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Latest Cost Studies

An official journal of the Society for Financial Studies. A major forum for the promotion and wide dissemination of significant new research in financial econom We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website.By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. David Rutberg graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with a B.A. Degree in political science - international relations. David began his career in 1988, in Los Angeles, working with the division of Security Pacific National Bank that provided fixed income investments and expertise to institutional, corporate, municipal and retail clients.

  • Avocados [pdf]
    2020: San Diego County
    High Density Planting
  • Pistachios [pdf]
    2020: San Joaquin Valley South
    Low-volume Irrigation
  • Lemons [pdf]
    2020: Ventura County
    Establishment and Production, Micro-sprinkler Irrigation
  • Alfalfa [pdf]
    2020: Siskiyou County
    Establishment and production, Scott Valley - Mixed Irrigation
  • Grapes/Wine [pdf]
    2020: Napa County
    Establishment & Production, Mechanical Cultural Operations, Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Alfalfa [pdf]
    2020: San Joaquin Valley North, Sacramento Valley
    Establish and produce; flood irrigation
  • Pasture [pdf]
    2020: Sierra Nevada Foothill
    Production, Flood Irrigated
  • Pasture [pdf]
    2020: Sierra Nevada Foothill
    Establish (till) or Reestablish (no-till) and Production, Flood Irrigated

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Dr. Karen Klonsky, Emeritus University of California Cooperative Extension Specialist in Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis died on September 26, 2018, at age 66 after an extended illness.

These are the most recent cost and return studies for a broad range of commodities produced in California. Studies can be sorted by commodity, production region, or county within California. All studies are available in pdf format. Selected studies are also available in spreadsheet format.

Archived cost and return studies either have been replaced with more recent studies for the same commodity and production region, or they are more than five years old. Studies date back to 1931.

These spreadsheets calculate the value of a single tree or vine lost to any cause. Calculators are available for each major tree and vine crop produced in CA, both with or without replacement of the tree or vine. The user can vary the yield, price, age when lost, orchard spacing, and other factors.

Cost studies for nine alternative conservation practices used on the Central Coast are available in pdf format. Each study details the associated costs for installation, operation, and maintenance and the expected benefits for the conservation practice.

These worksheets contain budgets for cow/calf production for winter hay feeding or winter pasture. The user can vary the costs of inputs, number of head, and prices to compare alternative management strategies.

Helping students achieve positive change

In the past, Stars Behavioral Health Group has operated up to three different non-public schools throughout California, gaining a great deal of experience working with school districts and schools to provide mental health services to students.
These high schools help adolescents who face emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges to be able to develop their skills and strengths. The WASC-accredited programs are designed to serve youth who live at home in the community and who have an IEP from their most recent school that provides for placement at a nonpublic school.

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Through staff support, an engaging academic curriculum, and the use of data and standardized measures of achievement, the schools provided students with the building blocks to achieve positive change, personal resiliency and lasting well-being.

Our Non-Public School

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South Bay High School, Torrance, CA (Los Angeles County)
WASC accredited since 2007 and through 2020, South Bay High School provides a culturally competent and sensitive environment in which students with psychiatric, educational and social challenges are able to develop their skills and strengths. More…

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Stars School Solutions

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Support services tailored to school districts and their students
Stars School Solutions works with the County Office of Education and each school district to support service coordination. Trine 3: the artifacts of power cracked. We use a flexible model of service delivery tailored to the needs of school districts and their students. More…