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Smithing Leveling method 1 - iron daggers A great way to level it up early in the game is to head to Whiterun and visit the female blacksmith, Adrianne Avenicci, next to the entrance of Warmaiden. These interactive lessons span a range of subjects and grade levels. Each presents content from a public media production, specially tailored to the curricular needs of the classroom.

Music Quizzes, Games, Worksheets and Music Theory by Ms. Garrett
PLEASE NOTE: I have already updated most of the quizzes below, along with the rest of my site. Please update your links, as the quiz links have changed. Some of the FLASH quizzes were made with software that is no longer produced, so it will not be possible to update some of the games for mobile devices. Thank you!
Theory, Pianos, Worksheets
Music Theory
Worksheets / Mazes
Instrument Families
Instrument Millionaire
Instrument Memory Challenge
Mighty Music Man 3 - Instruments
Identify the Instrument
Identify Instrument Sounds
Music Notes
Arpeggio Activity
Identify Missing Notes - Armstrong
Identify Treble Clef Notes Story
Lines and Spaces
Travel Through Treble Space
Treble Clef Notes
Treble Clef Word Warrior
Treble Clef Ledger Lines
Treble Clef Ledger Lines Warrior
Treble Clef Words
Identify Bass Clef Notes Story
Bass Clef Words
Bass Clef Word Warrior
Bass Clef Baseball
Bass Clef Ledger Lines
Mighty Music Man 1 - Piano
Mighty Music Man 2 - Piano
Identify the Piano Keys
Identify Piano Key Words
Steps to Finding the Note
Chromatic Notes
Scales, Intervals, Terms
Skips, Steps and Repeats
Intervals 2nds - 3rds
Intervals 4ths - 5ths
Intervals 6ths-7ths-Octaves
Half Step Hillbillies
Watch Your Step
Identify the Key Signature
Major Scales
Fishy Major Scales
Tempo Walk
Mariachi Musical Marks
Scales, Intervals, Terms
Ties and Slurs
Music Terms
Music Terms / Expressions Match
Santa's Delivery with Bonus
Rhythm Sound Match 1
Rhythm Sound Match 2
See-Sawing Rhythm Values
Rhythms - Adding It Up
Time Signs - How is Your Timing
Rhythms - Fill-In the Measure
Rhythms - Find the Correct Measure
Rhythmic Math Quiz
Rhythms and Signs Crossword
Famous Musicians and Composers
Mighty Music Man 4 - Composers
Louis Armstrong
Johann S. Bach
Basics on Basie
Ludwig van Beethoven
Duke Ellington
Dizzy Gillespie
George F. Handel
Erskine Hawkins
Joseph Haydn
Scott Joplin
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Franz Schubert
Stevie Wonder
Jazz Musicians Trivia
Composers Concentration
Music Tech
Keyboard Features Quiz
Plugged-In to Podcasting
Music Technology Terms
Music Technology Terms and Parts
Music Tech Crossword
Flash - Will Be Updated in 2021
Treble and Bass Space Invaders
Bass Space Invaders
The Missing Note - Beethoven
'Bone Up' on the Bass Clef
The Fabulous 4's
Going Nuts Over Time Signs

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Flash - Will Be Updated in 2021
The Magnificent Seven(ths)
Rhythms Concentration
A-CHORD-ing to Santa Quiz
Choose Your Path
Composer Compositions
Jazz Musicians
Flash Only - CANNOT Update these quizzes
Instrument Spin Off
Treble Ledger Lines Quiz Show
Rhythm Quiz Show
Rhythm Billionaire
Instrument Family Quiz
Treble Note Rally
Identify the Piano Keys
Bill Withers
Flash Only - CANNOT Update these quizzes because software no longer exists
Instrument Families Football
Instrument Soccer Challenge
Treble Clef Sports Blaster
Bass Clef Sports Blaster
Rhythm Hotshots
Tic Tac Know Your Scales
Music Family Invaders
Note Name Invaders
Rhythm Quiz
Jazz Songs Trivia

Interactive Learning Sitesms. Scrolls Ela Classes Online

Music Tech Terms
Treble-Bass Notes
Chord Quest
Add it Up Rhythms
Skips, Steps and Leaps Basketball

Interactive Learning Sitesms. Scrolls Ela Classes 1

Treble-Bass Lines and Spaces
Rhythms HoopShoot
Jazz Songs Trivia
Instruments Scramble
Rhythmic Terms Scramble
Music Tech Terms Scramble

Interactive Learning Sitesms. Scrolls Ela Classes Grade

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