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Web linksms. scrolls ela classes 2020

Guitar tuner for mac os. Read along stories - On YouTube, some videos have a cc option which will caption the text. I am including a link to a YouTube channel with quality stories which can be read with using this option. District Policy & Non-Discrimination Notice. We are committed to Accessibility. Please Report any Website Accessibility Concerns or call (801) 354-7400 for help.Report any.

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  • Class Wish List Contact Ms. Colston Classroom Web Links. Here you can find all the links to the many fun apps and websites your child can use to practice and review.
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Ms. Sara Tiano

USA Test Prep
Students will have assignments to complete for ELA, Math, and Science on USA Tesp Prep, but can work independently as well. (somerset1; pb#; password1)
SuccessMaker is the online math program that goes with our Pearson math series. Students should spend 15 minutes a day on SuccessMaker. (pb#; password1)
Math Series (Saavas Realize)
Students can access their math book online, as well as any online assignments. (pb#; password1)
Performance Matters
Online platform for district FSQ and USA assessments. (username is s and then your pb number without the pb; password is the last four digits of your pb#, captial 1st letter of your first name, capital 1st letter of your last name, and then the last 2 digits of the year you were born)
Social Studies Weekly
Online access to our weekly social studies paper and assignments. (pb#; Pb#)
StoryWorks Magazine
Online access to the monthly issues of StoryWorks that are used in ELA. (jfk2018)
Science textbook and resources. (pb#; password1)
Code.org offers a fun, creative platform for learning basic coding and computer science!
Online gradebook for students and parents to monitor completion of assignments and scores on assessments. (pb#; password1)

Web Linksms. Schroll

Web Linksms. Scrolls Ela Classes 2020

*Remember to refer to your agendas for your passwords.

Web Linksms. Schroll

Web Linksms. Scrolls Ela Classes Online

Student Links

Web Linksms. Scrolls Ela Classes Free

Language Arts

Personification Poem Examples

Rhyming Dictionary

Oprah's Interview with the author of 'Harry Potter' (J.K.Rowling)


Grammar Ninja

Noun Dunk (Basketball with Nouns)

Capitalization Fairy

Verbs in Space

Comma Chameleon

Adjective Adventure

Noun Explorer

Duck Hunt: Context Clues Game

Fling the Teacher: Simile and Metaphor

Fling the Teacher: Language Arts Skills

Drag and Drop Metaphors

Irregular Past Verbs

Irregular Past Verbs 2

Irregular Past Verbs 3

Wacky Web Tales: Mad Libs

Word Strips: Grammar Game on Road to Grammar

Paint by Idioms

Fluent: Grammar Game on Road to Grammar

Road to Grammar Quizzes

Quotation Marks

Grammar Gorillas

Social Studies

Latitude and Longitude Game

Archaeology: Exploring Catal Hoyuk

Archaeology: Kids Dig Reed

NOVA: Stone Age Tool Kit

Virtual Tour of Lascaux Caves

BBC Iron Age Life (Early Man)

Write Your Name in Cuneiform

Live! Pyramid Camera

BBC Mummy Maker

BBC Pyramid Challenge

NOVA: Virtual Tour of the Pyramids

Ancient China for Kids

The Olympic Games

Ancient Greeks

Myth Man: Greek Myths

The Greeks

Design a Greek Pot

BBC Gladiator Dressed to Kill

The Greek Theater
Link provided by Mrs. Walker's students at Elmgrove Community Center
Discovery Channel Virtual Tour of the Colosseum