Elearningmrs. Parker's 6th Grade L.a. Class

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  3. Elearningmrs. Parker's 6th Grade L.a. Class

Literature grade 12 department of basic education. 9th grade english quizzes amp trivia proprofs. Lamb to the slaughter by roald dahl questions and answers. Short story unit mrs parker s 6th grade l a class. Helpful discussion questions for the necklace. The lottery questions and answers enotes com. Just look under your class page for assignments, handouts, homework or upcoming events. This page should be checked daily just in case you missed some important information during class. So, let's get started and have a great year! Yours in education, Mrs.

Elearningmrs. parker

8th Grade Information

Flag Football is the current elective for Mr. Parker's 8th grade classes, and will continue until December 2nd. The weather is getting cold.
Students MUST come prepared to go outside in any weather.
Students will progress from learning football vocabulary, practicing skills and learning rules & strategies to playing games and having a class tournament. Students will work on developing a playbook that can be used in class games. It's all about learning the game so that every student feels comfortable playing flag football in class and outside of class, when the opportunity arises. Flag football can be a fun, challenging and exciting way to get some exercise and work on improving your fitness.
Teams have already devised two plays that they have ben able to use in game situations. Here is the next step:
Each player is responsible for desgning one additional play that could be used in a class game. The play should be designed so that it is likely to be successful. Don't make it too complicated or too long. Draw the paly out on a 4'x5' card, neatly, so other players can benefit from your expertise.
While every player is making their own play, this is a group playbook and will be graded as a group or team. if every player does not complete their portion, it will affect the entire group.
Students need to pick another student from your class that you feel is well-suited to play each position. You then need to list at least 5 attributes of that person that makes him/her well-suited for that position. You may not use: your own name, the same name more than once or names from just one gender. Click above to access the page.
2nd Quarter
During 2nd quarter Mr. Parker's elective will be Racquet Sports.
This course will be starting on December 3rd. In Racquet Sports students will have the opportunity to learn about several racquet games, including Pickleball, Badminton, Tennis and Eclipseball. More information will be available as the course begins.
During 3rd quarter Mr. Parker's elective of choice will be Dance! This course will include learning some line and group dances, as well as creative dance. There are several presentations by students throughout this course, culminating with a final dance-off during x-block. The dance-off will be by invitation only and will have celebrity judges. More information will be available as the course begins.
During 4th quarter Mr. Parker's elective is Recreational Games. This course will allow students to try numerous games that they will play throughout their life. They'll play golf, croquet, bocce, 4-square, bowling, tennis, and many others. You'll have to wait to see all the different choices. More information will be available as the course begins.
Elearningmrs. Parker

August 5, 2014
Dear Sixth Grade Families,

Iwould like to Welcome you and your child to the 2015-2016 school year here at Calibre Academy. My name is Brad Parker and it is my honor to be your child’s Sixth Grade Math and Science Teacher. I am a Fifth year teacher and have worked in many fields along the way. This has allowed the benefit of knowing what skills business leaders are looking for.
I have been married to the same wonderful wife for almost twenty five years I have two beautiful daughters, an awesome son-in-law and two handsome grandsons. I am looking forward to working with you and your child in reaching his or her full potential as I have with myself and my family. We will have many wonderful experiences and opportunities to learn and grow this year.
I believe that communication is the key to a great parent-teacher relationship. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. You can send me a note in your students agenda, email me at [email protected] or call me at (623.556.2179). I will also do my part by sending out a newsletter via my web page to update you on what we have been doing in class as well as things that are up coming. For individual concerns, I will contact you by phone, send a note home, or email you (if an email address is provided).

Some important information to startoff the year:
***This first few days of school we will begetting to know one another. Creating community is a large part of thebeginning of a new school year.

Elearningmrs. Parker's 6th Grade L.a. Classic

Elearningmrs. Parker

***Every day your child will take home his/her Agenda.Please check this each day. It will contain important announcements, homeworkassignments, or completed work. It is very important that your childbrings this back to school each day signed by you. This will help to create a routine andcontinue the communication between home and school. Also, use this as a way tocommunicate with me. For instance, if your child is doing something differentfrom their normal schedule (going home with a friend, being picked up byanother family member, etc) please send me a note to let me know the change ofplans. I will check the Agenda each morning.

Elearningmrs. Parker's 6th Grade L.a. Class Submarine

Elearningmrs. Parker

***Homework in Math and Science will be for extra practice, to review for a test/quizor if the work was not completed in class. Occasionally We will have Labs orprojects that will require some time at home.

***Attendance is important in sixth grade.What we do in class involves active participation, it is very important thatyour child attends each day. However, I do realize that sickness, familyemergencies, and doctor’s appointments do occur. Whenever possible, yourchild’s schoolwork will be saved for him/her to complete upon their return toschool.
The link below will take you to a survey that will help me to gather student information such as parent contact info and some likes and dislikes.

Elearningmrs. parker
That is it for now! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as the school year gets started. I am looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year with you and your child!


Brad Parker

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Elearningmrs. Parker's 6th Grade L.a. Class