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Posted : admin On 13.09.2021
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EMV Softwares Pvt. Is a company that works in a flexible environment for software development process, adjusting as per our clients’ requirements. We at EMV Softwares can offer you comprehensive online software solutions which are incorporated with new innovations and latest technology. Warblade Mk II is EMVs most ambitious project so far and it is going to take a while to make this game. Considering Warblades long development cycle no-one should expect this game any time soon. That is not to say that Mk II is going to take as long as Warblade did, the development process is now quicker and easier with Unity, but also the.

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TLV decoderDecode EMV TLV (Tag, Length Value) byte strings into their constituent tags and sub-tags.Useful for analysing APDU traces, responses and so on.
CAP calculatorGenerate CAP codes using an emulated banking card and CAP calculator, to test against real gadgetsor for testing authentication servers.
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Emv Softwarewarblade Mk Ii Blogspot


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Vectorblade is my newest game for the vectrex. Vectorblade is a classic “bottom up shooter”, heavily inspired by “Warblade” from Edgar M. Vigdal.
Warblade or its predecessor “Deluxe Galaga” was originally developed for the Amiga computer, but was later adapated to Windows, OS X and even iOS.

Some sources concering these games:

Emv softwarewarblade mk ii blog youtube

Warblade homepage (I am not sure this is active anymore, since sadly Edgar passed away some time ago)
Warblade Wiki
FAQ on Moby games


And finaly about Edgar and his game history: The ‘Golden Age’ game developer you didn’t know you knew.

Since my “Amiga days” I have been a fan of Edgar’s games, starting with Deluxe Pacman – in which’s documentation I am even mentioned for contributing some bug reports :-). After switching over to PC-technology I so “missed” Deluxe Pacman, that I programmed my very own version (see: Pacman).

Now over twenty years in the future – I again take inspriration from one of Edgars programs and do my own bottom up shooter. The name will be “Vectorblade“, which is a tribute to his fantastic Warblade, to Edgar himself – and the video game console I am writing the game for – the Vectrex.

If you ever played Warblade – or took a fleeting glance at the above linked FAQ – you will easily see, that a complete “Warblade” version for the Vectrex will be impossible to do. Nonetheless I tried to catch the Warblade “feeling” and hope I made a similar addictive and involved game.
Right from the onset of my undertaking I had a fairly firm grasp of what I wanted to achieve. If at some stage I had not been able to pull it off on my Vectrex I would have cancelled the project.
At the moment Vectorblade is the largest Vectrex game in existence (for the time being). I set out to do a 64k game, which already is twice as much, as the Vectrex was originally designed for. The final games size is be around 192k.

The game does not use additional hardware and is available on cartridge (which includes a 256k Flash and a quad-NAND chip for bankswitching). Highscores, progress and options are saved to the flash memory. I designed the cartridge especially for Vectorblade and right now it is a “one of its kind”.

As it is now, the game can only be played from cartridge on a real vectrex – or in Vide (emulation – my own development environment).

Emv Softwarewarblade Mk Ii Blog

Vectorblade source code and everything that goes with it is now available on github: https://github.com/malbanGit/Vectorblade