How To Read Floppy Disk With Vista

Posted : admin On 12.09.2021

How to read a Floppy disk

To recover lost data from floppy disk, you should select the floppy disk under the 'External Devices' tab. Click 'Start' to proceed. Step 2 Scan your floppy disk for lost data Recoverit Floppy disk data recovery will start a quick but thorough scan to search for your lost data.

If you have old floppy disk laying around, you can actually read them and transfer the files off of them with a simple USB disk reader.

  1. The FluxEngine is a very cheap USB floppy disk interface capable of reading and writing exotic non-PC floppy disk formats. It allows you to use a conventional PC drive to accept Amiga disks, CLV Macintosh disks, bizarre 128-sector CP/M disks, and other weird and bizarre formats. (Although not all of these are supported yet.
  2. Determine the type of floppy disk. The most common has a capacity of 1.44MB, but a 720KB variety.
  3. I have a floppy disk drive that works perfectly in windows vista 64 bit. But that with 1.44 MB floppies. When i insert a 720KB formatted floppy disk into the drive and double click it it says that the disk is not formatted and it ask's me whether to format it.
  4. Foolishly, as I have done with other files saved in other formats I thought I could plug my USB floppy drive into my laptop operating Vista and extract and move to my hard drive and hey presto. However on inserting the floppy disk my PC reads that the disks need to be formatted. Not a format that the computer understands.

You can use this diskette reader to read floppy disks on Mac or PC.

Here is the floppy disk reader that I used in the video (affiliate link)

How to read a Floppy disk

If you ever come across one of these floppy disks, you could actually still buy a little reader to read them on modern computers. Now, these are probably 25 years old. These are actually only one megabyte in size, basically the size of one picture that would fit on here. But I was curious, I just found some of these in the attic and I wanted to see what's on them.

So I did some research. I tested out a couple of different drives and I found one and I'll put a link to it in the description. You can pick it up from Amazon actually just came with my Amazon prime the next day, but it's called a portable discount, dry for reading floppy disks like this, and it's just a USB drive.

So you would just plug it in with a USB connector to any laptop or any computer. PC or Mac, and then you just plug this into it. You just put this into it, just like any other disc, and then it will read it. So in this video, I wanted to show you this device. I want to put a link to make it really easy for you.

If you find some floppy disc laying around, and you're curious where to actually find a way to read them, this is pretty inexpensive. I believe it was under $20. So let me plug this in. Let me see how it reads a floppy disc and here it is, it just showed up. As soon as I put the floppy disc into the drive and plugged it in and there you have it. There are some documents all the way from 2003 on here, and they're very small files, 144 bytes, or 181 kilobytes here. So I could go ahead and download any of these. Now I was just going to select all of these and go ahead and drag them to my desktop. No, it was pretty loud as you could hear, but that's just what floppy disks used to sound like.

So it's going to transfer the one megabyte. That's basically the capacity of this drive, this floppy disc onto my computer, and then I could throw away the floppy disc and it's that simple to read a floppy disc on your PC or your Mac. Thanks so much for watching. Please give it a thumbs up and I'll see you next time.

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