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Free Physics microsoft Power point TM presentations. Great for KS1 KS2 KS3 KS4 and post 16 A level lessonplans, K-12 and more. Use and alter these presentations freely or any power point template used in this presentations site for other teachers. If you have any powerpoints then please consider submitting them for other teachers to download too. It's all about sharing and helping others. Need a free powerpoint viewer.Click here.

Jan 14,2021 - Engineering Physics PPT & Notes Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is created by the best Computer Science Engineering (CSE) teachers for Engineering Physics PPT & Notes for Engineering Students Notes, Videos, MCQs & PPTs preparation. 3686 students using this for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) preparation.

  • Purpose: This course aims at providing the student a good understanding of physics at the elementary level. Physics is essential for understanding the modern world, and is a definite part of its culture. Background: It will be assumed that the student has taken physics and mathematics at the F.Sc level, i.e. The 12th year of schooling.
  • Flipping Physics with Billy, Bobby, and Bo.
  • In this post you will find the notes for the subject Applied Physics- II.Applied Physics- II is one of the important subject in Amity University. You can find the Amity Notes for the subject Applied Physics- II below.

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Physics Size Submitted by Rating Date
Acceleration or equilibrium practice quiz 158KB Barbara Vanatta*** 13/11/07
Acceleration or equilibrium practice quiz 42KB Barbara Vanatta*** 13/11/07
Direction of acceleration due to gravity 63KB Barbara Vanatta*** 13/11/07
Aircraft classifications295KB Antonio *** 22/3/07
Altitude of a rocket- mass vs initial speed 162KB Barbara Vanatta*** 13/11/07
balanced forces 1.01MB Debbie Durack ***** 27/04/08
Balanced Forces 882KB R Tyler *** 1/4/06
Basic Electricity623KB William Allan ***20/04/07
Basic Electricity296KB William Allan ***20/04/07
Basic Electronics104KB William Allan ***20/04/07
Basic Electronics2725KB William Allan ***20/04/07
Basic space107KB William Allan ***20/04/07
Bug on windshield- Newtons laws applied132KB Barbara Vanatta ***22/3/07
Colour 980KB Chris **** 14/10/05
Days, nights, years, satellites2.2 MBK Dawson****12/1/04
Defining the Atom 469KBTiffany Toledo *** 10/10/08
Density440KB GEIms ****22/3/07
Determining the number of wavelengths in a wave diagram67KBBarbara Vanatta****6/7/07
Determining wave frequency from a graph402KBBarbara Vanatta****6/7/07
Electric Motor304KBPrincess Barcega **** 10/10/08
Edison's Bright Idea 2.1MB Peter L **** 29/12/05
Electrical Circuits461KB Stephen Morris ***** 31/10/06
Electrical Circuits2602KB Bobbi Martin ****22/3/07
Electrical Safety320KB Mell Conway **** 7/7/06
Electricity intro712KBBreed****7/7/07
Electricity 1.0MB Chantelle Naomi**** 13/11/07
Electricity24.8MB Jacob Israel*****20/10/09
Electricity practical 337KB SEO**** 27/04/08
Electromagnetism + bell310KB Hina Hashmi****28/1/09
Emission spectra464KB Ben Zalewski ***22/3/07
Energy15.4MB Jacob Israel*****20/10/09
Energy 468KB Jon *** 14/10/05
Energy in the home1.6MB Williamallan ****22/3/07
Energy matters59KB William Allan ***20/04/07
Types of Energy401KB GEIms ***22/3/07
Energy transfer 465KB Debbie Durack ****27/04/08
Energy and change932KB Curtis Morgan****20/10/09
Fission and Fusion157KB Mell Conway **** 7/7/06
Forces- Introduction95KB D Kormaz ***22/3/07
Force Diagrams156KBHina Hashmi***12/1/09
lenses65KB William Allan ***20/04/07
Fossil Fuels 2.21 MbDave****9/2/04
Force_Motion5.5MB Jacob Israel*****25/8/09
Friction188KBHina Hashmi***12/1/09
Gamma-Rays1.8MB Wylie&Sam **** 18/1/05
Gas pressure & volume411KB Kiran Pandey***1/4/09
Gravity101KBTehlu Singh***11/1/09
Gravity and Circular Motion Revision146KB Barrie Hughes***28/1/09
Guestimate that side 46KB Barbara Vanatta*** 13/11/07
Heat Energy135KB M Reynolds *** 12/09/06
Heat Transfer Review69KBBreed***7/7/07
Household Electricity1.48MB William **** 14/12/04
How lightening works1.9MB Demetrios Xeroulis ***31/10/06
InfraRed2.5MB Andrea&Co **** 18/1/05
Ionising Radiation and Living Things382KB Mell Conway ****7/7/06
LED 632KB Mark ** 17/4/06
Light406KB Vicinator *** 17/3/05
Magnetism1.1MB Christy Mckinzie ***** 15/2/07
Mass Force and Gravity177KB Hina Hashmi***2/2/09
matter and the particle model 832KB Debbie Durack ****27/04/08
Medical Uses of Ionising Radiation707KB Mell Conway ****7/7/06
Microwave1.9MB Parveneh&Co **** 18/1/05
Motion103KB Baldeep Singh ***7/7/06
Newton's Laws 1.2MB Mike B *** 14/10/05
NMR- diagram 26KB Anant Pande *** 27/04/08
Nuclear Reactions Questions93KB Mell Conway ***7/7/06
Nuclear Reactions Answers 79KB Mell Conway ***7/7/06
Particle model conduction1.7 MBAndy***24/1/04
Phases of the moon2.6 MBK Dawson**22/1/04
position vs time graph-stopped objects 158KB Barbara Vanatta*** 13/11/07
position vs time graph-which one 245KB Barbara Vanatta*** 13/11/07
position vs time graph- Reading position 227KB Barbara Vanatta*** 13/11/07
Pressure2.8MB Hina Hashmi***2/2/09
pressure and moments 180KB Debbie Durack ****27/04/08
Projectile Motion (updated) 369KB Lech Jedral *** 15/5/06
Quantum Physics General 1.5MB PY **** 15/5/06
Quantum Physics-General 975KB PY *** 1/4/06
Radioactive Decay179KB Mell Conway ****7/7/06
Resultant forces63KB D Kormaz ***22/3/07
Rutherford Scattering162KB Mell Conway ***7/7/06
Sound and light 238KB Eric ***12/2/06
Spectral lines 1.39MB Julie *** 14/10/05
Spherical Mirrors134 KB Sawhney Singh *** 5/6/06
Starter conductors and insulators167 KBPete*8/1/04
Static357KB Mike Davies **** 15/1/07
Telecommunications598KB William Allan ***20/04/07
telecommunication- telephone 683KB William Allan**** 1/8/08
telecommunication-sound 535KB William Allan**** 1/8/08
Telecom2124KB William Allan ***20/04/07
Transport67KB William Allan ***20/04/07
Two Source Interference 130KB Sylvia *** 29/12/05
UltraViolet465KB Elliot *** 18/1/05
Waves2.2MB D Power *** 17/3/05
Waves25.5 MB John **** 15/6/05
Waves3 1.7MB Yenny Tiga***** 1/8/08
X-Rays3.6MB L Com *** 18/1/05

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Here you can download the free lecture Notes of Engineering Physics Pdf Notes materials with multiple file links to download. The Engineering Physics Notes Pdf book starts with the topics covering Ionic Bond, Covalent Bond, Metallic Bond, Basic Principles, Maxwell-Boltzman, Electron in a periodic Potential, Fermi Level in Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductors, ElectricSusceptibility, Applications of Superconductors, QuantumConfinement, Etc.

Engineering Physics Pdf Notes 1st Year

Note : According to the JNTUH – R13 Syllabus these Engineering Physics Notes 8 units are compressed into 5 units.

Complete Notes

Link: Complete Notes

Ppt Applied Physics Project

Unit 1

Link: Unit 1

Unit 2

Link: Unit 2

Unit 3

Link: Unit 3

Unit 4

Link: Unit 4

Unit 5

Link: Unit 5

Unit 6

Link: Unit 6

Unit 7

Link: Unit 7

Unit 8

Link: Unit 8


UNIT-I – Engineering Physics Notes
1. Bonding in Solids: Ionic Bond, Covalent Bond, Metallic Bond, Hydrogen Bond,
Vander-Waal’s Bond,
Calculation of Cohesive Energy.
2. Crystallography and Crystal Structures: Space Lattice, Unit Cell, Lattice
Parameters, Crystal Systems,Bravais Lattices, Miller Indices, Crystal Planes and
Directions, Inter Planar Spacing of Orthogonal CrystalSystems, Atomic Radius, Coordination
Number and Packing Factor of SC, BCC, FCC, Diamond and hcp
Structures, Structures of NaCl, ZnS, CsCl.

UNIT-II – Engineering Physics Notes
3. X-ray Diffraction: Basic Principles, Bragg’s Law, Laue Method, Powder Method,
Applications of X- ray
4. Defects in Crystals: Point Defects: Vacancies, Substitutional, Interstitial, Frenkel
and Schottky Defects;Qualitative treatment of line (Edge and Screw Dislocations)
Defects, Burger’s Vector, Surface Defects andVolume Defects.

Journal Of Applied Physics

UNIT-III – Engineering Physics Notes
5. Elements of Statistical Mechanics: Maxwell-Boltzman, Bose-Einstein and
Fermi-Dirac Statistics(Qualitative Treatment), Photon gas , Wein’s Law, Rayleigh-
Jeans law, Planck’s Law of Black BodyRadiation, Concept of Electron Gas, Fermi
Energy, Density of States.
6. Principles of Quantum Mechanics: Waves and Particles, de Broglie Hypothesis
, Matter Waves,Davisson and Germer’s Experiment, G. P. Thomson Experiment,
Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle,Schrödinger’s Time Independent Wave Equation
– Physical Significance of the Wave Function – Particle in
One Dimensional Potential Box.

Engineering physics pdf free download

UNIT-IV – Engineering Physics Notes
7. Band Theory of Solids: Electron in a periodic Potential, Bloch Theorem, Kronig-
Penny Model (Qualitative Treatment), Origin of Energy Band Formation in Solids,
Classification of Materials into Conductors, Semi Conductors & Insulators, Concept
of Effective Mass of an Electron and Hole.

UNIT-V – Engineering Physics Notes
8. Semiconductor Physics: Fermi Level in Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductors,
Intrinsic Semiconductors
and Carrier Concentration, Extrinsic Semiconductors and Carrier Concentration,
Equation of Continuity,Direct & Indirect Band Gap Semiconductors, Hall Effect.
9. Physics of Semiconductor Devices: Formation of PN Junction, Open Circuit PN
Junction, EnergyDiagram of PN Diode, I-V Characteristics of PN Junction, PN Diode
as a Rectifier (Forward and ReverseBias), Diode Equation, LED, LCD and Photo

UNIT-VI – Engineering Physics Notes

10. Dielectric Properties: Electric Dipole, Dipole Moment, Dielectric Constant,
Polarizability, ElectricSusceptibility, Displacement Vector, Electronic, Ionic and
Orientation Polarizations and Calculation ofPolarizabilities – Internal Fields in Solids,
Clausius – Mossotti Equation, Piezo-electricity, Pyro-electricity and
Ferro- electricity.
11. Magnetic Properties: Permeability, Field Intensity, Magnetic Field Induction,
Magnetization, MagneticSusceptibility, Origin of Magnetic Moment, Bohr Magneton,
Classification of Dia, Para and Ferro MagneticMaterials on the basis of Magnetic
Moment, Domain Theory of Ferro Magnetism on the basis of HysteresisCurve, Soft
and Hard Magnetic Materials, Properties of Anti-Ferro and Ferri Magnetic Materials,
Ferrites andtheir Applications, Concept of Perfect Diamagnetism, Meissner Effect,
Magnetic Levitation, Applications of Superconductors.

UNIT-VII` – Engineering Physics Notes
12. Lasers: Characteristics of Lasers, Spontaneous and Stimulated Emission of
Radiation, Meta-stableState, Population Inversion, Lasing Action, Einstein’s
Coefficients and Relation between them, Ruby Laser,Helium-Neon Laser, Carbon
Dioxide Laser, Semiconductor Diode Laser, Applications of Lasers.
13. Fiber Optics: Principle of Optical Fiber, Acceptance Angle and Acceptance
Cone, Numerical Aperture,Types of Optical Fibers and Refractive Index Profiles,
Attenuation in Optical Fibers, Application of OpticalFibers.

UNIT-VIII – Engineering physics lecture notes


14. Acoustics of Buildings & Acoustic Quieting: Basic Requirement of
Acoustically Good Hall,Reverberation and Time of Reverberation, Sabine’s Formula
for Reverberation Time(Qualitative Treatment),Measurement of Absorption
Coefficient of a Material, Factors Affecting The Architectural Acoustics and
theirRemedies. Acoustic Quieting: Aspects of Acoustic Quieting, Methods of
Quieting, Quieting for SpecificObservers, Mufflers, Sound-proofing.
15. Nanotechnology: Origin of Nanotechnology, Nano Scale, Surface to Volume
Ratio, QuantumConfinement, Bottom-up Fabrication: Sol-gel, Precipitation,
Combustion Methods; Top-down Fabrication:Chemical Vapour Deposition, Physical
Vapour Deposition, Pulsed Laser Vapour Deposition Methods

Engineering Physics Imp Questions :- Click Here for Imp Qusts

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1: What is Bonding and what are its types?

A1: Physical state of existing in a bound form of two or more atoms together is called Bonding. Dissociation is the external energy required to get back the bonded atoms to free state as energy is needed to break the bonds. Type of bonding in solids are,

Pptsapplied Physics
  • Primary bonds which include iconic, covalent and metallic bonding
  • Secondary bonds which have Vander waal’s and hydrogen bonds.

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