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Welcome to the official Equestria at War Fimfiction group!

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The Equestria at War team is proud to present the Equestria at War Music Mod. Featuring 75 atmospheric and fitting tracks from the My Little Pony fandom from artists Radiarc, Carbon Maestro, Jyc Row, Evening Star and Makkon. Equestria at War is a mod for Hearts of Iron IV, created by MrScroup. Description: Equestria at War is a mod that tries to recreate the fantasy world of Equestria from My Little Pony franchise in a slightly darker setting with industrialization, corruption and political disagreements. Equestria at War is a Game Mod for Paradox Interactive's Grand Strategy Game Hearts of Iron IV and a Fan Game of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic that blends the detailed World War II and political simulation of Hearts of Iron IV with a modified, grimmer version of. Welcome to the Second Stalliongrad Campaign on the Channel. We will be taking a different path this time in Equestria at war, but Victor Historia is again al.

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Equestria at War is a community mod for the grand-strategy game Hearts of Iron IV, made by Paradox Interactive. We have made it our goal to create a high-quality, custom world of Equestria for the game, aiming to ensure a maximum amount of replayability and enjoyability.
You can find the mod here


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This group is dedicated to stories set in the world of Equestria at War and for its fans . We highly encourage creativity, and would love to support the stories people create!

The Rules are simple:

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1. Normal Site rules and guidelines apply.
2. No extremism of any kind.
3. No Thread spamming.
4. Civilized behaviour, if you please.
5. Stay on topic. This group is for the mod, after all.
6. No self-promotion. If you wish to have a story promoted, consult an admin and we’ll see what we can do.
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