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Ohta, Ōta, or Ota may refer to the following: Atari river raid download for pc.


  • Ota (wife of Arnulf of Carinthia), Queen of the East Franks 888-899, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire 896-899.
  • Atsuya Ota, Japanese basketball player
  • Fusae Ohta, Japanese politician
  • Herb Ohta, Hawaiian ukulele player
  • Hikari Ōta, manzai comedian
  • Hiromi Ōta, Japanese female singer who was considered an idol in Japan during the 1970s
  • Keibun Ōta, Japanese painter and illustrator
  • Kiyoto Ota (太田 清人, born 1948), Japanese-Mexican sculptor
  • Michihiko Ohta, Japanese singer, composer and arranger
  • Minoru Ōta (1891–1945), Japanese admiral in World War II
  • Miwa Ota (太田 美和, born 1968), Japanese cross-country skier
  • Mizuho Ōta (1876–1955), poet and scholar
  • Nanami Ohta, Japanese actress
  • Nobuko Ota (太田 信子, born 1969), Japanese rower
  • Princess Ōta (7th century AD), the eldest daughter of emperor Tenji
  • Ryu Ota (1930–2009), Japanese New Left activist, author, and ecologist
  • Shinichi Ota (太田 真一, born 1975), Japanese cyclist
  • Shinichiro Ohta, Japanese voice actor and television announcer known for the Iron Chef series
  • Shunsuke Ota (大田 隼輔, born 1994), Japanese footballer
  • Shusuke Ota (太田 修介, born 1996), Japanese footballer
  • Ōta Sukemoto (1799–1867), daimyō of Edo period
  • Takuya Ōta (太田 拓弥, born 1970), Japanese sport wrestler
  • Tetsuharu Ōta, Japanese voice actor
  • Tomio Ota (太田 富夫, born 1936), Japanese triple jumper
  • Tomoko Ohta, Japanese molecular evolution scientist
  • Toshio Ōta (1919–1942), Japanese fighter pilot
  • Toshi Seeger (1922–2013), née Toshi Aline Ohta
  • Yukina Ota, Japanese figure skater
  • Yuki Ota, Olympic fencer



  • Ōta, Tokyo, a Special Ward of the Japanese capital city
  • Ōta, Gunma, a city northwest of Tokyo in the Gunma prefecture
  • Ōta River, the major river in the Hiroshima prefecture

Other places[edit]

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  • Okhta River (Neva basin), a river in Russia
  • Ota (Alenquer), a town and a parish in the municipality of Alenquer, near Lisbon, Portugal
  • Ota, Corse-du-Sud, a municipality in south Corsica, France
  • Ota, Ogun, a city in Ogun State, Nigeria
  • Ota Airport, Portugal

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  • Ohta Jidosha, one of the largest Japanese automotive manufacturing companies in the 1930s
  • Ohta Publishing, Japanese publishing company
  • OHTA, acronym for Organ Historical Trust of Australia

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Akihiko Ohta, the owner of a grocery store in the Muteki Kanban Musume manga series
  • Isao Ohta, a police pilot in the Patlabor anime and manga franchise

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Other uses[edit]

  • 5868 Ohta, a main-belt asteroid
  • Operational transconductance amplifier, an OpAmp like device that converts an input voltage to an output current

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