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For many businesses such as Dream Builders, the key to making sales is to first generate leads. Leads are very valuable because they represent the people who have expressed interest in your content and business by giving you some form of information, be it filling out a form to download a freemium you are offering, or by completing an online survey or something related. However, it has to be noted leads do not grow on their own; they must be looked for and nurtured.

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Marketers make a lot of mistakes as far as leads are concerned. Here are some of the most common mistakes marketers make when it comes to lead generation.

Buying lead and not generating them

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There is no problem with buying leads, but the buying process must be influenced by a couple of factors. If you are buying a lead, it must be a worthy lead, in that it’s in line with what you offer and you can close it as soon as possible. Buying an email list is never a good idea. Sending an email to the purchased list will harm the deliverability of your email and the reputation of your IP. If you can, grow your leads patiently and organically.


Not offering different content to people at different stages of the buyer journey

Not everyone who visits your website is going to be on the same stage in buyer journeys. Think about those folks who are landing on your site for the first time. There are those others who will be visiting your site for the tenth time. All those people are your customers and the content they see on your site should be different and a reflection of their needs. Create valuable content to teach and nurture your leads at different stages in their journey.

Not using your blog to generate leads

Steve jobs sykemeldt igjenemv software developer

Steve Jobs Sykemeldt Igjenemv Software Developer

If you are not using your blog to generate leads, you are missing out big time. Blogging presents a lot of benefits in terms of lead generation, and some marketers do not take full advantage of the same. Action actina nevada w7h series driver. The biggest advantage of blogging for business offers is converting the traffic it brings into valuable leads. Each post you write and post on your blog allows you to generate new leads.

Steve Jobs Sykemeldt Igjenemv Software

Not using best lead generation tools

You are quite aware people are coming to your site but you don’t know the status of these people. You might be having lots of questions about your site visitors, but if you don’t have the right analytics tools by your side, you will struggle to understand your site’s visitors. The key here is to find the right combination of tools that will give you the most insight and the best value for your money and time.

Steve Jobs Sykemeldt Igjenemv Software Download

Additionally, you need to prioritize your top pages for lead generation. Not all webpages should be treated equally. When you look at traffic numbers to some of the pages on your site, you will most probably find that the vast majority of traffic coming to your sites only happens through specific pages. Because so many people are landing on specific pages, you should make it a habit to identify these pages and work on optimizing these pages for maximum results.