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Powerpoint Presentation (PPT) Grade 5 Mathematics

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Using Powerpoint presentation inside the classroom is very effective. It will allow the listeners- our learners to visualize what we are talking about. They can see the real life example on attached pictures instead of just using their imagination.

Powerpoint has taken the place of projection slides and big whiteboards. It is more efficient and easy to use as long as there is a computer and an external drive for your files.

Many teachers today are using wide-screen television for their power point presentation. Their School Heads allow them to use such presentation on their lessons instead of posting printed materials on the board.

Sad to those far-flung schools that couldn’t provide yet such upgrade. We hope that time will come, our Government through the Department of Education will give not just a complete set of books for the new Curriculum but also a wide- screen television so we could present our power point presentation wide and clear.

Here’s our PPT in Teaching Fraction. A simple introduction to fractions that includes drills on reducing to lowest terms and introduction to similar and dissimilar fractions.

This is actually a Quarter 1 Week 6 lesson in Grade 5 Mathematics but the author made it for her pupils to understand her lesson well. Check this out! This is for those fellow teachers who are searching for a simple presentation in Fractions. Try to check fellow teachers, this might be a help for you.

Click the highlighted files to download the Powerpoint Presentation (PPT) Grade 5 Mathematics. Please bookmark this site for additional PPT files.


***credits to Ms. Arcelle Yuan

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Grade 5 Mathematics Book

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Grade 5 Mathematics Worksheets

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