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Rally racing isn't nearly as popular here in the United States as it is in Europe, but that might change if enough people give Rally Championship a try. It's one of those rare sims that makes you a fan of a sport you've never even thought about before - so good, in fact, that it might lead some folks to take it up in real life.

Rally Championship is based on the Network Q RAC Rally, the final event in the FIA World Rally Championships. The Network Q RAC Rally consists of 28 stages; in Rally Championship, you can choose to race on any single stage, tackle a group of stages based on difficulty, or strap yourself in for the entire 300-mile event. Victory in the championship depends not only on your driving skills, but also on how you manage repairs: You're only allotted 20 minutes after every three or four stages to fix whatever system or component has taken damage. You've got the option to set up your car's suspension, brakes, steering, gear ratios, and tire type - and adjusting them really does make a difference in how the cars handle.

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What makes Rally Championship so appealing is its basics: the cars and the courses. Unlike Formula 1 or IndyCar racing, the cars in Rally Championship are a lot like ones you might drive to work. They're souped-up considerably, of course, but each of the six cars in here has a production-model cousin (although we Americans probably aren't too familiar with the Skoda Felicia or Proton Wira). If you think driving an IndyCar at 200 mph is fun, just wait until you try handling a Ford Escort screaming down a graveled road at 150-plus mph!

Old rally games for pc download skoda 2017

Then there are the courses, or stages. Forget the smooth pavement of a NASCAR oval or the pristine city streets of a Formula 1 track; compared to the 28 stages in the RAC Rally, those are for grandmas only. Some of these stages have so many twists and turns they resemble the small intestine - and judging from the mud, gravel, snow, and water crossings you'll face, it's apparently not a very healthy small intestine, either.

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Car and scenery graphics are excellent, but all the road surfaces are strangely pixelated, even on the highest detail settings. Fortunately, the sensation of speed more than compensates for that shortcoming - you'll notice that a paved road looks like cobblestones, for instance, but you won't really care. Control is excellent even via the keyboard, and the computer opponents are hardly pushovers: They'll do almost anything to keep you from passing, even if it means a few bumps in a turn or a tap on the bumper.


With so many stages and so many ways to play, Rally Championship easily outdistances Sega Rally Championship, the last entry in the rally sweepstakes - but falls a bit short of claiming the PC racing crown. There's no denying that Rally Championship serves up a ton of very addictive racing action, but it compromises a tad too much in the realism department.

Take car damage, for instance: You might see a message that says your engine or exhaust system has been damaged, but no matter how many times you kiss trees or slam opponents, your car always comes out looking showroom fresh, save for a few mud splatters. As in and , the courses are bounded by invisible force fields - lucky for the spectators who would be crushed to death if those weren't there, but a disappointment for those of us who would like to see a race-ending crash into a tree or wall.

Whether you're looking for unadulterated arcade action or a serious simulation, Rally Championship delivers the goods. Give it smoother road graphics, visual car damage, and enhanced multiplayer support, and Rally Championship will be set to challenge the very best the PC racing world has to offer.

Rallye Racing 97 is a racing game which obtained the original licenses from the car manufacturers, allowing the player to drive the following cars:

Old Rally Games For Pc Download Skoda Octavia

Subaru Impreza Turbo, Group A, Class 8

Ford Escort RS Cosworth, Group A, Class 8

Renault Maxi Mégane, Group A, Class 7

Skoda Felicia, Group A, Class 6

Volkswagen Golf MK3 GTI, Group A, Class 7

Proton Wira, Group N, Class 4

The tracks of the basic version are all located in the United Kingdom, with the longest track taking about 25 minutes to complete! Music consists of techno tracks and is stored on the disc as high quality CD-Audio.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

Old Rally Games For Pc Download Skoda Pc

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.

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If You've Ever spent time in an arcade, chances are you'll have donated a few pounds to Sega thanks to Sega Rally Championship. Its combination of car-shaped arcade machine, varied surfaces and multiplayer link-up meant that it sucked many a teenager dry of pocket money, and this latest version is a throwback to those heady days.

Comic easy definition

Forget tweaking handling settings. Forget a massive, in-depth career mode. Forget crash damage. In fact, forget everything apart from driving. Driving really fast around corners against other cars. It really is that simple.

There are five different styles of course on offer Tropical, Alpine, Arctic, Safari and Canyon. Each track is an eye-searing example of vibrant design and gorgeous weather, ditching real-world locations in favour of fictional sleepy Alpine villages, exotic tropical temples, dusty canyons, animal-populated savannahs and geyser-surrounded power stations.

Cosmetic Touches


There are plenty of great touches in each level too, such as helicopters and planes overhead, giraffes at the side of the road and flocks of birds heading for the heavens when your vehicle shatters the peace and quiet.

But the differences between the tracks aren't just visual. Th is time round, Sega's big selling point is the deformable terrain. There are sand, mud, gravel, tarmac, snow and ice surfaces, with each offering its own different characteristics, and it's here that the game really excels.

Changing Tracks


Drive through a water trap and the grooves left in the mud by your tyres will quickly fill with water. Slide through pristine snow and next lap, there'll be a clear path, offering you less hindrance. Lay down some rubber on a tarmac comer and next time round you'll be able to take it faster thanks to the increased grip. All of these effects mean that the track evolves as the race continues, offering a slightly different experience in each lap.

There's a decent line-up of cars too, including classics such as the Lancia Delta Integrale, modern-day machinery such as the Subaru Impreza and even some more 'out there' offerings such as the Hummer. Gameplay is, as you'd expect from the series' pedigree, pure arcade enjoyment. Hurtling round the tracks at breackneck speeds, it's all about learning the nuances of each surface and track.

The Al-controlled cars are no racing slouches either, steaming off ahead at every start. Clocking the corners and correct lines to follow is the name of the game and if you get it right, you'll find yourself sailing past them in corners. Otherwise, you'll be eating their dust.

It's all a treat for the eyes too. Beyond the vivid landscapes at the side of the tracks, particles of mud are thrown up by cars in front dirt and dust collects on your vehicle (only to be washed off by water) and the cars are crisp and gorgeously rendered.

Arcade Machine

Whether the game's your cup of tea is dependent on how much you like arcadestyle titles. It's all bright colours, vivid locales, mud in your face and pure arcade handling that won't be to everyone's tastes.

That Sega Rally is more suited to console is a given but if you can live without a damage model, tweaking your toe-in values or competing over many different tracks (there's only 16 in total, with some playable in reverse) and you aren't frightened off by the idea of racing next to opponents whilst hurtling past elephants, then this truly arcade action at its best.