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By the end of third grade, your child should be able to do the following tasks in each area.


  • Pay attention in groups.
  • Understand grade-level information.


  • Speak clearly. Know when to talk with a soft or loud voice.
  • Ask and answer questions.
  • Be a part of conversations and group discussions.
  • Use words related to school subjects. For example, math, science, or history words.
  • Stay on topic, use eye contact, and take turns in conversation.
  • Summarize a story.
  • Explain what she learned in school.

3rd Grade Language Arts Curriculum

Today we're going to read another Patricia Polacco book- Mrs. Mack and analyze the theme of it.This book is a bit different than the other books we've read in this unit. It is longer and has chapters of sorts, so it takes us a while to read and discuss it. Section 3: Agreement Section 4: Modifiers Section 5: Paragraph Development Section 6: Essay Questions Each section is subdivided into short sets con-sisting of 8–20 questions. The book is specifically organized to help you build confidence as you further develop your written-language skills.501 Grammar and Writing Questions.

The Classical Academy exists to assist parents in their mission to develop exemplary citizens equipped with analytical thinking skills, virtuous character, and a passion for learning, all built upon a solid foundation of knowledge. Our 3rd grade language arts worksheets are designed to help your student excel in topics ranging from noun and verb tense identification to conjunctions and prepositions. Turtle Diary's worksheets for third graders are comprehensive tools that will help your child.

Mr. Slack's 3rd Grade Language Arts Blog 4th Grade


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Free 3rd Grade Language Arts

  • Understand phonics, or how sounds and words go together.
  • Use word analysis skills. This means knowing root words, prefixes, and suffixes. For example, he can add the prefix 'bi' to the root word 'cycle' for 'bicycle.' Or, he can add the suffix 'ist' to the root word 'cycle' for 'cyclist.'
  • Use clues from a story to help understand what she reads.
  • Predict and explain what will happen next in stories. Compare stories and tell how stories are different.
  • Ask and answer questions about what he reads.
  • Use what she knows to learn about new topics.
  • Read grade-level books with few mistakes.
  • Reread and correct errors.


  • Plan, organize, revise, and edit.
  • Write stories, letters, and short reports.
  • Use details in writing. Spell simple words correctly. Correct most spelling without help. Use a dictionary to correct spelling.

The standards listed below have been replaced by a newer set of standards.

Please go to Current 3rd Grade Language Arts Standards for current resources.

Oral Language/Decoding

  1. Circus Builder - Gather up acts for a three-ring circus by finding matching vowel sounds. Select the word that has the same vowel sound as the given word. (rhyming words)
  2. Memory Cards - Here's a memory card game with a twist - match pairs of rhyming words.
  3. Rhymes - from Little Animals Activity Centre - Digby Mole's Word games (choose level 1, 2, or 3)
  4. Rhyming Words - select a locdation and then click on the word that rhymes
  5. Rhyming Words - match the words in the squares.
  6. Welcome to Alpine Ski Lodge - For each given word, you will be given a list of three words and asked to select the one with the same vowel sound as the letter pair (in red) in the given word. (rhyming words)
  7. Wizards and Pigs: Episode I Poetry Pickle - students identify rhyme, rhythm, and alliteration
Distinguish individual sounds including consonant blends within words.
  1. Blends - Click on the blend that begins or ends the picture name
  2. Consonant Blends & Digraphs - Have you ever needed a list of words and couldn't find it? Here are some groups of words to keep for handy reference. (bl- through wh-)
  3. Even More Consonant Blends! - Use your dictionary to add 3 more words which begin with the same consonant blend as the example. (a worksheet to print)
  4. Hangman Consonant Blend (Spelling List #3) - an interactive game from Quia (Note: hints are given so students are not just guessing blind.)
  5. Phonics Endings Level 2
  6. Spelling - Consonant Blends - If you make lists of words starting with these blends, you will get accustomed to hearing them and recognizing the patterns. (a worksheet to print)
  7. Two Letter Ending Consonant Blends - multiple-choice exercise
Recognize the parts of a book (e.g., table of contents, and glossary).
  1. Chapter Headings - lesson online with exercises for practice
  2. Chapter Headings Quiz - online quiz
  3. Explore the parts of a book - Click on each of the pictures on this page to learn more about that part of the book.
    1. After you finish exploring the parts of a book go to Who Am I to see how much you know!
  4. Make Your Own Book - There are many fabulous books that you can make all by yourself. Let your imagination run wild with some simple, step-by-step instructions, with illustrations, to show you how to make some very creative and very fun books!
  5. Stories - animated stories to be read online
  6. Parts of a Book - online quiz
  7. Title of a Book - lesson online with exercises for practice
  8. Using the Parts of a Book - a worksheet from Teach-nology
  9. Using an Index for Information - a worksheet from Teach-nology
  10. Using an Index - lesson online with exercises for practice
  11. Using a Table of Contents - a worksheet from Teach-nology
Identify setting, characters, and plot in a reading situation.
  1. Cartoon Fill-ins - Create your own cartoon by filling in the form
  2. Children's Stories, courtesy of Whootie Owl - Select your category of stories and read a story. Students can write story elements to discuss as whole class.
  3. Reading Comprehension stories - interactive quizzes online for 2 stories
  4. Setting Match - match the setting with the place.
  5. Setting Match - match the time of day with the setting.
  6. Story Elements - on-line interactive lesson - could be used for whole class activity.
Recognize root words and their various inflections (walks, walking, walked).
  1. Root Words - Underline the root words in the slides. Circle the prefix or suffix.
  2. Rooting Out Words - Help Remainder the Dog gather enough mushrooms to sell at the market by uncovering the roots of words. (three categories, several difficulty levels - from FunBrain)
  3. Root Word Quizzes - Three levels
  4. Root Word Quiz - match words with their roots
  5. Root word quiz - match word with its root
  6. Fish Tank Game - Type the root, suffix and or prefix to create a Fish Tank.
  7. Root Words - Fact Sheet to share with students
  8. Dinosaur Root Word Activity - Learn about Dinosaurs and root words together.
  9. Prefixes, Suffixes and Root Word - PDF worksheets and also online activities
Released tests
  1. Texas end-of-year reading test from 2003
  2. Texas end-of-year reading test from 2004
  1. The FCAT Sample Test Books are designed to help students become familiar with FCAT (Florida) by providing helpful hints and offering practice answering questions in different formats. Half of this document is math and half is reading.
  2. FCAT Sample Reading Test - [2008] sample questions and test taking tips
  3. FCAT Sample Answer Book - [2008]
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