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Posted : admin On 12.09.2021

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Inspiration Cruises & Tours is a Christian travel management company specializing in group travel experiences for Christian ministries and churches since 1981. As seasoned travel advisors, we partner with ministry and church leaders to prepare once-in-a-lifetime Christian cruises and Christian tours for like-minded people to get away and meet God in a unique setting. Pilgrim Tours - Israel Tours, Holy Land Packages of 9-23 days for the Evangelical Protestant Bible believer. View our scheduled Israel Tours for 2021 and 2022! Wholesale Tour Packages Since 1987 - Call Us Toll Free: 800.322.0788. Cartagina si magia desertului avion Senior Voyage 2021. See why group travel leaders choose Diamond Tours bus trips. Senior Centers, Family Reunion Groups, and more love Diamond Tours. Low Prices & Great Value. Senior volunteers can be found in the Peace Corps, teaching English, working with faith-based organizations, and in diverse projects around the world. Volunteer programs are very flexible in length; seniors can commit to as little as a couple of weeks to as long as a couple of years.

To truly succeed in management, you must perfect a balancing act – maintain the respect of your team and your superiors, put on a good face for the company in all of its external affairs, and manage the work of your entire department. When you add in all your other daily duties, these tasks can become extremely taxing.

Perfecting senior leadership skills is vital in order to survive in the C-Suite

When it comes to leadership, there is a wide range of necessary skills required that aren’t mentioned in the job description. How do you stack up against some of the best managers in the business? Do you know what areas you need to improve? If so, how do you plan on developing yourself, personally and professionally, to benefit your organization? Check yourself against this list of the best skills in senior leadership. They may be the deciding factor when it comes to deciding your future in the C-Suite.

Strategic planning

In a time of reorganization, your employees will look to those in leadership positions for an indication of how to react. It’s in your best interest to perfect your skills in stoicism. Keeping a stiff upper lip and leading the troops, even in times of uncertainty, is an integral part of management. Take it upon yourself to study all the key factors in your company’s market, to stay up to date on all current events that may affect your organization, and to maintain constant communication with the highest level of management. By staying well informed, you’ll be able to explain and understand the best decisions for you and your team, especially in times when the executive board considers restructuring your company’s hierarchies and processes. These are critical skills for any senior manager.

Employee development


Sometimes, leaders are placed in positions of power due solely to their confidence and charisma. While these are certainly beneficial traits for a manager, they can also point to symptoms of megalomania. And at times, executives and senior managers might focus too much on their own career trajectory, as opposed to developing the employees around them. A truly good and intelligent manager recognizes the importance of a strong team of employees. Without a strong foundation, how can you possibly lead your department to success? You only stand to gain when your colleagues are performing at their best. It’s in your best interest to get to know each one of your employees – their strengths, their weaknesses, and what would help them to perform at their best. Perhaps John, your strategic marketing expert, would like to attend a seminar on the newest practices in digital marketing. Find a way for him to sharpen his skills, and watch as he shines. By providing your staff with an open ear and an open mind, your group will flourish.

Take a look below to find out which skills are critical for leaders and how to develop these core areas.

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After many years of traveling with church groups on mission trips, educational trips, inspirational trips, fellowship trips, fun trips, and travel in general, I retired and transitioned into Senior Adult Ministry. More specifically, providing travel opportunities for active senior adults. I will primarily be serving the North Florida area. I will continue to lead tours to Israel and will now offer them annually. There is also a variety of motor coach tours available for you or your group.

In recent years, I have hosted every tour and traveled with every group. Group travel is still the preference for many people and I will continue to lead group tours. Because of many requests, inquiries and opportunities, I will begin this year to offer exciting travel opportunities to places other than the group destinations which are planned.

There are 2 drop-down menus on this website. Under Hosted Group Travel are the tours I will be leading. I will continue to lead groups and make sure the details are in place for you to have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable trip. Under Other Travel Opportunities will be tours which give you the opportunity to travel with a group once you reach your destination. For those who have traveled with me previously, we appreciate being picked up at the airport, having a guide and taking a tour, then having the bus return us to the airport for the flight home. I work with one of the largest Faith Based travel companies in the world to bring you the best experience in faith based travel.

Program Senior Voyage Christian Tour Dates

I look forward to opportunities to travel with you, plan a tour for your group, or help you make it to one of your bucket-list destinations.

Program Senior Voyage Christian Tour France

Jerry W. Nash,
Founder, President, Tour Host, Consultant, Travel Guide