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Now you have probably heard about positiveaffirmations and autosuggestions and the effects on our thinking and behavior.If you truly believe that, “the word” is a powerful tool to change yourself andtransform your life, then let me give you the ultimate, most powerfulword-instrument from the beginning of times.


There are many languages spoken in this world, butmost of them derive from one, basic language, the oldest of all, and you cantake the example of the Latin language or the Sanskrit language. These oldlanguages are sometimes used in rituals, in prayers, in old books orprocedures, not because they don’t have the meaning of it! They are used intheir original form because of their power of sound. That means that each soundderived from a group of letters meaning a word or collection of words has in itthe power needed to achieve a certain outcome.

Why Sanskrit?

When you chant in Sanskrit or “the language of Gods”as some say, your mouth and tongue will have specific placements that willstimulate certain neural pathways. That’s why you don’t need to understand the“meaning” to have the effects of a mantra. The vibration of the word is theactual meaning. If you add to the process of sound also your sincere intention,then you will have not only a physical component but also a mental one!

Repeating over and over to yourself those words as a form of meditation, either out loud or silently in your mind literally breaks the habit of your ordinary thoughts. The mantras work as a “cleaning” instrument, like that cd with a small brush attached that we used in order to clean the optical lens in our audio equipment! Just insert the cd, press play and let it run for 15 minutes!

That’s the minimum amount of time needed daily tostart the cleaning process. You can realize that for yourself, since it is notpossible to clean one’s room in that amount of time! Nor is it possible tochange all your life-long beliefs and thoughts with just 5 minutes of“thinking” that you are just singing the mantra. One morescientifically-neurologically fact is that the brain needs minimum 21 days inorder to develop a new neuronal path- that is- to think differently than beforeaka form a new habit! Of course, the success depend also on the sincerity ofyour intention and the regularity of your practice. Some say that it isreasonable to notice significant benefits after 40 consecutive days of mantra.It is recommended at the same time of the day, like in the morning when youwake up first thing before anything else and at night before you go to bed,after doing everything else!

You can repeat your mantra out loud or silently inyour mind; when you notice your mind wandering, don’t start worrying or judgingyourself, nor let yourself be driven away by the thoughts! Just observe thosethoughts, and remember what you were doing, then continue your practice. Intime, you will be able to control yourself more and sink deeply into the soundsof your own voice. Don’t forget at the end of your practice to savor thesilence for at least 2-3 minutes. Be aware of a more peaceful state of mind,more clarity in your thoughts and possibly some physical effects on your bodydue to the vibrations when the mantra is recited aloud.

The meaning of the word “mantra” isderived from two Sanskrit words: “manas” or “mind” and the word“trai” meaning to “protect” or to “free from.”This is how not by mere chance, the word Mantra means “to free from themind.”

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There are also some words in Sanskrit that have nodirect translation but do contain great power; they are called “seedmantras. The mantra “Shrim” or Shreem is the seed sound for theprinciple of abundance , so if someone says “shrim” a hundred times,that person can increase the potentiality for achieving abundance. Now each ofthe readers can decide how many times they can repeat a mantra!

Another important fact about the mantra is itsassociation with an actual sage or historical person who once lived. That alsomeans that the mantra probably arrived to this person in a meditation or intuitionand it was also felt by the receiver.

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Of course, certain mantra formulas are so exact andso powerful that they must be learned and practiced under careful supervisionby a qualified guru. Some energy healing schools nowadays offer as additional classesthese initiations into mantras.

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Mantras quiet the mind and produce more positive energy, also called Prana. Some use this Prana to heal, others to achieve spiritual goals and overcome their physical limitations. However, the most important effect of a mantra is to dig in the subconscious, clean, and replace the negative causes that dictate our life.

If you didn’t know, the majority of the Tibetanmonks have paranormal capacities; live over 100-150 years and at the end oftheir lives they teach their wisdom beyond our imagination. They obtained allthis by making special exercises, special breathing techniques, humble food andof course mantra chanting or praying.

Aside from their beneficial vibrations, mantras areuseful for concentrating the mind. By this concentration on the repetition ofsound, all other thoughts disappear systematically until the mind stays quietand clear. We can consider that the mantras act in a similar way to the musicor advertising influencing us on a subliminal level!

Remember! For lasting, systemic change, you mustchange your mental habits. Chanting Mantra is an invaluable aid; it developsthe awareness, focus, discipline, and inner power necessary to implementchange, from the root of your thoughts to the words and actions you express.The space between awareness and action is where transformation takes place. Youjust have to start believing that It Is possible to change habits, beliefs andsituations, and create intensely different results!

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Mantra practice helps you retrain your mind, so youcan discriminate between your false beliefs about yourself, and your truenature. Without correcting your mind at the root of your thought and addressingyour central beliefs about yourself, your attempts for personal transformationand manifestation of your life purpose will continually bump up against thesame obstacle: ignorance of your true nature. The term “ignorance” refers onlyto the fact that we IGNORE the magnificence of our true nature because of theincorrect beliefs about ourselves! All suffering is rooted in this ignorance.

It is advised to chant the mantras only after getting the right pronunciation of it, since the mantras are sensible to deterioration with time. There are also gurus who initiate the disciple in a mantra, ensuring that the disciple got the mantra right, so that the person can chant independently as well as initiate others in that mantra. Ensuring this preservation sacred texts named “Vedas” were passed only through the tradition of guru and disciples and were never written down until very recent past. Though the texts are freely available now for anybody to read, it would be important to ensure that these mantras are properly learnt and then chanted. This way the treasure which has been preserved so carefully receives the deserved respect.

Maybe this will be repeated too many times, but ifyou decide to recite or chant a mantra, make it clearly and be present, do notdo it mechanically. The repetitions should be made 108 times (equivalent to thebeads in a Christian rosary for example), a spiritual number.

Counting the repetitions is easy when you have aMala, or sacred beads. These can be made of wood, seeds, glass, semi-preciousstones etc. The most important thing in obtaining the results is the constantdaily practice. If you interrupt one day of a forty-day cycle, you have tostart all over again. The mantra will work on multiple levels: vibrational-through its sound and level of awareness that we give to the words. Thisawareness can also be achieved through reciting or drawing the mantra, like thepilgrims in Tibet that draw mantras on pieces of ceramic or stones, meditatingupon the message.

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You have to inhale and chant a mantra with only one breathing. The position is also very important, so you can choose the simple lotus position from yoga, with your legs crossed, or you can sit comfortably in a chair, keeping your column and head straight. The elbows should be oriented towards the ribs, with forearms and palms facing upward.

How and Why They Work

So how and why do mantras work? It seems hard tobelieve that merely repeating words can change your thoughts and your life, butthey can.

First, mantras help to focus and quiet the mind. If you’re like most people you probably suffer from what Buddhists call, “ the monkey mind.” This is the constant dam of thoughts jumping around in your head like monkeys, driving you crazy and preventing concentration. Using mantras can help alleviate this problem, bringing you peace and giving you a chance to focus on more important matters, like creating abundance or achieving health.

The repetition of a mantra also works according tothe Law of Attraction. By echoing certain words over and over you createspecific energy vibrations. These vibrations will then attract what you seek.Mantras can work as magnets to align your thoughts and attract what you want.