)

This is online map of the address SAINT PAUL, Ramsey County, Minnesota. You may use button to move and zoom in / out. The map information is for reference only.

What are the zipcodes near ZIP Code 55101?In the table below, you can find zipcodes in 25km radius around ZIP Code 55101 and the approximate distance between the two zipcodes. Check the list to find nearby zipcode, and you can click the zipcode link to find the details whatever you want to know about the location.The data below has a slight deviation for your reference only.

NumberZIP CodeDistance
155164658.8559 Meters
255175729.9211 Meters
355165796.8187 Meters
4551062.8711 Kilo Meters
5551453.1090 Kilo Meters
6551173.1279 Kilo Meters
7551703.1681 Kilo Meters
8551463.3558 Kilo Meters
9551553.3879 Kilo Meters
10551033.5222 Kilo Meters
11551074.4110 Kilo Meters
12551025.5629 Kilo Meters
13551445.8703 Kilo Meters
14551096.2312 Kilo Meters
15551046.4031 Kilo Meters
16551336.7913 Kilo Meters
17551306.7975 Kilo Meters
18551316.7975 Kilo Meters
19551197.3188 Kilo Meters
20551057.5732 Kilo Meters
21551087.7186 Kilo Meters
22551138.1637 Kilo Meters
23551148.8951 Kilo Meters
24551188.9779 Kilo Meters
25550759.4577 Kilo Meters
26551169.7528 Kilo Meters
275512810.1285 Kilo Meters
285541411.3113 Kilo Meters
295515011.3998 Kilo Meters
305548511.6201 Kilo Meters
315540611.7001 Kilo Meters
325512011.8558 Kilo Meters
335512712.0227 Kilo Meters
345545512.2199 Kilo Meters
355545412.7794 Kilo Meters
365505513.0211 Kilo Meters
375541313.2279 Kilo Meters
385512613.2591 Kilo Meters
395509013.3196 Kilo Meters
405511113.5590 Kilo Meters
415541713.6725 Kilo Meters
425540713.8501 Kilo Meters
435541813.9201 Kilo Meters
445504213.9750 Kilo Meters
455541514.0740 Kilo Meters
465507614.1359 Kilo Meters
475511014.2527 Kilo Meters
485546714.2772 Kilo Meters
495540414.2906 Kilo Meters
505547414.3145 Kilo Meters
515547814.4091 Kilo Meters
525548814.4413 Kilo Meters
535548714.4499 Kilo Meters
545511214.5070 Kilo Meters
555547914.5576 Kilo Meters
565548614.5749 Kilo Meters
575512514.6006 Kilo Meters
585547214.6347 Kilo Meters
595512114.6591 Kilo Meters
605540214.7004 Kilo Meters
615507714.7425 Kilo Meters
625548014.7723 Kilo Meters
635546014.8020 Kilo Meters
645540114.8345 Kilo Meters
655544014.9506 Kilo Meters
665545914.9526 Kilo Meters
675511514.9608 Kilo Meters
685545014.9863 Kilo Meters
695547014.9873 Kilo Meters
705545815.0773 Kilo Meters
715542115.4754 Kilo Meters
725548415.5970 Kilo Meters
735512915.8468 Kilo Meters
745540315.8542 Kilo Meters
755548316.3668 Kilo Meters
765540816.6479 Kilo Meters
775540916.9133 Kilo Meters
785541117.3179 Kilo Meters
795540517.5399 Kilo Meters
805507117.8286 Kilo Meters
815541917.9988 Kilo Meters
825541218.4266 Kilo Meters
835542519.0036 Kilo Meters
845542319.2994 Kilo Meters
855512319.5512 Kilo Meters
865543219.5552 Kilo Meters
875543019.6011 Kilo Meters
885541019.7694 Kilo Meters
895542220.6042 Kilo Meters
905508220.6526 Kilo Meters
915541620.7735 Kilo Meters
925501620.8837 Kilo Meters
935512221.0855 Kilo Meters
945544421.1976 Kilo Meters
955542021.4767 Kilo Meters
965542421.6644 Kilo Meters
975500122.2576 Kilo Meters
985508322.3899 Kilo Meters
995542922.7917 Kilo Meters
1005544322.8201 Kilo Meters
1015544923.2592 Kilo Meters
1025543523.3059 Kilo Meters
1035542623.3575 Kilo Meters
1045501423.4540 Kilo Meters
1055503823.5256 Kilo Meters
1065542723.5685 Kilo Meters
1075543624.1687 Kilo Meters
1085500324.1928 Kilo Meters
1095504324.6123 Kilo Meters
1105543124.6472 Kilo Meters

When using this function, you will find the first ZIP Code has been given, you can modified it and fill in two ZIP Codes in the two boxes, then you will get basic information about the two ZIP Codes and the straight line distance between two ZIP Codes.


This is the ZIP Code 55101 - Museum page list. Its detail Museum Name, Street, City, State, ZIP Code, Phone is as below.

NameStreetCityStateZIP CodePhone

This is the ZIP Code 55101 - School page list. Its detail School Name, Address, City, State, ZIP Code is as below.

Minneapolis Zip Code Map Pdf

School NameAddressCityStateGradesZIP Code
Bruce F Vento El. 409 E. Case Ave.St PaulMinnesotaKG-655101
Bruce F Vento Learning Center 409 E. CaseSt PaulMinnesotaKG-1255101
City Academy 958 Jessie St.St PaulMinnesota10-1255101
Community Of Peace Academy 471 Magnolia Ave. E.St PaulMinnesotaKG-855101
Community Of Peace Academy Sec. 471 Magnolia Ave. E.St PaulMinnesota9-1255101
Downtown Kindergarten Pioneer Bldg.,336 Robert St.St PaulMinnesota55101
Early Education-wheelock 1521 Edgerton St.St PaulMinnesotaKG-655101
Franklin Magnet El. 690 Jackson St.St PaulMinnesotaKG-655101
Gillette Children's Hosp. T. Dr 200 E. University Ave.St PaulMinnesotaKG-655101
Hope Community Academy 720 Payne Ave.St PaulMinnesotaKG-655101

What is the total population in ZIP Code 55101? Below is detail information.

  • ·Current Population: 7,873
  • ·2010 Population: 5,592
  • The 2020 demographic statistics are in progress. The current population in ZIP code 55101 is 7,873, and the population in 2010 is 5,592.
Download Minneapolis Stpaul Zip Codes Free

In all the statistical population, the male population is 3,064, the female population is 2,528.

  • ·Male Population: 3,064
  • ·Female Population: 2,528

In all the statistical population, the White population is 4,213, the Black population is 998, the Hispanic population is 265, the Asian population is 380, the Hawaiian population is 18, the Indian Ppopulation is 89 and Other population is 86.

Minneapolis St Paul News

  • ·White Population: 4,213
  • ·Black Population: 998
  • ·Hispanic Population: 265
  • ·Asian Population: 380
  • ·Hawaiian Population: 18
  • ·Indian Population: 89
  • ·Other Population: 86

The median age for ZIP code 55101 is 35.2 years old, of which the median age of men is 34.2 years old, and the median age of women is 36.7 years old.

  • ·Age's Median: 35.2
  • ·Median of male age: 34.2
  • ·Median of female age: 36.7

ZIP code 55101 has 3,490 households, with an average number of 1.43 persons per household. The average income per household in Zip code 55101 is 51,531 USD, and the average house value is 192,600 USD.

  • ·Households Per Zipcode: 3,490
  • ·Persons Per Household: 1.43
  • ·Average House Value: 192,600
  • ·Income Per Household: 51,531

The latitude of the Zip code 55101 is 44.950756, the longitude is -93.083565, and the elevation is 723. It has land area of 0.816 square miles, and water area of 0.038 square miles.

The time zone for ZIP code 55101 is Central (GMT -06:00).

Daylight saving time should be observed in the area where the zip code is located.

  • ·Latitude: 44.950756
  • ·Longitude: -93.083565
  • ·Elevation: 723
  • ·Land Area: 0.816
  • ·Water Area: 0.038
  • ·Time Zone: Central (GMT -06:00)
  • ·Region: Midwest
  • ·Division: West North Central
  • ·Day Light Saving: Y

The Congressional District for ZIP code 55101 is Minnesota's 04th congressional district, the Congressional Land Area is 332.49 square mile.

  • ·Congressional District: 04th
  • ·Congressional Land Area: 332.49

In the ZIP code 55101, there are 5,506 residential delivery mailboxes and centralized units, and 894 commercial delivery mailbox and centralized units, 25 single family deliveries and 5,481 multifamily deliveries, and the box count is 7,160.

The main post office has city delivery carrier routes for the ZIP code 55101.

  • ·Delivery Residential: 5,506
  • ·Delivery Business: 894
  • ·Delivery Total: 7,160
  • ·Single Family Delivery Units: 25
  • ·Multi Family Delivery Units: 5,481
  • ·City Delivery Indicator: Y

In ZIP code 55101, the number of business is 693, the number of employee is 23,292, the business first quarter payroll is 455,934,000 USD, the business annual payroll is 1,717,908,000 USD.

  • ·Number Of Businesses: 693
  • ·Number Of Employees: 23,292
  • ·Business First Quarter Payroll: 455,934,000
  • ·Business Annual Payroll: 1,717,908,000

There are 2,025 beneficiaries with benefits in current-payment status for ZIP code 55101, of which 985 are retired workers, 705 are disabled workers, 50 are widow(er)s and parents, 45 are spouses and 240 are children. The number of beneficiaries aged 65 or older is 1,060. The total monthly benefits are 2,548,000 USD, of which 1,547,000 USD for retired workers, 77,000 USD for widow(er)s and parents.

  • ·Total Number: 2,025
  • ·Retired workers Number: 985
  • ·Disabled workers Number: 705
  • ·Widow(er)s and parents Number: 50
  • ·Spouses Number: 45
  • ·Children Number: 240
  • ·All beneficiaries per month: 2,548,000
  • ·Retired workers per month: 1,547,000
  • ·Widow(er)s and parents per month: 77,000
  • ·Number of beneficiaries aged 65 or older: 1,060

What else do you want to know about the ZIP Code 55101? We collected some information related to ZIP Code 55101, which is closely related to people's lives. These data help people understand the general situation of the community in which they lived or about to live, and the information also has a guiding role for business construction.
Click the link below to view details.

👉ZIP Code 55101 Housing Characteristics, includes Occupancy and Structure, Housing Value and Costs, Facilities and etc.
👉ZIP Code 55101 Social Characteristics, includes household occupation, Education, Ancestry and Mobility and etc.
👉ZIP Code 55101 Economic Characteristics, includes Labor Force and Employment, Occupation and Health Insurance and etc.
👉ZIP Code 55101 Demographic Characteristics, includes Sex and Age, Race, Hispanic Origin, Housing Units and etc. ZIP Code 5: 55101 - SAINT PAUL

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