Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 For Mac

Posted : admin On 09.09.2021

Racing fans attention please! Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (Origin) has been added to Porting Kit! Because origin foes not work properly yet in Crossover, this game is at the moment only playable in Porting Kit. The game works nice on low-end macs as my Intel HD5000 Macbook Air, and great on Medium Mac’s like my Intel Iris iMac and above! So fasten your seat-belts and have fun!

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered has been in the rumour mill for a number of months running at this point.After first being mentioned in June, the game has since then been seen in multiple. Electronic Arts (EA), a leading global interactive entertainment software company, launched a multi-million dollar global marketing campaign for upcoming video game Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. The Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit advertising campaign will focus on television and online commercials featuring the two actors Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit launches you into a new open-world landscape behind the wheel of the world’s fastest and most beautiful cars. From Criterion, the award-winning studio behind the Burnout series, Hot Pursuit will redefine racing games for a whole new generation.
You’ll experience stunning speeds, takedowns, and getaways as you battle your friends in the most connected Need for Speed game ever. Through Need for Speed Autolog and its innovative approach to connected social competition, your Hot Pursuit experience will extend beyond the console onto the web, constantly moving your gameplay in new and unique directions. Loaded with action, this game will challenge you to become Seacrest County’s top cop or most wanted racer. For the first time ever in a Need for Speed game, you’ll be able to play a full career on either side of the law. Whether you’re a lead-foot speeder or a cop with a mean streak, make sure your aviators are spotless and your driving record is anything but.

Need for speed hot pursuit 2010 for mac download

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 For Macbook Pro

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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010 For Mac Catalina

Game Details:

Welcome to the “Need for Speed Hot Pursuit” for Mac game page. This page contains information + tools how to port this game so you can play it on your Mac just like a normal application. Check out the homepage for news and to search more game ports (over a 1000 awesome game ports!)

Need for speed mac download

Simple Install Instructions:
– Download Porting Kit (if you don’t have it already).
– Get the Need for Speed – Hot Pursuit serial (if you don’t have it already)
– On the Porting Kit library –> server tab search for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
– Click “Install” and let Porting Kit install the Windows Origin.
– After successful installation login into Origin and add the serial
– Go to your preferences of Origin and turn off “ingame Origin” and “Automatically update the game” (select-box). If you don’t do that, the game will freeze at launch. So make sure this is turned off , also when playing any other game in Origin. Then click play to start (will ask to update, don’t do that).
– Download the game (Origin will crash at the end of installation)
– Login into origin again and launch the game! Yep thats it!

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Need for speed carbon mac

Need For Speed Mac Download

Game Description:
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit players will experience the thrill of the chase and the rush of the escape as they play through full careers as both a cop and a racer – solo or connected. The blistering speeds, brutal busts and heart-stopping getaways are all connected via Need for Speed Autolog. This network not only connects friends for epic head-to head pursuits and races, but also enables players to compare performances and stats, thereby setting the stage for the ultimate in friendly competition.

Additional Port Information:
Graphical Cards Tested: AMD Radeon 6770M 512mb graphics card
OSX 10.7.5 and 10.8.2+ compatible?: yes
Whats tested: Playing a level, Gamersgate version of the game.
Does Multiplayer work?: Not tested
Known Issues: None that i know of
Whats not tested:
Intel graphical cards
Icon: Paulthetall