Global Awarenessmr. Becker's Classroom

Posted : admin On 12.09.2021
  1. Global Awareness Mr. Becker's Classroom Activities
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Global awareness mr. becker

Global Awareness Mr. Becker's Classroom Activities

This resource packet was designed to help the classroom teacher with teaching about global education. The packet encompasses resources from professional organizations, documents from the Educational Resources Information Center's (ERIC) Resources in Education (RIE), journal articles from ERIC's Current Index of Journals in Education (CIJE), commercial materials, and audiovisual materials. Professional organizations involved in the enterprise of global education are listed, along with programs and projects they have sponsored and their addresses. A comprehensive listing of documents that have been entered into the ERIC system is presented, accompanied by each document's abstract and ordering information. Documents range from information on developing a global perspective in the social studies program to global education activities. Articles from CIJE are listed, along with their annotations and ordering information. Available commercial materials are summarized, accompanied by the publisher name, address, and price. Audiovisual materials, appropriate to the study of global education, are featured along with their publishers and addresses. (SM)
Mr.Global Awarenessmr. Becker

Global Awareness Mr. Becker's Classroom Management

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