Stick Figure Castle Defense Games

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Tons of Castle Games available online on Stick Games! Ready for some bloody stick madness? No, no, I don't think you're ready for the kind of non-stop, action-packed Guts & Gore games you'll find at!If you think you can handle the raw, unrestrained, best collection of the Stickman games. Protect your castle from evil demonic forces in this action game with loads of features and options.You'll face wizards, tanks, alien ships, spells, a. Login or Register. Demonic Defense 3. Controls: Move: Click. Stick castle defense - Flash Games 24/7. Defend Your Castle HD. Monster Castle Defense. Demonic Defence 4. D-fence The Game. Fortress Magnus. Stick Dude Killing Arena 3/2. Demonic Defence 4: A simple and very fun game about defending a castle with lots and lots of killing! Free Strategy Games from AddictingGames.

'Hold the line! Fend off the enemies!'

The thrill of defending against a seemingly invincible wave of enemies using only limited resources, solid strategy, and tricky tactics make defense games really addictive. Tower defense games, especially, are notoriously known for sucking up hours of your time.. keeping you busy building one defensive structure after another in preparation for the stronger and more destructive wave of creeps.

BUT when you throw in stick figure games into the mix - stick figures that bleed, stick figures that fight like the buff soldiers of Sparta, stick men that can cast magic, etc., - defense games become two times MORE addictive and fun!

And if that's what you are looking for, all you have to do is scroll down, click on one of our top stick figure defense games, and get ready for the exciting gaming hours that lie ahead! Our stick figure defense games are NOT just tower games just to remind you.

While we do have classic stick figure tower defense games like Defend The Castle, turn based defense games like Stick Bang, real time strategy defense games like Stick War, and more have also made it to our top games list. And RIGHTLY so! These are some of the most played stick figure defense games out there.

If you don't know why, it's about time you play and find out.

Top Defense Games

#1: Stick War


Although the temptation to start playing a new game on the hardest level is difficult for most avid gamers to resist, that is definitely not the best course of action for Stick War. You're going to want to start out..

Number of plays: 267,429

#2: Stick Bang


If you loved the massive and multiplayer online game Gunbound, then you will surely love Stick Bang! PLUS the background music, which is from Aqua's Cartoon Heroes, makes the game all the more fun and exciting to play.Here's the story:..

Number of plays: 145,002

#3: Defend Your Castle


Defend Your Castle is a classic game in the stickman game genre. It's hard to believe a game this simple can be this much fun. The object of the game is simply to defend your castle from attackers by..

Number of plays: 92,347

#4: Champion Archer

4.44/5Stick Figure Castle Defense Games

Champion Archer is a great stick figure war game in which you fight along side a team of stick figure soldier and attempt to fight off the invading gray stick figures. Your responsibility is to defend you the sword..

Number of plays: 80,067

#5: Hold The Line


In Hold The Line, you will be fighting behind a barricade of sandbags. They will come at you - stickmen with knives, stickmen with AK 47 (which makes me wonder why they don't fire right away at you and tried..

Number of plays: 68,562

#6: Dragon Slayers 2


Dragon Slayers 2 is an addictive archery based stick figure game in which it is your job to make sure those pesky attacking dragons don't destroy your castle. It isn't as challenging as some of the other archery stick..

Number of plays: 63,744

#7: Ragdoll Parashooter


So you love classic games, especially those from the 80's? If you do, I'm sure you have encountered the game called Sabotage, which first came out for Apple II. This game prepared the road for A LOT of paratrooper style..

Number of plays: 29,295

#8: Artillery Tower


Artillery Tower is a stickman game featuring shooting game and defense game elements. This stick game features cartoonish, well-animated graphics, simple, but challenging gameplay, and numerous upgrades.The goal of Artillery Tower is to defend your tower and to survive for..


Number of plays: 27,208

#9: Storm the House 3


YES folks, Case Dollingswoth is in the house and has brought another installment to the Storm The House series. The latest game is without a doubt one of the best tower defense and stick figure games hybrid you can lay..

Number of plays: 26,877


#10: Rapid Fire

Stick War Castle Defense Play


Rapid Fire - personally, this has to be one of the most.. how am I supposed to put this? Let's say primitive, primitive and straightforward titles I have encountered. For a stick figure / stick man game, this title doesn't..

Castle Defense Stick Game

Number of plays: 26,680

#11: Storm the House


Tower defense games - they suck you into their world where you need to build one defensive tower after the other, buy upgrades, get more weapons of mass destruction, etc. And you do all of these for one single aim:..

Number of plays: 24,764

#12: Storm the House 2


Fans of Storm The House (the original game), the long wait is finally over. The guys behind it all have brought us Storm The House 2! Nothing much has changed in the game. The objective pretty much stays the same:..

Number of plays: 21,158

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Ready for some bloody stick madness? No, no, I don't think you're ready for the kind of non-stop, action-packed Guts & Gore games you'll find at! If you think you can handle the raw, unrestrained, best collection of the Stickman games on the web, then you've come to the right place. We make it quick and easy to give you some quick and easy Stick Man kills, whether you want guns-blazing gory violence in our Action Games and Defense Games, or want to plan your brutal marches of stick man war parties in our Strategy Games! We can provide the gritty stickicide you want to play!

There are plenty of imitators out there across the Internet who claim to have the latest and greatest Stick Figure games, but we've got the name, we can back up our promise for graphic stick violence on every page, and we update our collection every week! Scroll through our Popular Games list for some classic killer Stickman entertainment. But if you're not thrown into a stick killing frenzy, come back next week for some New Games to hooked for years! Adobe media encoder 2020 free download mac.

Stick Figure Castle Defense Games

Love Stick Figure Games, but don't know why? We've got some great Miscellaneous Stick Games from sniper to adventure, puzzle platformer to fighting games because sometimes you feel sorry for the dead stick man's family and you just want to knock him around like a ragdoll. Check out our Shooting Games for some jaw-dropping sniper joy. Your jaw willing drop in awestruck shock when you see the smoking crater where their face used to be. And your stick men enemies' jaws will drop to the floor because they won't be attached to their heads!