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Posted : admin On 12.09.2021

We believe that when companies invest in the growth and development of their people, everyone wins. That's why we created EDGE Work – a 12-month whole-person development program that leverages EDGE's proven mentoring approach through an immersive cohort experience.

Ideal Cohort Companies

EDGE Work is the perfect program for companies that value their employees and are committed to investing in the meaningful, whole-person development of their teams.

EDGE Events

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We highly encourage all EDGE Work participants to attend our unique events so they can network with and learn from the expansive EDGE community.

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World-Class Partnerships

EDGE partners with Butler University, Stanford Life Design Lab, and Telemachus to ensure that our advisors and emerging leaders receive world-class training and support.

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Advisors: 4 hours per month, including leveraging the provided EDGE Work curriculum in preparation for each mentoring group session.

Emerging Leaders: 4 hours per month, including the meetings and any additional reading or prep work.

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