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Bridges First Edition Lessons & Activities, Grades 3

On the following pages are multiple-choice questions for the Grade 3 Practice Test, a practice opportunity for the Nebraska State Accountability–Mathematics (NeSA–M). Each question will ask you to select an answer from among four choices. For all questions: † Read each question carefully and choose the best answer. TES Teachers and Staff. Toledo Middle School. Third Grade Teachers. Third/Fourth Grade. End-of-the-Year Test - Grade 3 This test is quite long, so I do not recommend having your child/student do it in one sitting. Break it into parts and administer them either on consecutive days, or perhaps on morning/evening/morning. This is to be used as a diagnostic test. Photo Album; Staci Hudson's Profile; Daily Schedule; Educational Websites; James Hinckley. Photo Album; James Hinckley's Profile; Daily Schedule; Educational Websites; Malinda Kinsey. Photo Album; Malinda Kinsey's Profile; Daily Schedule; Educational Websites; Shonda Benton. Photo Album; Shonda Benton's Profile; Daily.

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For third grade, 15 of 21 supplements sets are correlated to the Common Core State Standards. For two-way mapping of supplements to standards download the Grade 3 Correlations.

  • Activity 1: Ice Cream Survey
  • Activity 2: Book Lovers’ Survey
  • Activity 3: Under the Same Roof
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Pizza Survey
  • Independent Worksheet 2: The Pencil Survey
  • Activity 1: Spinner Game Probability
  • Independent Worksheet 1: The Mystery Marker Experiment
  • Independent Worksheet 2: Sports Spinners
  • Activity 1: Creating & Measuring the Beanstalk
  • Activity 2: Recording the Beanstalk Data
  • Activity 3: Beanstalk Leaf Line Plots
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Beanstalk Line Plot
  • Independent Worksheet 2: Beanstalk Measurements
Geometry, Set C1: Parallel, Perpendicular & Intersecting, pdf
  • Activity 1: Dots & Lines
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Lines & Designs
  • Independent Worksheet 2: Alphabet Lines
  • Activity 1: Start with a Point
  • Activity 2: Classifying Triangles
  • Activity 3: Measuring Circles
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Points, Lines, Line Segments, Rays & Angles
  • Independent Worksheet 2: Geometry Find & Measure
  • Independent Worksheet 3: Name That Triangle!
  • Independent Worksheet 4: More Geoboard Triangles
  • Activity 1: Coordinate Place Four
  • Activity 2: Dragon’s Gold
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Coordinate Dot-to-Dots
  • Independent Worksheet 2: Robot Programs
  • Independent Worksheet 3: Pirate James & His Robot
  • Independent Worksheet 4: Rosa’s Robot
  • Activity 1: Sorting Quadrilaterals
  • Activity 2: Guess My Quadrilateral
  • Activity 3: Writing Quadrilateral Riddles
  • Activity 4: Perimeters of Paper Quadrilaterals
  • Activity 5: Measuring Classroom Quadrilateral
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Sorting & Identifying Quadrilaterals
  • Independent Worksheet 2: Classifying Quadrilaterals
  • Independent Worksheet 3: Perimeter Review
  • Activity 1: One-Pound Hunt
  • Activity 2: Searching for Ounces
  • Activity 1: Measuring the Area of Paper Rectangles
  • Activity 2: Finding Areas Large & Small
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Finding More Areas
  • Activity 1: Roll, Tell & Record the Time
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Telling Time on Two Kinds of Clocks
  • Independent Worksheet 2: Annie’s School Day
Measurement, Set D4: Capacity in U.S. Customary Units, pdf
  • Activity 1: Estimate, Order & Measure: Ounces, Cups & Quarts
  • Activity 2: Which Container is Best? (Customary Version)
Measurement, Set D5: Area in U.S. Customary Units, pdf
  • Activity 1: Measuring Area: U.S. Customary Units
  • Activity 2: Rainbow Rectangles
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Estimating & Measuring Area in Square Inches
  • Activity 1: Metric Rectangles
  • Activity 2: Ladybug Dream House
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Measuring Area in Metric Units
  • Activity 1: Animals at the Zoo
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Word Problems with Masses
  • Independent Worksheet 2: Word Problems with Volumes
Number & Operations, Set A1: Equal Expressions, pdf
  • Activity 1: True or False?
  • Independent Worksheet 1: More Number Puzzles
  • Independent Worksheet 2: Expressions, Equations & Word Problems
Number & Operations, Set A2: Basic Multiplication & Division, pdf
  • Activity 1: Multiplying by Eleven
  • Activity 2: Multiplying by Twelve
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Multiplying & Dividing on the Number Line
  • Independent Worksheet 2: Multiplying Odd & Even Numbers
  • Independent Worksheet 3: An Array of Fact Families
  • Independent Worksheet 4: Fact Family Triangles
  • Independent Worksheet 5: Fact Families for the Tens
  • Independent Worksheet 6: Multiplying by Elevens & Twelves
  • Independent Worksheet 7: Meet the Elevens & Twelves Families
  • Independent Worksheet 8: The Frog Jumping Contest
Number & Operations, Set A3: Multi-Digit Addition & Subtraction, pdf
  • Activity 1: Introducing the Standard Algorithm for Multi-Digit Addition
  • Activity 2: Think Before You Add
  • Activity 3: Introducing the Standard Algorithm for Multi-Digit Subtraction
  • Activity 4: Think Before You Subtract Activity 5: Round & Add
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Third Grade Puzzlers
  • Independent Worksheet 2: In These United States
  • Independent Worksheet 3: Skill Practice
  • Independent Worksheet 4: Kilometers & Miles
  • Activity 1: Big Number Spin
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Theme Parks
  • Independent Worksheet 2: City Populations
  • Independent Worksheet 3: Metric Measures Small & Large
  • Independent Worksheet 4: Reading, Writing & Comparing Numbers
  • Activity 1: Fractions on a Double Number Line
  • Activity 2: Sketching Fractions on a Number Line
  • Activity 3: I Have, Who Has? Fractions on a Number Line
  • Independent Worksheet 1: The Broken Ruler, Part 1
  • Independent Worksheet 2: The Broken Ruler, Part 2
  • Independent Worksheet 3: Locating, Naming & Comparing Fractions
Number & Operations, Set A6: Estimating to Add & Subtract, pdf
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Using Compatible Numbers to Estimate Answers
  • Independent Worksheet 2: Are These Answers Reasonable?
  • Independent Worksheet 3: Travel Miles
Number & Operations, Set A7: Multiplication Beyond the Basic Facts, pdf
  • Activity 1: Multiplying Single Digits by Multiples of Ten
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Multiplying by Multiples of Ten
  • Independent Worksheet 2: Sixty Seconds in a Minute
  • Independent Worksheet 3: Hours to Minutes
  • Activity 1: Three Coins
  • Activity 2: The Farm
  • Activity 3: The Dart Board
  • Independent Worksheet 1: Coin Problems
  • Independent Worksheet 2: Cars & Trucks
  • Independent Worksheet 3: Buttons
  • Independent Worksheet 4: Baseball Cards
  • Independent Worksheet 5: The Cardinals
  • Independent Worksheet 6: Frog & Toad
  • Independent Worksheet 7: Recycling Cans
  • Independent Worksheet 8: The School Store
  • Independent Worksheet 9: Olivia’s Rock Collection

In and out worksheets help kids of grade 2 through grade 6 to learn the basics of function. It also helps in understanding patterns. These printable in-out boxes worksheets cover the basic skills in adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing the whole numbers, integers and decimals. Browse through some of these pdfs for free!

In and Out - Whole Numbers


You have two columns 'IN' and 'OUT'. 'IN' column is completely filled with entries but 'OUT' column is totally blank. There is a rule for every table. Fill in the 'OUT' column by following the rule.

Note: In-Out Worksheets that named 'Difficult' contain 3 missing entries in 'IN' column and 2 missing entries in 'OUT' column.

In and Out Boxes: Addition

Addition Rule - Easy 1

In and Out Boxes: Subtraction

In and Out Boxes: Multiplication

Multiplication Rule - Easy

In and Out Boxes: Division

Addition and Subtraction

Add or Subtract - Easy

Multiplication and Division

Mixed Review: Include All the Four Operations

In-Out Worksheet - Easy

Write the Rule

You have most of the boxes filled with numbers by following a certain rule. Identify what rule is applied and use the rule to find the missing elements. These printable in-out worksheets for help 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade kids understand how pattern or function works.

Addition or Subtraction

Write the Rule - 1

Multiplication or Division

All the Four Operations

In-Out Table - 5

Mathsthird Grade James Testing

In and Out - Integers

Best practice in-out boxes pdf worksheets for 6th grade students to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of integers.

Add or Subtract the Integers


In-Out Integers - 1

Multiply or Divide the Integers

All the Four Operations

Math test for 3rd grade

In-Out Boxes Worksheet: Integers 1

In and Out - Decimals

In and out tables come with the decimal elements to help kids above 5th grade to develop the skills in all the four basic math operators on decimals.

Adding or Subtracting Decimals

Mathsthird Grade James Test Answers

In - Out Decimals - 1

Multiplying or Dividing Decimals

All the Four Operations

In and Out Worksheet - 5

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