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  • Evidence-based, direct instructional software program
  • Over 260 curriculum content programs, hundreds of motivating reinforcers, and data tracking/assessment features
  • Highly configurable, ABA based, affordable instructional tool
  • Allow independent learning for individuals with mild to severe cognitive and developmental disabilities
  • First in class tool that makes video modeling practical
  • Studies show video modeling improves acquisition rates of a wide variety of skills
  • AT extends the power of video modeling with its diverse library of videos and other activity resources.
  • AT has a growing library spanning academic, daily living, non-verbal imitation, recreational, social, and vocational activities

O The institute has filled in the application form for program accreditation provided in this manual along with institutional self-assessment form. Programs from which at least one batch of students have graduated will be considered for accreditation. The evaluation of programs will be carried out in accordance with the given accreditation criteria. “Accreditation Assessment”. 20 Best Free Online Certifications, Courses, Tutorials, Classes & Training for 2021 1. Free Certification Courses (Stanford University) What seems to still be a secret for many is the fact that almost all programs on global university training partner Coursera are now available for free, for a short duration that is. This includes courses from. Pro is a structural analysis and design software which is widely used to analyze and design structures for bridges, towers, buildings, transportation, industrial and utility structures. The software has now its latest version, STAAD.Pro V8i with new and improved features. The STADD.Pro V8i can now analyze and design any engineering.

What Professionals are Saying about our Products.

'The first time I used the DT Trainer in my classroom, I was left speechless! This child rarely spoke, but when he heard the songs and saw the pictures.. language just fell from his mouth. I had to go and get someone to view this child using this program. I was just astonished. He was inquisitive and excited.. singing and laughing. I saw more language and more emotion in that one session with the DT Trainer then I had seen all year from this child. He was pleased and willing to use the DT Trainer whenever I put him on it from that point on. The DT Trainer motivates children with autism to learn. It allows these children to pick up skills without requiring the usual one-on-one attention of a teacher.'
Kim Kulka, Autism Inclusion Coordinator, Cobb County School District, GA

What Parents are Saying about Accelerations.

Download Trainer Accreditation Program Free Software

'This is the best software we have ever seen. Our daughter wouldn't use a computer, I had purchased every program I could think of and she was not interested. I purchased the DT Trainer from Accelerations Education Software and she wants to use it all the time. It is a great program. Very impressive.'
Kristye L., Parent

The methodology of the John & Josh Lyons Certification Program is in a league of its own. Unique in its focus, our Program and team work with students to highlight each individuals personal strengths, which then form the foundation for them to develop their own training techniques, using the methods they’ve learned. The format of the program is consistently evolving, thus ensuring each student is given the most updated and progressive training techniques available. Each lesson is taught in the safest environment possible to ensure the safety of horse, trainer, and rider.

In addition to the ‘training’ elements in our Certification Program, we also work with you during the Program to ensure you are equipped to begin your new career. We will cover topics such as: Developing Leadership Skills, How to Set Up Clinics, Planning Demonstrations, Developing Sponsor Relationships, Advertising, Social Media, Networking and Marketing.

Our students come from all walks of life, from various careers and many have changed their entire life and lifestyles in order to be here. The one thing they all have in common is the desire to follow their equine dreams and learn the Lyons Methods.

  • Josh Lyons LLC is approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education
  • Private Occupational School Board. Our programs are approved for the enrollment of those eligible to receive VA Education Benefits
  • The John & Josh Lyons Certification Program and the Josh Lyons Accreditation Program are approved for GI Bill® Benefits

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

The John & Josh Lyons Certification Program is the most comprehensive training program available as an entry point to a career in the equine industry.

Our Certification Program is an excellent educational opportunity for those of you who are looking to improve your personal horse training knowledge and skills; not only can you gain more knowledge, you will acquire the skills to increase your income potential as well.

Join the Alumni Family of Lyons Legacy Trainers

Graduated students of Lyons Legacy Programs are welcomed into an exclusive support network. The Lyons Legacy Trainers Facebook Group gives graduates the chance to brainstorm ideas, promote special offers and ask for advice from fellow trainers.

The Lyons Legacy office receives inquiries from horse owners around the world looking for John & Josh Lyons Certified Trainers and Josh Lyons Accredited Trainers. Twitch kanalpunkte. We maintain files of each graduate and eagerly share contact information to callers. Our online Trainers’ Directory allows clients to search for trainers by locale or specialty.

Education Continues After Graduation

Accreditation Management Software

Upon completing either of the Lyons Legacy Programs, you are encouraged to audit future classes of the same program – at no additional cost. Students of the John & Josh Lyons Certification Program receive a substantial tuition discount when they are ready to participate in the next level of education; the Josh Lyons Accreditation Program. We also offer two 5-Day Trainers Clinics each year at the Lyons Legacy Training Facility in Cross Plains, Tennessee as a part of continued education for the Lyons Legacy team.

Graduates may also advance their presentation and training skills by assisting Josh Lyons public events, expos and future Certification Courses. Gain exposure, create contacts and increase your clientele by attending Josh Lyons Events across the country.

Download Trainer Accreditation Program Free Software Free

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