Week 12 Reflectionguided Reading 101

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Week One Reflection

Access study documents, get answers to your study questions, and connect with real tutors for CRE 101: college critical reading at Estrella Mountain Community College. Scripture: John 12:27-36. If you find the Scripture useful, feel free to allow it to guide your time in silence. Spend some time reflecting on the Scripture as a way of focusing yourself. While Scripture is extremely important, silence is what we are trying to focus on and cultivate. Instruction: As we seek silence we are really. GV101 Week 12 Reading A country’s institutional structure is determined by its configuration of veto players A veto player is an individual or collective whose agreement is necessary for a change of the political status quo.

Week 12 Reflectionguided Reading 101The following paper is a reflection of weeks one’s discussion questions topics. Week one’s topics were fair employment laws and unions and nonunion organizations. With each of the topics came comforts and struggles for each of the team members. In addition to the comforts and struggles the team discussed how the topics relate to the workplace.
Struggled Team Topics

Guided Reflection Protocol

After the discussion that was completed in Learning Team C’s main forum, there were two topics that was somewhat a struggle but yet learning experience as well. The two topics were: the amazement of just how many employment laws there are for a human resource manager to understand and implement and some of the points of views from classmates referring to the subject of union membership.
Chapter 3 discussed many employment laws. From the equal pay act, the family and medical leave act, the American disabilities act, to the age discrimination act, the human resource management, as well as the employee, must understand how each act pertains to the organization. Some of the teammates were concerned with the subject of downsizing and how it seems like the first employees to get laid off are the ones who are middle-age or higher. The chapter explained the act thoroughly. “This act prohibits discrimination in pay, benefits or continued employment for employees age 40 and over. A key objective of the law is to prevent financially troubled companies from singling out older employees when there are cutbacks. If a company claims the layoffs were based on factors other than age, such as performance criteria, the employer bears the burden of proving that its policy was in fact based on those non-age factors.”(Cascio, W. 2010). This provided some comfort as there needs to be proof before a company can just lay-off someone 40 or over.
Such statements used to describe Unions such as “scams”..

Week 12 Reflectionguided Reading 101 Reading

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Reading 101: A Guide to Teaching Reading and Writing

Observation day

With report cards and conferences under my belt, I was feeling much more at ease as I came into school on Monday. Since we had early dismissal for conferences the previous week, we were now back to full days and a regular routine. But in the beginning of the week, my principal told me that he would observe me on Wednesday. 'The fun never ends,' I sarcastically thought to myself, as I looked over my lesson plans to make sure that I was prepared.

Teachers are always learning how they can improve their teaching approaches and techniques. Between workshops and Professional Development Days, it is expected that we are constantly finding new ways to become better teachers. Observations are a way for another person to point out our strengths and weaknesses, highlighting the ways that we can improve our teaching style. As a first year teacher, there is still a lot for me to learn. And observations and evaluations can help to pinpoint what I need to learn and change now.

My principal is always stopping by my room, greeting the students and watching us do lessons and activities. Because of this, I am not nervous when he is in my room. Since this was the first time that he was observing a reading lesson, I thought I would be very anxious once he came in at 10:15 on Wednesday. But the more I thought about it, I knew something had changed in me since the beginning of the year. Now, once I am in front of the classroom, I am so focused on the children and the lesson that other things quickly fade into the background. While I was obviously aware that he was in my room for the lesson, he was not my biggest focus. Instead I made sure that as the students did partner reading, they were following along with their fingers while they listened to the text. While I presented parts of sentences for the first time, I made sure that each student was highlighting the correct parts of the sentences. Since it was the first time we were using highlighters for a lesson, I also had to make sure they were being used properly. Before I knew it, the lesson was over and we were moving into learning centers. But more importantly, the observation was also over!

Of course I am going to make mistakes as a first year teacher. I am human, aren't I? And yes, while it is not fun to have mistakes and weaknesses pointed out to me in observations, it is a part of this job, as it would be with any. As I remind myself that it is expected for us as teachers to constantly improve, it makes it easier for me to handle constructive criticism and learn from it. Observations are just a way to point this information out. While I am looking forward to getting the required observations done and over with, I know that with each one, I learn something new and become a better teacher in the process.

Week 12 reflectionguided reading 101 reading

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