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  • Publish your changes, copy the link and put it in your Instagram bio; Your Sked Link account is different to Sked Social. Sked Link is made by Sked Social, the best automated scheduler for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Packaging a Patient in under 60 Seconds

How to package a patient in under 60 seconds.

SKED is a new online rental platform for agricultural machinery, facilities and labour. The SKED website lets you see immediately what machines and services are available for rent near you, on what terms and at what price. Anyone can advertise their agricultural machinery and services on the website. With more than 2,000 rooms being added to Dallas’ hotel inventory in the coming years, the city is experiencing the second-largest hotel boom in the nation.

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Rolling and Unrolling the Sked Stretcher

How to Roll and Unroll the Sked Stretcher.

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Packaging a Patient with the Sked Stretcher

How to package a patient into the Sked Stretcher and perform both vertical and horizontal hoisting with the Sked accessories.

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Skedwebsite Of Darkness

The Skedco Mout Lifeline…The Greatest Insurance Available!

“We have an Active Shooter!” Words you never want to hear. Protect yourself and your fellow responders with this life-saving product.

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The TerrAdaptor…This Beast Has No Limits!

Whether it’s a tripod, monopod, a-frame, or quad pod, this new device from Skedco, SMC, and PMI is a powerful tool in any rescue.

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The Skedco Bleeding Simulator…Lifelike Training.

Designer Lynn King goes in-depth on this innovative approach to hemorrhage control training.

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Sked Flotation Demo

How to package a patient in the water into a Sked with flotation system.

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Skedco Tactical Release System

Skedco has invented a system that will revolutionize the use current MOLLE technology.

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Rigging the SKEDCO Rescue hauler.

How to rig the SKEDCO Rescue Hauler with 4:1 rescue system.

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SKEDCO HazMat Hospital (HMH) Sked

SKEDCO introduces the HazMat Hospital (HMH) Sked stretcher.

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Vertical Lift with Backboard and SKED via Roco Rescue

Skedwebsite Of The Dead

Roco Rescue Director of Training Dennis O’Connell explains the Roco approved method of rigging a SKED stretcher for vertical lift while using a backboard.

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The 7 Sked of SKEDCO – One for every mission!

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Active Shooter Medical Bag by Skedco

Skedco has designed an emergency response product called the Active Shooter Medical Bag in response to the more than 14 mass casualty incidents in the United States in the past five years.

Skedwebsite Of Excellence

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