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The Poser horse page with past performances, results, pedigree, photos and videos. The Poser horse rating and status. See who is a fan of The Poser.

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  2. Rider Horse Barn Poses FAQ Poses. New Stock Horse Confo: Sliding stops. Poses FAQ Poses. New Stock Horse Confo: Sliding stops: Instructor poses: Trail Ride poses: Stock Horse Conformation: Western Pleasure: QH Conformation: Driving Poses.
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  4. HACKNEY PONY POSE PACK (10 poses for horses only) RACING & STEEPLECHASE POSE PACK (12 horse poses, 9 rider poses) SINGLE POSES.

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Poses ( Horse & Rider )river Oak Saddlery Saddle

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Rocking Horse Saddlery

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Grab something to draw! Select the type of poses you want to draw and your desired time limit.
Try to draw the essence of the pose within the time limit. The image will change after the time limit has passed.

For a special list of images go to Challenges.
For non time limit mode use Random gestures.
For images with time limit use Timed practice.

Note: Challenges are always 20 images each session. Shadowed pdf free download.

Poses ( Horse & Rider )river Oak Saddlery Company


Dark Horse Saddlery

I believe Ryan Woodward is one the best artists when it comes to figurative gesture drawing.


Cool Horse Saddlery

  • Draw the essence of the pose first and work on details later.
  • You will get better each session but it takes time and practice.
  • Learn from your mistakes. If you do this you will improve much faster.
  • Make these exercises a daily habit and you will surely improve a lot !
  • Find the best drawing from the previous session and aim to beat that during this session.
  • Challenge yourself and choose a shorter time limit every couple of weeks.
  • Try to complete your drawing on time.
  • If you can't complete your drawing on time maybe you should change the time limit.
  • If your drawings are out of proportion try drawing the hips and backbone first.
  • Try different drawing materials from time to time.
  • Don't forget to have fun.