Warblade Hd Reviewed By Appadviceemv Software

Posted : admin On 12.09.2021

If you enjoy classic games such as Galaga, Warblade is the kind of game for you. It uses modern visuals and they mix very well with the classic kind of gameplay. This from what I understand is a game that was very popular o the Amiga back in the day. So, if you want some old school arcade-style shooter action, keep on reading and see why this is a game you need to check out.

  1. Warblade Hd Reviewed By Appadviceemv Software Review
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Aliens, It Is Always Aliens!

Warblade is an arcade game with a focus on very good playability. It's a shoot'em up type of game like the old classic arcade game Galaga. Warblade is an Mac remake of my old Amiga game Deluxe Galaga. A very popular game for the Amiga computer. Warblade was voted most addictive game by Bytten.com?? 8/10 (61 votes) - Download Warblade Free. Download Warblade and become the defense of Earth against the invading aliens. Warblade is a space shooter game for PC in which you have to save the planet. Space shooter games were very popular in the 80's. Every game arcade offered this genre where the. The hypothesis: replacing the maneuver mechanics of a Warblade with a Swordsage. The plan: Keep access to the same five warblade schools. Everything else (HD, skills, features, saves, etc.) stays the same as a warblade, except the following: The number of warblade maneuvers known, and maneuvers readied are replaced with the numbers of the sword. Warblade is a Mac arcade shoot'em up game with focus on very good playability. You control a space ship from an above view, and move upwards shooting through a maze of enemies and barriers. The game is a remake for the Mac of my Amiga game Deluxe Galaga. Buy# iPubsoft MOBI to ePub Converter for Mac real software reviews Buy# Simple PDF Rename software program online Buy( Clicky Panel real software reviews Buy( Office to Flash Catalog Pro review of free version Buy( Postscript to Flash Converter best software download.

As an arcade shooter, there is not exactly a ton of story on the go here. Basically, aliens are invading and you need to blow them away and put them in their place. I like this kind of thing and while it is light on story, I do enjoy what is on offer here. Games like this do kind of leave stuff up to your imagination.

Retro Style With A Bit Of A Modern Twist

The presentation of Warblade is pretty decent. The ship that you are in charge of has a kind of pre-rendered thing going on that I really like. The various aliens have a decent variety to them and come in many shapes and sizes. What I really like though is the background. It looks like you are flying through space and it is a pretty cool effect. While basic, I think that the visuals manage to tug on those Galaga nostalgia strings all the while upping the quality to something that we expected at the time.

Blow Them Away

The gameplay is very similar to what Galaga offers. You destroy waves of Aliens and then you get to advance to the next level. There are various power-ups that you can pick up along the way that will help you out. The thing with a game like Warblade is that the gameplay is very basic, very easy to pick up and play and it is also that perfect blend of fun and challenging. You can go into a shop after a level, here you can spend your money on upgrades, lives, and so on.

Mini-Game Monsters

One thing that I really liked about the game is that you can take part in a number of different mini-games as you play. There is a memory style game where you have to match pairs. Meteor Storm has you needing to watch out for meteors all the while collecting money and upgrades. There is also a third game called Gem Drop that you can only play if you collect enough gems in the other two mini-games. These are a nice change of pace from the frantic shooting you will be doing.

AppadviceemvWarblade hd reviewed by appadviceemv software free

I know that Warblade may not be much to look at, but this is a very addictive game. It takes the formula of Galaga, manages to preserve it, but it also has a few other tricks up its sleeve to. It is one of those games that is perfect for playing if you just have a spare 15-20 minutes. At the same time, I could easily lose an hour or two in this game trying to get as far as I could and break my high-score!

Warblade Hd Reviewed By Appadviceemv Software Review

Final Score



Warblade Hd Reviewed By Appadviceemv Software Free

  • It has a very “Galaga” feel to it
  • The shooting feels great
  • There is a decent variety to the aliens
  • You can play mini-games
  • It is easy to pick up and play


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  • If you are not into retro shooters, you may find it a bit basic
  • It could do with a few more music tracks
Overall rating: 8