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Finding slopemr. graham

Identify x- and y-intercepts and slope of linear equations from an equation, graph or table. 0806.3.6

Graham's 8th Grade Algebra Website: Follow @MrGrahamMath on Twitter!! Home Funny Videos Homework Calendar Study Guides Contact Mr. G Videos & Practice. Comat input devices driver download for windows 10. Unit 8: Slope - Mr. Graham's 8th Grade Algebra Website Unit 8 - Slope Click here for a blank copy of your Study Guide Click here for a Multiple Choice Practice Test (Remember your actual test will be ALL short answer).

Slope Math Games 8th Grade

Finding Slopemr. Graham

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  1. How to Use the Slope Intercept Form (in Algebra) - explanation from Wiki How-to
  2. Linear Equation in Two Variables - a 27 slide show with good examples and explanation
  3. Learning about Rate of Change in Linear Functions Using Interactive Graphs - lesson plan from NCTM [This expired link is available through the Wayback Machine Internet Archive. If the page doesn't load quickly click on Impatient? at the bottom right of the page.]
  4. Make a Scatter Plot with Excel - this step-by-step lesson makes a linear graph from a set of x- and y- values, inserts a trend line and labels the linear equation used
  5. The Meaning of Slope and y-Intercept in the Context of Word Problems - explanation and three examples from Purple Math
  6. Rate of Change: Connecting Slope to Real Life - a lesson on using slope to find the rate of change accompanied by graphs and explanations
  7. Rate of Change Practice Problems - nine practice problems (including a graph to interpret) followed by an answer key
  8. Save Our Dumb Planet - [a linear equation game] Deduce correct flight path equations and then plot co-ordinates accurately to ensure your missiles hit their targets and destroy the rogue meteors heading on a collision course with Earth!
  9. Significant Figures Calculator - one of many calculators available from Omni Calculator
    1. Slope Calculator - [also from Omni Calculator] determines the slope or gradient between two points in the Cartesian coordinate system
  10. Using the X and Y Intercept to Graph Linear Equations - This follow up to the lesson on rate of change deals with linear equations written in standard form rather than slope intercept form
    1. Finding the X Intercept and Y Intercept to Graph Standard Form Equations - five practice problems to practice using what was learned in the lesson above, followed by an answer key
  11. Slope Intercept Form - a way to express the equation of a line - interactive practice followed by practice problems
  12. Slope Intercept Jeopardy - this show is in Jeopardy format; with five categories each with five questions - good for a while class review
  13. Writing the Equation of a Line - a 15 slide show with practice problems

How To Find Slope 8th Grade Math

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