The Talent Myth

Posted : admin On 13.09.2021

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This dialogue presents an interesting paradox; while “talent myth” might be a common term used in this field of research, in the field of music it is a different thing. To clarify – I would point out that of course people can be born with certain attributes that are advantageous in the right circumstance.

  • The talent myth suggests that adding more high status individuals (stars) to your team can in fact disrupt team performance, for three reasons. First, these global stars suddenly find themselves.
  • Author dispels the myth that artistic talent is innate and shows how it can be acquired.
The Talent MythGladwellThe Talent MythThe talent myth malcolm gladwellMyth

Attached. Please let me know if you have any questions or need revisions.Running head: SUMMARY ON GLADWELL’S ARTICLE – THE TALENT MYTHSummary on Gladwell’s Article – The Talent MythInstitutionName1SUMMARY ON GLADWELL’S ARTICLE – THE TALENT MYTH2Summary 1In the article, Gladwell (2002) argues that Enron’s failure was because the top executivestrusted intelligent management to lead to success expressly. The article was based on interviewsby consultants from McKinsey & Company. In research about the War for Talent, they focusedon determining how the top-performing companies in the U.S are different from others. Thedifferences studied included hiring patterns and promotions. The consultants who headed theproject established that leaders in top-performing companies were obsessed with the issue oftalent searching. These leaders never stopped recruiting, finding, and employing top performers.Additionally, they single out and segregate their stars, rewarded them differently, and promotedthem into senior positions.The article identifies the talent mindset as a new management approach in the UnitedStates. This approach is seen as to why American firms are placing a lot of importance on hiringpeople from the best business schools. Such companies also pay their top executives lavishly.According to the article, this system of keeping stars is also preached and supported byconsulting firms such as McKinsey & Company. An example of a company that has embracedsuch services is Enron, described as a star system. It is indicated that the company hired stars andwere highly compensated and promoted without considering their experience or seniority.However, Enron landed into problems and was declared bankrupt (Gladwell, 2002).Differentiation and affirmation is another process that is identified in the modernapproach to management. In this process, employers hold meetings to sort employees into threegroups and label them as A, B, and C. those identified as A’s are challenged highly rewarded,with B’s being encouraged and affirmed. The C’s are made to adjust or get driven out of theorganization. It is indicated that Enron valued some employees to the tune of seeking to keepSUMMARY ON GLADWELL’S ARTICLE – THE TALENT MYTH3them en…

The Talent Myth

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The Talent Myth Summary

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