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Quests to receive Avatars. New dxf shape filefree dxf shape files for cnc cutting. You must have a decent amount of fame to undertake the Avatar quests in Final Fantasy XI, Rise of the Zilart, and Chains of Promathia areas.

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Other Avatars require mission story lines to be completed such as Treasures of Aht Urhgan or Wings of the Goddess as a prerequisite for the quests.

Avatar Quests
Avatar Element Quest Trial-Size version Fame Area
I Can Hear a RainbowWindurst
The Moonlit PathWindurst
Trial by FireTrial-Size Trial by FireKazham
Trial by EarthTrial-Size Trial by EarthBastok
Trial by WaterTrial-Size Trial by WaterNorg
Trial by WindTrial-Size Trial by WindRabao
Trial by IceTrial-Size Trial by IceSan d'Oria
Trial by LightningTrial-Size Trial by LightningMhaura
Waking DreamsWindurst
The Rider Cometh
Unwavering Resolve
A Stygian Pact
Aht Urhgan
Waking the Colossus
Divine Interference
Aht Urhgan
Champion of the Dawn
The Dawn Also Rises
Wings of the Goddess
A Forbidden ReunionWings of the Goddess

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