The Kite Runnermr. Becker's Classroom

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Making lessons educational and fun using kite kits!

The Kite Runner Book Online

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The kite runner book online

This is one of the biggest challenges of being a teacher: Kites in the Classroom‘s Kite Kits make lessons both fun and educational.

The Kite Runner: Classroom Activities. If the above presentation is blocked, click here. Primary Sources: Music to listen. Kite Runner.Book Review of ‘The Kite Runner’ “For you, a thousand times over”, this sentence said by Hassan to Amir has been on my mind since I finished reading the novel. The story took place in the 70s in Afghanistan. Amir was a child of a wealthy family and Hassan was the son of Amir family`s servant, Ali.

For new and veteran teachers it’s a constant battle, trying to find a good lesson for next week, next unit, or even next class (tomorrow).

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The Kite Runner Mr. Becker's Classroom Management

You know that feeling of seeing kids learning effortlessly, what Csikszentmihalyi calls “flow”, and you love it. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Do you want more creative lesson ideas?

The Kite Runnermr. Becker

It’s worth your time to take a look at our kite teaching kits. The kids love them, and they are great projects for social studies/socials, physics, English, art, and math. They provide one of those great go-to lessons that you can come back to year after year.

Kite’s in the Classroom educational Kite Kits are not limited to the school classroom either, they are great for Kids Camps projects and for Church Kids Sunday School activities.

Our Kite Teaching Kits are Easy and Fun to Assemble