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Super Mario Bros. 2 is the second game in the Super Mario series outside Japan. It is a 2D platforming game originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America on October 9, 1988. In the years that followed, it has been ported to many other systems, including a release on the Wii Virtual Console in 2007, the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in 2012, and the Wii U Virtual. The New Super Mario Bros. 2 game is bursting at the seams with an endless flow of gold coins for you to collect. You'll explore levels filled with gold pipes leading to coin-filled caverns, gold enemies leaving behind trails of coins, and new power-ups and items that will push your coin count into the stratosphere. Beginning in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, special coins could be used to unlock World 9. Comparatively, the Comet Medals in Super Mario Galaxy 2 were used to unlock Prankster Comets which, in turn, would lead to unlocking the Grandmaster Galaxy. The Star Medals of Super Mario 3D Land also serve to unlock new worlds. 1 New Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. For Scratch » Studios. The mario studio! Untitled Studio #NES Fanclub forever Let's create 1,000,000,000 projects by 2022.

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Super Mario Bros Lost Levels Rom

SUPER MARIO BROS: LOST LEVELS is a special edition of the worldwide famous classic Nintendo game. The game is set in the parallel Mario universe: Koopa and his minions used heavy spells and changed inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom into inanimate objects.

Posted 2020-06-10, evaluated by the judges panel

NOT SAFE FOR WORK.. or, just maybe.. anywhere else ;) Seizure Machine (Marlon Sinvergüenza & Adrian Bureu) debut with the LYRICALLY EXPLICIT metal/rap/hip-hop SMB2 'Boss' (Birdo!) jam you never knew you needed:

'We were inspired by Birdo's egg spitting. Birdo spits fire.'

Fxsnowy - production, mixing, mastering
Marlon Sinvergüenza - vocals

It's a two-sentence premise summary, but it speaks volumes. This is one of the shortest mixes approved in the era of the modern judges panel, and packs quite a bit of sumthin'-sumthin' into its 1'23' duration. And by 'sumthin'-sumthin;' I only mean the freshest set of Birdo-related verses in a metal/rap context that you'll probably ever hear. Bold words, I know, but Marlon & Adrian have crafted a powerful nugget of refs, boasts, disses (not even Jesus escapes unscathed), and.. we're gonna call it chutzpah. Conceptual Chutzpah. Decent band name, but absolutely accurate w/ regard to this mix, which legit surprised the judges; Larry Oji embraced the f-bomb spirit of the moment:

'I gotta say, I loaded that file up and saw a 1:18-long time and literally went 'Ah, fuck', because there was NO WAY this could be enough to pass as a reasonably developed arrangement.

But then.. original word salad lyrics with good variations in the rhythms & delivery, strong production, constant small (and some big) textural changes to change up the energy, and a sudden finish that actually wasn't disappointing. Wow.

Man, what the fuck? Maybe others won't agree, but dammit, y'all pulled this off. 78 seconds, and yet.. YES.

Color me surprised. Commendable job, and lots of fun!'

A decision for the ages; Liontamer's been 'round a while and seen some stuff, but this was a fun, feisty surprise even for him, which set the tone for subsequent evaluation. I loved, love, & will continue to love SMB2, and I'm still hoping its aesthetics & mechanics are revisited in a modern incarnation at some juncture. Much has been written about Birdo, centering around the character's gender identity and the way Nintendo arguably mishandled & played it for laughs, and of course it's just kinda strange to shoot eggs out your mouth and all, but back in the day this frenetic music made the game's first boss encounter a harrying, action-packed experience. Survival was first on our adolescent minds, in my recollection. This mix channels both the irreverence & the intensity of the source, while obviously extrapolating & adding quite a bit on top. Drums kick, guitars shred, there's an impressive arc & variety given the brevity, and it somehow all manages to swim. Plus there's a chemistry joke & Flight of the Conchords nod, which is an instant bonus multiplier in my book. No doubt polarizing with a certain cross-section of VGM fandom that dislikes lyrics, rapping, and/or fun & Good Times, this is a nice little JOLT of something different, unusual, & memorable, not unlike Birdo herself. Props to Seizure Machine for defying conventions, defying expectations, and defying anyone who ever said 'Hey you can't do a metal rap arrangement of the Super Mario Bros. 2 boss theme!!' - enjoy!

― djpretzel

Release dates

AustraliaAugust 18th, 2012
EuropeAugust 17th, 2012
JapanJuly 28th, 2012
N.AmericaAugust 19th, 2012

General information

Platform: Nintendo 3DS Bitdefender 10 free edition download.

Developed by Nintendo EAD

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single player, Wi-Fi, Multiplayer


Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom friends are back in this latest instalment of the famous side-scrolling platform adventure series. Mario's latest adventure is packed full of all the classic side-scrolling game play that all ages can enjoy. But what really makes it the gold standard in platforming fun is the true wealth of brand new features and gameplay elements.

  • Collect thousands and thousands of coins but can you collect a million?

  • Use new items like the Gold flower, Gold Block and Gold Mushroom to help build up your coin collection.

  • Encounter new enemies as they try and stop you in your quest.

  • Play though over 80 levels of platforming madness.

  • Play together with friends and family via local wireless connection and help add to the Worldwide Coin Total via SpotPass.

Join Mario and Luigi as you play through over 80 levels, tackle new enemies and attempt to reach the ultimate goal, to collect 1 million coins. New Super Mario Bros. 2 promises to deliver a fun-filled adventure full of golden gameplay that all ages can enjoy, only on Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL.
Trouble always seems to find its way to the Mushroom Kingdom. Just as Mario and Luigi go off on a coin hunt in the sky, their beloved Princess Peach is kidnapped by the dastardly Koopalings. The brothers have to venture through over 80 stages to rescue her, grabbing an endless deluge of coins across land, water, air, and snow along the way.
The New Super Mario Bros. 2 game is bursting at the seams with an endless flow of gold coins for you to collect. You'll explore levels filled with gold pipes leading to coin-filled caverns, gold enemies leaving behind trails of coins, and new power-ups and items that will push your coin count into the stratosphere. Can you collect a million coins?
Shiny new Power Ups and Items
Use familiar items such as the Super Leaf, Mega Mushroom and Super Star to tackle obstacles in your way. However, new power-ups have appeared and each one gives you a boost to reach new heights, grab multitudes of coins, and more.

  • Gold Flower - Find this rare flower to turn into Gold Mario, and wield Gold Fireballs that turn almost everything into coins-bricks, Goombas, you name it. Each enemy you stomp on also offers up five coins.

  • Gold Block - Hit a repeating coin block enough times and it turns gold, getting stuck on Mario's head. Run as fast as possible with this block attached and watch the coins add up at super speed.

  • Gold Ring - Hop through a gold ring and all enemies will turn into gold for a short time, yielding more coins and coin-producing behaviors. Flying Cheep-Cheeps will have a trail of coins, Gold Lakitus will toss coins from the sky, and more.

  • Gold Mushroom - This valuable fungus only appears in Coin Rush mode. But if you manage to find one, you'll get 50 coins on the spot.

New online and multiplayer modes
Whether you're in a friendly or competitive mood, enjoy a romp through New Super Mario Bros. 2 with friends and family in a variety of fun modes.
Two Player Co-op
If you and a friend each have a Nintendo 3DS system and a copy of the game, you can play through the entire game together with a local wireless connection. Collect double the coins, team up for devastating double Ground Pounds, and more. A buddy can even join in to help when continuing from your Solo Play save file.

Coin Rush
Show off your super skills in this mode, where you'll play three levels back-to-back trying to earn as many coins as possible using only one life. Your Coin Rush record is then saved and can be shared with other players via the StreetPass feature. These players can try to beat your score, and you can challenge theirs.

Super Mario Bros. 2 Levelsunblocked Evrything

Worldwide coin total
Enable SpotPass communication for New Super Mario Bros. 2, and every coin you collect will be added to the Worldwide Coin Total, along with other players like you. How high do you think it will go? Let's find out together!

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Super Mario Bros. 2 Levelsunblocked Everything 2

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