Saks Foundation Scholarship Program

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The Daedalian Foundation

The Daedalian Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Order of Daedalians. A 501(c)(3) organization, the main purpose of the organization is to inspire young Americans to pursue careers as military aviators, via college scholarships, flying instruction and other educational opportunities. We support students who have demonstrated the desire and potential to become a commissioned military aviator (pilot, navigator, combat systems officer, Naval flight officer, air battle manager, astronaut, RPA pilot, or flight surgeon).

Scholarships awarded to Texas 4-H members pursuing either a Baccalaureate or Technical degree that have overcome extreme obstacles related to medical, family, and/or education and remained an active member in both 4-H and school. Completed FAFSA Required to apply.

  1. The HBC Foundation is dedicated to improving lives by enhancing physical and mental health through education, access, and empowerment. Established in Canada in 2005, and in the U.S. In 2017, the HBC Foundation has dispersed more than $92 million in cash and in-kind donations to Canadian charities.
  2. The primary mission of The Sachs Foundation is to provide college scholarships to Black/African American residents of Colorado who meet certain academic and financial criteria. Our scholars include approximately 50 new students each year who are currently in attendance in roughly 80 different educational institutions throughout the United States.
  3. The Foundation of the National Student Nurses Association (FNSNA) was created in 1969 to honor Frances Tompkins, the Association's first Executive Director. Organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, the Foundation awards scholarships to qualified nursing students.

Saks Foundation Scholarship Program Template


Eligibility is as follows

  • Intention to pursue a career as a military aviator
  • Demonstration of moral character and patriotism
  • Physical condition and aptitude for flight
  • Financial need
Locate a flight (chapter) near you to see if they participate in the program and if they will accept your application. All scholarships are sponsored at a local level.
Fill out the application and collect all the required materials. Send the application to the flight you are working with. The application does not go to the National Headquarters first.
For questions, email the scholarship program manager at [email protected]

Matching Scholarships

Saks Foundation Scholarship Program

The Matching Scholarship Program matches funding from Daedalian Flights for scholarships supporting the objectives of the Daedalians. Click the button below for sponsoring flight contacts. If your area is not supported by a local flight, please look at the Unsponsored Scholarship opportunity or any of our other scholarships.

John and Alice Egan Multi-Year Scholarships

The Egan Multi-Year Mentoring Scholarship Program was established from a generous endowment from Col. John Egan and his daughter, Alice. Funding is for college sophomores through their senior year (including a second senior year). First time applicants should use the scholarship form. If you have received an Egan Scholarship in a prior year, then please use the recertification form.

Descendants Scholarships

To further the Objectives of the Daedalians insofar as assisting in the education of deserving young persons in the fields of aerospace engineering and flight, and encouraging those young people who receive valuable aerospace training to pursue a military career, the Daedalian Foundation has established a Descendants Scholarship Program for descendants of Daedalian members.

Walmart Foundation Scholarship


The Daedalian Foundation awards scholarships for the Air Force, Army and Navy to cadets selected and nominated by their ROTC headquarters. Eligibility is ROTC, medically qualified for flight training, and planning to apply for a military aviation allocation. Cadets receiving these awards are not eligible to receive a Matching or any other scholarship in the same year.

Col. John D. Hedges Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship was made possible by a generous gift from Colonel Hedges wife. The scholarship was given in the memory of Col. John D. Hedges who served in the U.S. Air Force and was a Daedalian. The scholarship goes to the most qualified (1) student from either Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, or Alaska. Eligible students are Air Force cadets with a desire to fly transport aviation and medically qualified for flight training.

Unsponsored Scholarship

The purpose of the Unsponsored Scholarship Funds Program is to encourage Daedalian Flights to establish college and flight scholarships supporting the Objectives of the Daedalians. Please submit the application directly to the Daedalian Headquarters at the Daedalians, PO BOX 249, JBSA-Randolph, TX 78148. Attn: Scholarship Program Manager.

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Spencer and New Aviator Recruiting Scholarships

The Colonel Loren and Mrs. Randy Spencer annual scholarships (4) are awards made to applicants submitted and sponsored by the flight(s) most successful in recruiting new members into Daedalians. The New Aviator Recruiting also goes to the top flight in new aviator recruiting and can be awarded as the flight sees fit. Please check your local flight to see if this award is available. You can check at visit

Capt. John F.S. Graziano Memorial Scholarship

The Captain John F. S. Graziano Memorial Award and Scholarship has been established in his memory through the Daedalian Foundation by his friends, family and comrades in arms. On Nov. 13, 2018, Captain Graziano died when his plane crashed during a night training mission at Laughlin Air Force Base, Del Rio, Texas. Captain Graziano was a man of strong faith, integrity, and character. He did not fear death but rather embraced life, and celebrated each and every day with enthusiasm, warmth and a passion for flight. John treated others with kindness, respect, and compassion. In memory of Captain Graziano, a native of Elkridge, Maryland, the award will be presented to an exceptional pilot candidate at the University of Maryland’s AFROTC Detachment 330 where John earned his commission as an Air Force officer. For more information, go to: //

Saks Foundation Scholarship Program

Lt.Col. Jeff Johnston Piercy Memorial Scholarship

The Lt.Col. Jeff Johnston Piercy Memorial Scholarship has been established in his memory through the Daedalian Foundation by his daughters. The scholarship will go equally to young men and women who are native Missourians and aspire to be Air Force aviators. For more information, go to: