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Greetings Bassheads!


Bassnectar - Free Downloads by Bassnectar published on 2011-07-09T05:08:33Z Free Bassnectar tracks, remixes, mash-ups, mixes and more - all available at Over this next week, we are continuing to pause on all things music related in Bassnectar world, in order to listen, learn, and amplify the voices of the Black Lives Matter movement. Our non-profit organization Be Interactive will take over all social media channels, as we join people worldwide to whole-heartedly stand in solidarity against racism. Human (Bassnectar Remixxx) Ego Killer (Bassnectar & Timeline Remix) Bassnectar WNUR 89.3 CHICAGO LIVE 03-02-06. Bassnectar WNUR 89.3 CHICAGO LIVE 03-02-06. Bassnectar & Styulst Beats One Love (UNRELEASED) Bassnectar & Styulst Beats One Love (UNRELEASED) Bassnectar, Datsik, Excision, Downlink Going To The Beach (Unreleased).

We’re on a hunt for a special species of Bass Cadet- the AmBASSador.

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Do you make friends easily? Do you have special skills? Do you like helping people? Do you want to get behind the scenes at a show? Then you might just fit the ticket.


Bassnectar Labs is seeking AmBASSadors for the 1st Bass Center in Colorado on Oct 23rd to create a special crew for greeting and ambiance. We’re looking for dance troupes, contact jugglers, saxophone players, tapdancers, the over-friendly, people who can shoot arrows into bulls eyes with their toes, etc. to come an be a special part of the first ever Bassnectar-produced arena show!

At the event, AmBASSadors will wear all white to be easily recognizable, have special laminates with maps to direct people, know the set times, hand out water, spontaneously burst into song and dance, grab fans and take them on adventures, and generally create a playful, unique, vibrant atmosphere.

The AmBASSadors are a WORKING crew, so there would be a large amount of commitment to keeping your head in order to qualify. Everyone would have to arrive early and work in one of two four hour shifts, with a break for the Bassnectar Set. AmBASSadors would receive a free ticket (depending on the completion of their hours), a signed event poster, an AmBASSador family photo with Lorin, in addition to other perks TBD.

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Sold yet?

Here’s how to audition to be an AmBASSador:

Show us what you do!

Post up your content to the Facebook wall of who you are and what you do. Let’s get videos, photos, friend testimonials, etc.

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Free Download Program Ambassador Program Bassnectar

Everything you/your friends post needs to have your Facebook profile name and the words AMBASSADOR AUDITION in them, so we know you’re for real.

[Example: Lia Holland (AMBASSADOR AUDITION)]

We’re very excited to have your talent as a part of our event, let’s get shaken’!

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For years, TechSoup supporters have said to us, “I love TechSoup; what can I do to help?”
We present you the TechSoup Ambassador Program, TechSoup’s very own volunteer program and community. This program provides the tools for TechSoup supporters to help nonprofits take full advantage of all that TechSoup has to offer. We offer fun activities to choose from and rewards based on desired level of involvement and expertise.
(Please visit the site to view this video)
Do you work for a nonprofit?
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If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are a great fit for our ambassador program. TechSoup ambassadors are our on-the-ground social sector champions. We welcome anyone who has a passion for empowering nonprofits. Check out some tweets from our current ambassadors, explaining why they decided to become ambassadors.

Joining the ambassador program can not only build technical skills, connections, and reputation, but also places ambassadors into a larger community of other socially minded professionals.

Our current ambassadors are a dedicated group, helping nonprofits in their networks to elevate civil society. They’ve been trained on our mission and services, engage in a range of volunteer activities, and give feedback for general improvements to TechSoup.

These ambassadors represent organizations from all mission types and walks of life, helping us spread awareness of TechSoup to support the entire sector.
Sign up for the TechSoup Ambassador Program Course to join our program. The course is designed for
TechSoup ambassadors to learn about TechSoup’s brand and understand the role and benefits of a TechSoup ambassador. This course is also where you will be engaging in specific ambassador activities and connecting with fellow ambassadors. After completing this course, you will be able to

  • understand the core services TechSoup provides for nonprofits
  • understand the ambassador role, program details, and rewards
  • identify ambassador activities that fit your expertise and personal goals
  • use the platform tools to engage in certain ambassador activities

If this is your first time accessing TechSoup Courses, our online learning platform, please remember that you will need to create an account before registering for any course. Note that this account will be different from your login.

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We’re excited to continue working with our ambassadors, and to see what they bring to our community! For questions, please contact ambassadors [at] techsoup [dot] org.

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