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Pokémon Tabletop United, or PTU for short, is a tabletop RPG system designed for running games in the world of Pokémon. Players take on the role of Pokémon Trainers and travel the world, capturing and battling with the hundreds of Pokémon species that have been discovered. The core of the system is largely inspired by the Pokémon Special manga, though it can handle adventures ranging from the standard Pokémon League gym romp to more exotic campaign ideas like PokéPirates.

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Many of the best RPGs you can play on PC are of the action variety, hailing from the explosive years of 3D RPGs like Oblivion. More recently, classic style RPGs like Pillars of Eternity with closer. The term RPG stands for Role-playing game. Meaning, you will be assuming the role of a fictional character from the series and play accordingly. Thus, by playing Pokemon RPG games online, you will be able to play on behalf of your favourite Pokemon character and enjoy the game from its perspective. Tons of awesome RPG wallpapers to download for free. You can also upload and share your favorite RPG wallpapers. HD wallpapers and background images. Most people looking for Pokemon pc rpg games downloaded: Pokemon DarkFlame. 3.8 on 1740 votes. Pokemon DarkFlame is a Pokemon FireRed Remake with some additions. Pokemon Ingenious. Pokemon Ingenious is a free game client that allows you to play Pokemon with your friends on the Internet.

The system is currently under active development and is a sister system or spin-off from Pokémon Tabletop Adventures created largely by former devs of that system. It's an attempt to address many of PTA's underlying issues such as a lack of a skill system and the use of different combat stats for Pokémon and Trainers, as well as the balance issues between classes.

The developers for Pokémon Tabletop United hang out in an IRC channel on the Rizon network, and that's the best place to go with questions or comments. There's also a forum community that PTU shares with PTA, which has active games and homebrewers.

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Core Rules[edit]

Pokémon Tabletop United is a level and class based system with a relatively high level of crunch. Unlike most class-based systems, however, player characters are completely expected to take multiple classes, even starting from level 1. Classes are more like packages of feats than like templates that completely determine how a character plays.

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Skills are ranked on a scale from 1 to 6. Skill checks call for an Xd6 + modifier roll, where X is a character's skill rank. Modifiers can come from equipment and other sources.

PTU previously had an attribute system as well, but it was removed in the 1.05 update. However, the categories for skills based on the attributes still exist.

Body Skills are: Acrobatics, Athletics, Combat, Intimidate, Stealth, and Survival

Mind Skills are: General Education, Medicine Education, Occult Education, Pokémon Education, Technology Education, Guile, and Perception

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Spirit Skills are: Charm, Command, Focus, and Intuition

Trainer Classes[edit]

PTU has a wide variety of Trainer Classes, mostly reflecting the types of Trainers that are battled in the video games, or archetypes drawn from other Pokémon media such as the anime and manga. Some examples of the classes include Ace Trainer, Hatcher, Capture Specialist, Martial Artist, Researcher, Survivalist, and Type Ace. They can excel at various tasks from training their Pokémon to battle harder, to helping the party travel through uncharted wilderness, to even battling alongside their Pokémon to fight off wild Pokémon or criminals.


Fans of the video games will see a lot that is familiar about how Pokémon are handled and a lot that is new and different. Pokémon have Stats, Moves, and Ablities, just like their video game counterparts, and Trainers share these same traits and use them in battle as well. There are a lot of new Abilities available in Pokémon Tabletop United, however, which serve to help make weaker Pokémon more usable and generally add to the customization of Pokémon.

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Most of the raw data for Pokémon is in a separate Pokédex pdf, due to the sheer volume of information needed. Proteus download with crack.


Supplement Books[edit]

Everything contained in the core PTU pdf is deemed usable for all types of Pokémon campaigns, but over the course of the development of both PTA and PTU, many genre-shifting campaigns have cropped up such as Pokémon in space and an Etrian Odyssey crossover campaign. To help facilitate that, there are a number of supplement books for running PTU campaigns in various other genres and settings.

Do Porygon Dream of Mareep? is a science-fiction supplement for PTU and includes optional rules for handling the vacuum of space and other environmental hazards, as well as a wide selection of sci-fi-oriented items and subsystems. It also adds a few Trainer Classes for customizing Poké Balls, upgrading Pokémon with cybernetic augmentations, and more. Finally, there are a number of sample setting ideas to help GMs get started with sci-fi campaigns and guides for running PTU campaigns in various sci-fi sub-genres.

Game of Throhs is the fantasy supplement for PTU and is structured very similarly to Do Porygon Dream of Mareep?. Notably, it contains the Elementalist Classes, which are there to provide Trainers with elemental powers similar to those that the Psychic Classes in the core pdf can access - though for the other Pokémon Types, of course.

The Blessed and the Damned is a supplement focused on Legendary Pokémon and their treatment as divine entities. There are rules given for Legendaries to give Trainers their blessing or for handling battles against Legendary Pokémon. While the core pdf takes a more conservative and restrained stance on Legendary Pokémon and treats them like any other Pokémon, this supplement is explicitly geared toward treating them as special powers within the Pokémon universe.

Downloads and Links[edit]

Website: https://pokemontabletop.com/

PTU Version 1.05 (latest version): https://mega.nz/#!5KBkUQhR!j6cWDEk9KdHOC9xlFs78_-L1j5X2HoSlxmf3O4P-z5I

-includes core pdf, pokédex, supplements, character sheets, and useful charts

Discord server: https://discordapp.com/invite/X9tQUX?utm_source=Discord%20Widget&utm_medium=Connect

Forum Community: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/pokemon_tabletop/index.php

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Elements of a Pokemon Game

Back in 1989, after the release of the Gameboy Console, Executive Director Satoshi Tajiri started building the game as we know it. He enjoyed collecting insects as a child and based the game from there. In the original Pokemon game, players are referred to as Trainers. The Trainers have three goals: collect the creatures known as Pokemon in a specific region, expand the national collection by adding the species collected from specific areas, and train a powerful team to conquer the region's best trainers (commonly known as the Elite Four). All three goals are present in every version of the game and even in the expanded universe. When a trainer (the player) encounters a wild Pokémon, he can capture it by throwing a spherical, mass-produced tool, called the Pokeball. Round and technically designed, the creature would not be able to escape and would be under the trainer's ownership. The trainer can now train captured creatures and send them to non-lethal battles to get more of the creatures, hence increasing their Pokedex size, or compete against other Trainers for experience and growth of the creatuers. Some Pokemon is capable of evolving. Evolved Pokemon are stronger and more capable of winning battles for the trainer and will also add to the Pokedex count. Some of the changes taken for certain creatures cannot be reversed, so the Trainer must do the proper research and consider where the Pokemon would be used. Train them properly as you go against some of the best in the region in turn-based combat. Attack, Roll, or Special move these are the options you get as you fight your way to the Region’s very best.

Fan-Made Pokemon Games with Unique Twists

Many Pokemon Games are modifications of the original. While most add new content, some alter the entire world to create and deliver unique gameplay. Pokemon Castaway, Pokemon Fireash Version, and Pokemon Spork Versions are three fan-made downloadable games with their own unique stories and new game mechanics that expand the franchise concept. These games can be downloaded and played anytime, even offline. Pokemon Mega is a mobile-friendly Pokemon game with an MMO element. Capture Pokemon, train them and compete against other Pokemon trainers from all around the world. If you like the concept of collecting creatures but don't want to limit yourself to the franchise, then Fakemon Club and Little sister are great spin-offs to try.

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