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Most of you are familiar with Accelerated Reader, or “AR”, because of older children or from other schools. In a nutshell “AR” is a program where through a “Star Test” your child’s reading level is determined. By knowing their reading range, they can choose books that can challenge them, without going over their heads. After completing a book, they take a comprehension test and gain points based on the level of book. Early in each quarter, your child will receive an AR points goal, which is determined from their reading range. They will need to achieve this goal by the end of each quarter. This will be a part of their reading grade for the 1st quarter, and each quarter thereafter.
Your child knows how to identify AR books in the BCES library. If you choose to get a book from the public library or your personal library, attached is a web site in order to determine the level and point value of the book, student knows they need to be reading books within their range in order for the points to count.
Pleases review the website, your child’s reading range and their quarterly goals. Be assured your child is fully aware of AR and the process. They will be able to test in Mrs. Farrell’s room or the library. The testing can be done during Media or lunch. Additionally testing can be done during the school day when it doesn’t interfere with teaching and learning. Please make sure that your child has his or her library book with them at all times. Our suggestion would be to keep the books in their backpacks.
We encourage them to have a book with them to continue to read when there is opportunity during school. If you have any questions, please give a call or drop a quick note.
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'Tales of a Third Grade Nothing'
Family Guy episode
Episode no.Season 7
Episode 6
Directed byJerry Langford
Written byAlex Carter
Production code6ACX10[1]
Original air dateNovember 16, 2008
Guest appearance(s)
  • Bob Barker as himself
  • James Burkholder as child
  • Max Burkholder as child
  • Elisha Cuthbert as New Bedford
  • Kaylee DeFer as Dakota
  • Andy Dick as himself
  • Carrie Fisher as Angela
  • Caitlyn Jenner (then Bruce)[a] as herself
  • Debbie Reynolds as Mrs. Wilson
  • Frank Sinatra, Jr. as himself
  • Sinbad as himself
  • Billy Unger as child
Episode chronology
'The Man with Two Brians'
'Ocean's Three and a Half'
Family Guy (season 7)
List of Family Guy episodes

'Tales of a Third Grade Nothing' is the sixth episode and mid-season finale in the seventh season of American animated television seriesFamily Guy. It originally aired on Fox in the United States on November 16, 2008. The episode follows Peter (voiced by show creator Seth MacFarlane) as he goes back to finish the third grade so that he is able to get a promotion at work. It also follows Brian (also voiced by MacFarlane) and Frank Sinatra, Jr. (voiced by himself) as they buy a club and give it to Stewie (MacFarlane) so that he can remodel it.

The Birmingham City School System does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, national origin, color, disability and age, in any of its programs and activities.

The episode was written by Alex Carter and directed by Jerry Langford, their firsts for the Family Guy series. Besides Sinatra, the episode featured guest performances by Bob Barker, James Burkholder, Max Burkholder, Chace Crawford, Elisha Cuthbert, Kaylee DeFer, Andy Dick, Carrie Fisher, Caitlyn Jenner (then Bruce),[a]Phil LaMarr, Debbie Reynolds, Sinbad, Billy Unger and Mae Whitman, along with several recurring guest voice actors for the series. The episode was seen by 8.52 million viewers, and it received mostly positive reviews from television critics.


Peter is sent upstairs by his boss to deliver shipping reports to the CEO. On his way to deliver the reports, he decides to go into the executive bathroom. When he discovers how lavish the bathroom is, he becomes motivated to do well at work so that he can become an executive so he can use the executive bathroom. But while trying to impress his boss Angela by blowing up a competitor's billboard, he inadvertently blows up part of a children's hospital. Nevertheless, she is impressed by his improvement at work and recommends an open executive spot for him. However, Human Resources tells him he must first complete the third grade in order to qualify.

Peter does badly at school and offends his teacher Mrs. Wilson by telling an inappropriate story about her (forgetting that Mrs. Wilson was also Peter's teacher when he was a third grader), and makes fun of top student Omar. Mrs. Wilson allows Peter to attend the spelling bee after spelling out 'buttlickers' which even Omar can't spell. Omar fails the spelling bee because he misspelled 'coagulate', but Peter succeeds after correctly spelling the word 'lesbians'. When Peter goes back to work, Angela tells him that he will be going to jail for the hospital explosion instead of getting promoted. Fortunately for him, he receives only one week in prison and is told he will be released the following Sunday night at 9:00 (Family Guy's usual time slot)

Meanwhile, Frank Sinatra, Jr. comes back to town to perform with Brian at the Quahog Cabana Club. Since the club owner is looking to sell, Brian and Frank buy the establishment and they let Stewie transform it into a hip, modern nightclub called pLace. At first, Frank and Brian feel uncomfortable, but their feelings change once they get into the club life themselves. However, the club swiftly loses its popularity once Andy Dick bursts in, causing all the partygoers to flee. Once the club has emptied, Frank and Brian perform another song.


Carrie Fisher returned as Peter's boss, Angela

'Tales of a Third Grade Nothing' was written by newcomer Alex Carter.[3] It was directed by former Mission Hill and The Oblongs director Jerry Langford, who had joined the show's directing staff that season making this his first Family Guy episode, he would direct the episode 'Stew-Roids' later that season.[3][4] Series regulars Peter Shin and James Purdum served as supervising directors.[3] Composer Walter Murphy, who has worked on the series since its inception, returned to compose the music for 'Tales of a Third Grade Nothing'.[3]

Actress Carrie Fisher, who was most famous for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars,[5] returned to voice Peter's boss, Angela, as she first did in the fourth season episode 'Jungle Love'.[6] Fisher was given high praise for her portrayal of the character, with The Hollywood Reporter calling it one of her '5 Most Iconic Roles.'[5] Singer Frank Sinatra, Jr. also returned to voice himself, as he did in another fourth season episode 'Brian Sings and Swings'.[3][7]

In addition to Fisher, Sinatra and the regular cast, former game show host Bob Barker, actor James Burkholder, actor Max Burkholder, actor Chace Crawford, actress Elisha Cuthbert, actress Kaylee DeFer, comedian Andy Dick, athlete Caitlyn Jenner (then Bruce),[a] voice actor Phil LaMarr, actress Debbie Reynolds, actor Sinbad, child actor Billy Unger, and voice actress Mae Whitman guest starred in the episode.[3] Recurring voice actors Lori Alan, Alexandra Breckenridge, writer Steve Callaghan, Ralph Garman, writer Danny Smith, writer Alec Sulkin, writer John Viener, and writer Wellesley Wild made minor appearances.[3]

Cultural references[edit]


'Tales of a Third Grade Nothing' makes several media references. Hecking guihome. The name of the episode itself is a reference to Judy Blume's children's bookTales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, whose narrator-protagonist is likewise named Peter.[8] The first few minutes feature a parody of the film Jurassic Park where Peter enters the executive bathroom and inside there is a helicopter that takes Peter to an island; John Hammond, who is inside the helicopter, welcomes Peter, and the music playing while the helicopter flies above the island is that which was used in the movie.[8] Peter using the restroom and commenting on how peaceful everything is also a reference to a far different scene in the movie when a lawyer was eaten by a Tyrannosaurus rex after attempting to hide in a bathroom stall.[8]Yosemite Sam (voiced by Seth MacFarlane), one of the classic Looney Tunes characters, is seen trying on skinny jeans in Barney's.[9]The Emperor from the Star Wars movies requests that the song 'On the Dark Side' by John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band be played at Brian and Frank's club. A video of John Madden analyzing a wedding video like a football play is shown.[9]

Stewie references singer Michael Jackson and how his dance styles appeared to be violent to his own genitalia.[10] Peter says he feels sympathy for John Wilkes Booth then it cuts to Booth at the theater while being annoyed by an obnoxious Abraham Lincoln.[9] A cutaway gag featuring Stewie as a grape stomper references a news reporter who was doing the same thing, fell, got her wind knocked out and reacted hysterically. Near the end of the episode, Frank and Brian perform a duet of a song called 'Take Me Out to pLace Tonight,' which uses Billy May's orchestral arrangement of 'On the Road to Mandalay,' as featured on Frank Sinatra Sr.'s 1958 album, Come Fly with Me.


In its original broadcast in the United States on November 16, 2008, 'Tales of a Third Grade Nothing' was watched by 8.52 million homes and acquired a 4.2 Nielsen rating, the audience measurement systems developed to determine the audience size and composition of television programming in the United States.[11]

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The episode received positive reviews. Ahsan Haque of IGN praised 'Tales of a Third Grade Nothing', writing that it had 'a convoluted storyline that actually has some kind of logical flow, and more than a fair share of genuinely funny and outrageously offensive jokes.'. He graded the episode 8.5 out of 10.[8] Steve Heisler of The A.V. Club wrote that the episode was an above average episode, and graded it B.[10] In contrast, Robin Pierson of The TV Critic gave the episode a negative review, saying that while it was funnier than the usual episodes of the show it was still 'plotless ramblings'.[9]


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