How Much Gratuity Do You Give A Limo Driver

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  1. Some limo companies include the driver’s gratuity in the contract, so you should read it carefully to determine if you will need to add a tip. If the gratuity is included in your rental fees, you may still want to tip the driver if he has done an excellent job. You may need to ask the company if the full gratuity will be paid to the driver.
  2. You’re tipping for the moment, and for future service service-if you’re a returning customer, you want to be remembered. You’re tipping because someone was helpful- there’s really not much else to it. Service gratuity has been around for ages, and the custom is an implicit and understood tradition between tipper and tipee.
  3. According to the Emily Post Institute, you don't need to pay for having questions answered, but if you ask a concierge to get you tickets or restaurant reservations, $5 to $10 is a good tip; $15.
  4. As you can see above, if you’re taking a hotel or parking shuttle to and from the airport, these drivers will assist with your luggage and it’s a great idea to give them a few bucks for that. If you’re going off airport say 20-30 miles distance, then what we recommend is simply take the fare and give 10% – 20%.
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Answer 11 of 21: OK, so Im no noob to taking limos. Pretty much use them all the time for airport runs here in Chicago. Though I was thinking about this today as Im getting ready to head out to Vegas tomorrow. I normally tip the limo/car driver $25 each way for.

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When a couple or a group of friends take a limousine out for the evening or a day trip, they often wonder how much they should tip their chauffeur. Some people may not even realize that they need to tip the driver and think that the gratuity is part of the amount they pay for the limo service. For the majority of limo service companies, the gratuity or tip is not included in the price of services.
If a group of friends have hired a chauffeur driven limousine for the evening, say to bring them to and from a concert, and maybe dinner before hand and drinks afterwards, it might be a good idea for everyone to pool their money; just as they did for the ride, and tip the man or woman before the ride is over. This way they won't forget at the end of the night.
When calling to check prices on a limousine service for a special evening, a concert, sporting event, wedding day, bachelorette or bachelor party or other occasion in which a limo ride would be appropriate, it is always good to figure in a 10 to 15 % gratuity after receiving the price. This should be included into ones budget so that there are no last minute rushes to find an ATM machine or trying to come up with the funds. If it's planned for, then it will make the evening easier and better, less stressful and nothing to worry about.
If a chauffeur has done an exceptionally good job, for a wedding or a business customer, then an individual could tip them more than the customary 10 to 15 percent. They may have gotten your party to everything on the agenda on time, kept quiet, opened the doors and been very polite and then this would warrant the high range of the tipping scale or a higher tip. If a chauffeur was 'off their game', first, we would like to know, and then tipping them the low range of the scale would be appropriate.
For those special evenings when a couple wants to be left alone to talk or simply enjoy a quite ride in the limo, there is a privacy partition. It is perfectly acceptable to ask the driver to engage the patrician so that a couple can have their privacy, that's what it's there for. A diver will not be offended or get upset. If someone might find this difficult to ask for, they could request that the privacy divider be deployed when the make their reservations for the limo ride. That way the diver will already know not to disturb you and your guest.
There is a radio communication system from the back of the limousine to the front and the driver. This is put in place in case there is a change of plans and the couple or group wants to add a stop to their evening or needs to cut their night short for any reason.

How Much Gratuity Do You Give A Limo Driver
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When someone in the service industry does a good job, nothing says it better than a tip! Although tipping is personal choice, monetary gratuities let the limo driver know: Hey, thank you! I appreciate everything you’ve done, so much, that I’m willing to give you a little extra $$.

How Much Gratuity Do You Give A Limo Driver

The idea is, if you use their service again, and chances are you will, the driver will remember your nice deed and they will provide perhaps even better service than they have to. For example helping you with luggage, getting you that coffee or newspapers, making a quick stop somewhere, planning routes smarter to ensure you’re on time, and even listen to your problems and be a friend.

It’s a win-win situation!

They rely on your tips to supplement their income and support themselves and their families. And you get the best possible limo service, without compromises.


How do you tip a limo driver? How much?

How Much Tip Do You Give A Limo Driver

The best thing would be to get familiar with your limo reservation contract and read the fine print that explains the charges and shows you the cost breakdown of the trip. Sometimes, 15% tip is automatically included, other times it’s at your discretion. Rifles for watie pdf. So just be informed.

How Much Gratuity Do You Give A Limo Driver Without

How Much Gratuity Do You Give A Limo Driver

Tips are usually 15%, but it’s not set in stone. You can give more if you want, but usually everyone would expect 15%.

But 15% based on what figure? You basically take the total of your fare before taxes or any additional charges and you multiply that with 0.15 That gives you the total tip amount.

For example:

Flat Rate: $55 (not including tax)
Standard Gratuity: 15%
Tip: $8.25 (55 * 0.15)

At Toronto Airport Limousine all reservations are subject to 15% driver gratuity. This is automatically included in your trip cost. If you feel like the driver has provided you with exceptional service feel free to tip more directly. At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to rate the service on the Internet and write a nice, positive review and let the whole world know.