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KFMod was the original version of Killing Floor, released in 2005 as a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 which went through several revisions before eventually becoming a full release game. Killing Floor was the first full version of the game, released in 2009 for Steam. During it's years of support, ending up with over fifty different playable characters and over thirty different maps.

Killing Floor is a Co-op Survival Horror FPS set in the devastated cities and countryside of England. Killing Floor: Incursion is a fully-realized, multi-hour, story-driven adventure with an additional endless mode. In solo or co-op mode, travel diverse environments, from creepy farmhouses to the catacombs of Paris, in order to uncover who. Or what is behind the Zed menace. Hi, I'm curious if anyone else is having this issue. For whatever reason KF2 is the only game in my steam library that isn't downloading properly. I've downloaded it 3 times now and everytime it says it's finished it goes to the bottom of the download queue and says 'MISSING FILES.' Everytime I try to play it despite it stating it downloaded the full 29 gigs it restarts the download ENTIRELY.

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Long before the Steam Workshop, Tripwire (which grew from modding roots) has been very supportive of the modding communities that have grown up around their games. From maps, to mutators (which covered new weapons, gameplay changes and more), to Total Conversions that completely changed the game. None of that has changed, and Tripwire continues to support those communities as much as possible. To that end, Tripwire has decided to implement Steam Workshop, a better method for modders and those who would use them to upload, find, and use content!

As of September 2012, Killing Floor has supported Steam Workshop. Workshop allows modders to easily upload their content for a game and make it available for all the people that own it. For end users (not mod makers), it offers a one click solution to find mods that they like for a game they own, and always have it be up to date and ready to play on any machine they may play the game on.

The only thing modders and players need to access and use Killing Floor and the Workshop is to have Steam, and own Killing Floor. The Workshop and the SDK are free to all owners of the game.

Players looking for instructions on how to subscribe, download and use workshop content should skip to player section of this article.

In The Editor

This section will cover the new additions to the editor that allow modders to upload their content to the Workshop. This section will not cover how to use the Killing Floor Editor. Players can find more in depth tutorials and pages on that here.

Modders opening up the Killing Floor editor will now find new entries under the tools list.

The new entries are:

Update Steam Workshop Upload
Upload File(s) to Steam Workshop

Uploading New Files

Music download for mac. The first thing modders will want to do, is to upload their maps and mutators to the workshop for the first time. To do this they need to select

When they have done so they will be presented with the following 'Upload Box'


Once the player is familiar with the Upload Box, they need to fill it out and select the file(s) for upload. This includes the maps, textures, static meshes, and .u files associated with their content.

An example of a filled out and ready to upload map can be found in the image below for KF-MountainPassNight

After filling out the Upload Box and hitting the upload button, the player will be informed that the content is uploading in the example below:

The upload will either end in success, and the modder will receive the message:

or in an error in which case the modder will see:

In which case the modder will need to debug why, and try again.

Updating Existing Content

Modders wanting to update their content that they already have uploaded to the Workshop can do so. This will allow players of their content to automatically be updated to the latest version without having to do anything on their own.

To do so, modders need to select the

Update Steam Workshop Upload

option from the tools list. After doing so they will be presented with a list of content they have uploaded previously.

After selecting the content they would like to update, they will be presented with the Upload box already filled out with the previous settings and files used to upload that content. They can make the needed changes (if any) and proceed to upload.

Reset Steam Workshop Update History


If you have noticed that your maps are not showing in the 'Update Steam Workshop Upload' forms, you can use the 'Reset Steam Workshop Update History' command.

Known Errors to Avoid

All content uploaded to the Workshop must follow the following rules:

On Steam

After a successful upload of content to Steam, modders have the ability to view their content in the workshop and change some settings related to it.

By going to Steam, Community, Workshop, modders and players will find an option to navigate Killing Floor Workshop files. Modders will also find an option to view

Your Workshop Files
Your Workshop Files

Following this link will present the modder with a list of content that they have uploaded.

My Workshop Files

Selecting individual content will allow them to view the current workshop settings for it and make changes.

Killing Floor Steam Download

Workshop Item Page

Items that can be changed on the item's workpage include

Navigating The Workshop

With the introduction of the Steam Workshop to Killing Floor, players now have a new way to browse, find, and subscribe to community created content that they like. There are two main ways to navigate to the Killing Floor part of the Workshop. From the Steam Library when Killing Floor is selected and by navigating directly to it from the Steam Community.

Steam charts killing floor 2

Or via the Killing Floor main menu with the 'Steam Workshop Content' button

Once browsing the Killing Floor Workshop, players can use filters to narrow down the content they are looking for.

After a piece of content has been selected in the workshop, all the player needs to do is subscribe to the content to have it always available and updated. This is done with one click of the subscribe button.

Players can also vote for and leave comments for the contents creators in the workshop.


After a player has subscribed to content that interests him, the next step is to launch the game. When the game is launched, it will check for new and updated subscriptions and download them. A message with the status of the current download will be displayed in the main menu.

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Killing Floor 2 Tripwire Official map
AuthorTripwire Interactive
Trader Locations5
CollectiblesSteam Cell (30)
Weapon Spawns23
Ammo Spawns39
Player Spawns21
Zed Spawns 113
PS4 Trophies

The Steam Fortress is a Killing Floor 2 map. Is was added in the game as a part of Back & Kickin' Brass update. It is the second map to introduce mandatory objectives (the first being Santa's Workshop) that players have to accomplish in order to advance in the game. This map, as well, can be played in normal Survival mode.


Killing Floor 1

'Lockheart here and I’ve got some news. First the good, we’ve reached my fortress lair, Eden, at Cape Corvo. Now the bad, it seems we haven’t seen the last of those incorrigible stowaways and piratical creatures. Chop chop, we have work to do, and by we, I mean you.''You lot are going places, and I don’t just mean on errands around this place. To get your mode of transportation up and running, however, I’ll be giving you a set of tasks to complete, stat!'

'I’ll be sending my drone, Rover, into the field to help. Do make sure to stay close as these dastardly creatures will impede his progress, or worse, destroy him.'

'And while Rover isn’t around I’ll be needing you to collect some things and transport them to where they need to be. Did you expect Rover would be around to help you with everything? He costs more to run than I pay you! And while you're at it, I believe I left a flatbread in the oven. Be a dear and bring it to me, mmmm Scrake ‘ems, never goes bad. How can it, it starts that way!'

General Information

This map can be played in objective mode where it requires players to complete a set of mandatory objectives or in regular survival mode with no objectives other than Stand Your Ground. By the last wave players will be teleported to the small two-storey arena to fight one of the bosses, few ammo boxes will there be scattered around to prevent players from running out of ammo.

Objective Mode

This map can be played in Objective mode. Story involving mercenaries assisting Lockheart, captain of the HMS Queen Victoria, to launch the space rocket to prevent ZEDs from invading the Moon.

Wave №ObjectiveStoryNotes
1ESCORTMercs tasked to accompany Lockhear's drone, Rover, on its way to his tower. Unfortunately ZEDs are already here and causing some damage.Drone max speed = 1 m/s, 2 meters when players nearby.Drone does not move when ZEDs are close.Speed decreases as the health of the drone goes down. Health = 400.Drone spawns with 100 HP and can be fixed.Health to restore by one welder tick is a % of 68(119 for Support) / cart's Max Weld Integrity,which is 1p = 1500, 2p = 2000, 3p = 2500, 4p = 3000, 5p = 3500 and 6p = 4000.
2WELD AND REPAIRTo open the rocket hatch players have to fix 4 fuse boxes.Fuse box weld integrity = 2000 points. 4boxes need to be fixed. Initial delay before objective starts = 20s, each nextboxtakes10s. to appear.
3TRANSPORTSome of the rocket parts are actually missing so players have to locate and deliver these to control room.3 Gears have to be collected and there are 3 possible spawn points for these.Initial delay before firstGearappears =10s,each next = 5s. Once dropped, time until it resets back to random spawn point = 20s.
4OPERATE AND CONTROLGears are in place and rocket is almost ready to be launched. Survivors have to operate its control panel, to lift it up from the silo.Activations required = 4. Initial delay before first activation can be performed = 30s. Each next activation takes 31s to recharge.Player thresholds: 1p - 1, 2p - 1, 3p - 2, 4p - 2, 5p - 3, 6p - 3.ZEDs thresholds: 1p - 5, 2p - 5, 3p - 5, 4p - 4, 5p - 3, 6p - 3.
5ESCORTOnce again Lockhear wants mercs to protect his drone on its way to airship to deliver essential information - rocket launching codes.see Wave 1 notes.
6TRANSPORTSteam boiler that generates electricity goes down due to damage caused by ZEDs. Mercs are ordered to restore the power by replacing its Gears.3 Gears have to be collected and there are 3 possible spawn points for these (different from Wave 3).Initial delay before firstGearappears = 20s,each next = 5s. Once dropped, time until it resets back to random spawn point = 20s.
7DEFEND THE AREASteam boiler is working again but it takes some time to generate enough steam to power up the rocket. Survivors have to hold the area while it is working.Hold time = 120s.Player thresholds: 1p - 1, 2p - 1, 3p - 2, 4p - 2, 5p - 3, 6p - 3.ZEDs thresholds: 1p - 5, 2p -5, 3p -5, 4p -5, 5p -4, 6p -4.
8WELD AND REPAIROnce again players have to weld the fuse boxes to power up the main turbine.Fuse box weld integrity = 3000 points.3 boxes need to be fixed. Initial delay before objective starts = 25s, each nextboxtakes 25s. to appear.
9OPERATE AND CONTROLLast preparation step: activating hydrogen fuel cells.Activations required = 4. Initial delay before first activation can be performed = 25s. Each next activation takes 45s to recharge.Player thresholds: 1p - 1, 2p - 1, 3p - 2, 4p - 2, 5p - 3, 6p - 3.ZEDs thresholds: 1p - 5, 2p - 5, 3p - 5, 4p - 4, 5p - 3, 6p - 3.
10EXTERMINATIONThe rocket is airborne, on its way to the Moon. But unfortunately one of the bosses made it on board.Once the boss is defeated the cutscene shows rocket in the outer space, heading towards the Moon.Random boss encounter.


Killing Floor Steam

  • Operate and Control machine

  • Interiors

  • Steam Fortress

  • Overview

Killing Floor 2 Navigation
  • Alpha Clot (Rioter
  • VS)
  • Slasher (VS)
  • Crawler (Elite Crawler
  • VS)
  • Stalker (VS)
  • Bloat (VS)
  • Gorefast (VS)
  • Siren (VS)
  • Husk (VS)
  • Scrake (VS)
  • Fleshpound (VS)
  • Bosses ( Patriarch (VS)
  • Abomination(spawn)
  • Matriarch)
  • Road Redeemer(DLC)
  • Zweihander(DLC)
  • Ion Thruster(DLC)
  • Minigun(DLC)
  • HRG Buckshot (Dual HRG Buckshots)
  • Frost Fang(DLC)
  • Mine Reconstructor(DLC)
  • Blunderbuss(DLC)
  • Spitfire (Dual Spitfires)
  • 1858 Revolver (Dual 1858 Revolvers)
  • M1911 Pistol (Dual M1911 Pistols)
  • HRG Winterbite (Dual HRG Winterbites)
  • .50 Desert Eagle (Dual .50 Desert Eagles)
  • Rhino (Dual Rhinos) (DLC)
  • .500 Magnum Revolver (Dual .500 Magnums)
  • AF2011-A1 (Dual AF2011-A1s)
  • Glock 18c (Dual Glock 18c) (DLC)
  • Mosin Nagant(DLC)
  • Compound Bow(DLC)
  • Riot Shield & Glock 18(DLC)
  • 9mm Pistol (Dual 9mm Pistols)
  • Holdout (The Descent
  • Biolapse)
  • Endless (DieSector)
  • Summer Sideshow (The Tragic Kingdom(2017)
  • Airship(2018)
  • Steam Fortress(2019))
  • Halloween Horrors (Monster Ball(2018)
  • Ashwood Asylum(2019)
  • Hellmark Station(2020))
  • Twisted Christmas (Krampus Lair(2017)
  • Santa's Workshop(2018)
  • Sanitarium(2019)
  • Elysium(2020))
  • Content Patch 1&2 (Early Access Content Patch 01
  • Incinerate 'N Detonate Update)
  • Summer Sideshow(2017)
  • Halloween Horrors(2017)
  • Krampus' Christmas(2017)
  • Infinite Onslaught(2018)
  • Treacherous Skies(2018)
  • Monster Masquerade(2018)
  • Season's Beatings(2018)
  • Cyber Revolt(2019)
  • Back & Kickin' Brass(2019)
  • Grim Treatments(2019)
  • Yuletide Horror(2019)
  • Neon Nightmares(2020)
  • Perilous Plunder(2020)
  • Infernal Insurrection(2020)
  • Christmas Crackdown(2020)
  • Weekly Outbreaks (Boom
  • Beefcake)
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